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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Gorilla Punch Radio

Manchester based Rock Band, Gorilla Punch Radio are back with a 12 track album titled ‘No Retreat’. The album comes two years after their debut single reached worldwide radio coverage. They have produced 12 powerful, hard hitting examples of rock music. Each of the tracks have a tantalizing raw edge. The leading track ‘No Retreat’ is their most popular single to date which achieved worldwide radio play despite being a debut.Gorilla Punch Radio consists of guitarist James Booth, drummer and producer Elliot Vaughan, whose previous work includes clients such as ‘Frank Turner’ and ‘Pulled Apart By Horses’, alongside the talented Horus Ghani on the bass axe and Sam Jackson on the six string.

‘No Retreat’ is a heavy beast, battering through your skull with blistering slick riffs, punchy drums and a thrilling infernal rumble on bass. Overflowing with gritty, ruckus infused energy this track relentlessly travels through your ears clobbering you instantly with guitars louder and meaner with each verse and chorus progression. Catchy and intense it’s intricately crafted, meticulously polished and ruthlessly efficient in its pursuit to provide the listener with the ultimate rock thrill. It builds from hyper mania into a metal hued crescendo that throws caution to the wind and allows frantic chaos to take over while falsetto vocals wail in a haunting tension building manner. A whispered vocal continues this tension before they frantically break to a dramatic end. It’s one ear smacking anthem.

Stream ‘No Retreat’ below

Chay Snowdon ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’

Chay Snowdon return with double-single; ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’.The Bristol based band (Liam Roberts on lead guitar, George Roach on bass, Ed Fox on drums and Chay Snowdon providing vocals and rhythm guitar) have already made their mark in the music independent scene with support slots with the likes of ‘The Sherlocks, ‘JUDAS’, ‘VANT’, ‘The Snuts’, ‘Glass Caves’ and ‘Oddity Road’ as well as performances at Camden Rocks and two UK tours. The band have now returned with two knockout indie tunes.

‘Mon Cheri’ is a brisk swagger-dripping banger sure to set a mosh pit alight. With jangly guitars weaving and striking bursts of vibrancy through foot stomping drums – this charming adrenaline surging track is locked and loaded, ready to make you dance, shuffle and bop. With shrilling guitar whines, rich buoyant rhythms and panache soaked vocals, its a rush of wild indie rock. Riding on high adrenaline instrumentation, this catchy track is a punchy, potent thrill from the start.

‘Sha La La’  is the flip-side to ‘Mon Cheri’s’ energy with its slow dance tempo and delicate brooding instrumentation. It’s sweet, tender and emotional as Snowdon’s warm vocals exude passion and soul. The smooth melody floats gently over twinkling guitars and soft drum taps. A moving guitar feature fills the song with that “hold me close” swoon leading the track into its dramatic classic rock crescendo of heartfelt guitars mourning over punchy drums and sing along refrain.

‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ are two equally gripping and diverse tracks from Chay Snowdon showing just how versatile these guys can be. Each note leaves you craving to hear more.

Stream ‘Mon Cheri’ and ‘Sha La La’ below

VELVET ‘Out to Get Me’

Four piece indie band  VELVET have released their debut single ‘Out to Get Me’ which was recorded in Newcastle at Loft Studios with Matt from Little Comets.The band comprised of Jack Rasmussen, Lee Wright, Liam Cooke and Josh West are heading back into the studio in February to record their debut 4 track EP which is set for release in March.

‘Out to Get Me’ is a sweet number that floats on dreamy tones, delicate twinkling guitars and a creamy soft melody. Spongy drums bounce and hop with a feathery light buoyancy as the ethereal guitars add a stinging gentle breeze to this supple gem while also weaving sublime melodies filled with melancholia and heavenly scintillation throughout. With warm raspy vocals flooding the song with coziness and passion- this delightful track is an easy going melodic ditty that wraps your ears in glorious soothing indie.

You can follow VELVET on their socials here :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/velvetmusicofficial/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/velvetmusic

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/velvetmusicofficial/

Stream ‘Out to Get Me’ below

Vampire Weekend ‘Harmony Hall’ and ‘2021’

Vampire Weekend have returned, greeting their tune thirsty fans with a warm, cosy and instantly satisfying two track combo. ‘Harmony Hall’ and ‘2021’ are the first tracks released from the band’s upcoming fourth album, ‘Father of the Bride’.

In true Vampire Weekend fashion ‘Harmony Hall’ floods through with rich opulent sounds and textures to tantalize and enrich the senses. It’s as if Vampire Weekend have announced the bright beautiful coming of spring and thawing of winter. Soft guitars twinkle around the delicate melody while each verse and track progression introduces a new subtle element as the song unfolds into a blossoming beauty. There is a subtle,elegant, baroque element between a jazz flavoured piano. The piano flurries through,ever so delicately and charmingly unwrapping the delightful goodness within the song. Ezra Koenig’s velvety vocals caress and comfort the melty melody with a sprinkling of sugary delight while the elastic bass grooves, shuffling percussion and buoyant drums maintain the playful boppy foundation. The track, which features the closing lyrics “I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die” from ‘Finger Back’ on their previous album Modern Vampires of the City is cosy and a little cryptic as Koenig leaves a nice little trail of lyrical bread crumbs for his dedicated fans to follow. With a Simon & Garfunkel -esque harmony and romantic tinted coating, Vampire Weekend ensured their return would be worth the wait.

‘2021’ is a sweet little track coming in at less than 2 minutes, this addictive ditty glides upon subtle instrumentation of warm guitar, twinkling keys and tapping hi- hat while Koenig softly and emotionally croons the sweet lyrics. With a falsetto sample singing “Boy” between the lush delicacy this track has a repetitive hypnotic charm to it that is difficult to resist.

Stream ‘Harmony Hall’ and ‘2021’ below

Gorilla Troubadour ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’

Dublin based Gorilla Troubadour have released their second single ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ and boy it’s a doozy. Following the release of their debut single ‘The Apple Truck’ and an ensuing tour around Ireland, the band have made a name for themselves as gritty rockers, combining powerful riffs and ear catching hooks. Over the summer they played at festivals such as Townlands Carnival and Gael Linn as well as a headline in The Workman’s Club as part of Gigonometry and packing out Geoff’s Bar in their hometown of Waterford. The band recently headlined The Workmans Club on the 17th of January to a full venue.

‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ is a thrilling smooth criminal that terrorizes and haunts with slick charm and staggering swagger while an abrasive instrumental backdrop entraps you in Gorilla Troubadour’s sound. These guys have style for sure, as biting raw guitars erode through the punchy drums while a sensual bassline wiggles, weaves and lures you deeper into this bewitching track. The guitars wail and pierce creating a haunting atmosphere of danger and mystery while panache soaked deep vocals coo and entrap over this blistering display. It’s catchy, exhilarating and magnificently crafted. The rich depths in this track are pretty masterful for such a young band- the darkness swirls and rumbles through that sublime bubbling and fermenting bassline while the finesse on guitars creates a sweet tension release, all the while the track is coiling and intertwining with lush backing vocal lulls and pristine harmonies as the track builds to a dramatic crescendo. Gorilla Troubadour have meticulously crafted this song- constructing its component parts prudently and the result is pretty impressive. I’m loving their professional, crisp yet corrosive and enthralling sound.

The launch gig for ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ is scheduled in Whelans on for the 19th of February. Also planned are launch dates in venues all across the country as the band look to build on their success of 2018.

Stream ‘Tom Cruise Does All His Own Stunts’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Circus Wolves

Guy Wynn Davies (vocals), Cameron Tetlow (drums), Ben Dodson (bass) Jack Taylor and Jim Ker (guitars) comprise Manchester alt.indie band Circus Wolves who have shared the stage with the likes of The Slow Readers Club, The Amazons and No Hot Ashes. They are set to release their new single ‘No Country’ on January 26th ahead of the band’s highly anticipated headline show at Night & Day in Manchester on Saturday 2nd February.

‘No Country’ is a searing, jaunty swivel of the exhilarating alternative rock Circus Wolves do so well. The five piece whack out the intense high voltage rock from the get go with blistering guitars crashing off dynamic drum whacks while a rooted bass groove rumbles and wiggles creating a sublime fluctuant foundation for this track to soar and ricochet off. With animated jagged rhythms thumping through scorching guitar fondles and smashing solo’s, Circus Wolves have blasted into 2019 taking no prisoners. Dripping in swagger and a gritty rush of adrenaline- this high powered track is locked and loaded for the sweaty live shows. With its catchy laid back melody in tow and powerful vocals adding that final atomic punch- it’s the perfect sweet and sour blend to tantalize your power rock taste buds.

For more you can follow Circus Wolves on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/CircusWolves/

Electric Shore ’Darkness of you’

Electric Shore are set to release their new single ‘Darkness Of You’ on the 4th of February.Electric Shore are a three piece indie rock band from Ratoath Co.Meath. 2018 was an important year for Electric Shore, the group released their debut single ‘Too Different’ which was followed by the even more successful ‘Someone New’. The band also participated in and won RTÉ 2Fm’s Play The Picnic Competition, which landed them a brilliant slot at the Iconic Irish Festival.

‘Darkness Of You’ is a concentrated fermenting guzzle of what Electric Shore do best. This brooding intense number wiggles and interfolds its acute musical ambiance slowly and dramatically to create the most thrilling and hair raising listening experience. A dark smothered foundation, rooted bass groove and punchy beat sets up a haunting eerie backdrop for the verses while light twinkling guitars innocently and sweetly flicker between this moody soundscape. The passionate vocals coo and delicately haunt through the verses before exploding for the anthemic chorus. The refined and precise instrumental work creates an intimate mood that puts further emphasis on the sublime expressive vocals.Emotionally charged and lavishly textured the track weaves and entwines its way into your brain lurking beneath the darkness ready to erupt. There is something very special about this track, its aura and celestial flow contrasts the rumbling under-belly superbly while the oodles of passion and rush of urgency makes every note last within your mind.

You can follow Electric Shore on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ElectricShore/

Catfish and The Bottlemen ‘Longshot’

Catfish and The Bottlemen have released their new single, ‘Longshot’, on Island Records.  The new music arrives on the cusp of a string of sold out UK arena dates in February and the announcement of the band’s transatlantic return with a new US tour. The dramatic, one-take birds-eye video, filmed by long-term collaborator, Jim Canty (Hourglass and Twice), on a South Shields cliff top, completes their emphatic return.

‘Longshot’ rolls out Catfish and The Bottlemen’s catchy arena ready sound with an easy going suaveness that can only come from this four piece. It’s an infectious little shuffle swooped up in a smooth melody while a funk flavoured bassline seasons the background with a dash of spice. Zesty guitars wail, whine and jangle sweet threads of vibrancy throughout the track while the rich rhythmic bounce and punchy drums create that all important meaty foundation. McCann’s vocals glide effortlessly over the melty melody which is perfectly crafted for the mass sing-along at live shows. Another Catfish stomped anthem to indulge in.

Watch the video for ‘Longshot’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Ringards

London indie rock quartet The Ringards have released their new single ‘Steppenwolf’. This slinky chilling number creeps in from the first drum thud as The Ringards tease and entice you into the creepy depths of their sound. Its haunting soundscapes swirl around an intoxicating guitar refrain while ominous drum rumbles and meticulously placed rhythmic taps lure you down a menacing rabbit hole of chilling doom. With deep mysterious vocals echoing through the wailing guitars this track builds in intensity as it progresses to its perilous crescendo with subtle howling, sultry guitars and haunting backing vocals. The guitars evaporate off this bewitching number with a steamy vaporous sting while the dark mysterious vocals whisper, tempt and hush you to secrecy. This is one wholly tantalizing, sticky and ominous number- perfectly crafted to leave you hooked and craving to hear it again.

Stream ‘Steppenwolf’ below

LIERS ‘Elixir’ EP

Photo Credit Glen Bollard Photography

Dublin’s powerhouse alternative rock band LIERS have released their new EP ‘Elixir’. LIERS are a four-piece female fronted grungy 90’s inspired alternative rock band made up of Liz Seaver, Ed Scanlan, Ronan O’Hanlon and Stephen Farrell. The band have played festivals such as Castlepalooza and venues such as the INEC, Whelans and The Sugar Club.The new EP features previous hit singles ‘Host’ and ‘Universal Female’, which gained much acclaim and helped secure a slot at last year’s sold-out Electric Picnic.

‘Elixir’ fleshes out, blends and refines LIERS powerful sound. With all its rawness and glory intact, LIERS sweeten and merge this wonderful grungy display with luscious melodies and crisp musicianship. The EP is a relentless onslaught of potent tunes that pack one heck of a punch.  The dark smothering intoxication of title track ‘Elixir’ kick starts the EP. A rooted bass groove slithers and creeps beneath the track lurking below the massive crashing guitars and striking vocals. LIERS tease and entice through the darkened verses with eerie guitar twinkles and luring vocals before exploding into the mammoth chorus. Liz Seaver’s vocals are utterly bewitching as she sultry entraps and seduces before shattering out the bellowing chorus. These tracks have a mesmerising, cinematic quality that chills the spine and rushes through your veins with intense red hot adrenaline. ‘Universal Female’ and ‘Host’ are doused in infectious honeyed melodies while packing one gutsy full bodied backdrop. LIERS grab edgy unruly grunge rock, wrestle it down and pepper it with their fine branded sultry alternative rock. The emotionally charged ‘Can’t Go Back’ sits snuggled and comfortable between the mayhem with tender tones passionate vocals and splintering instrumentation. There are some sublime guitar moments throughout this EP. There is nothing like a passionate guitar melody twinkling around a track with warm tones, delicate melancholic melodies, vibrant solos or menacing injections and this EP is brimming with these compelling guitar moments, adding rich depths and multi textures throughout. ‘Realise’ is one wild angsty tune. Full of meaty grooves and punching drums with a dynamic old school power backing which is balanced perfectly by soft emotion exclaimed through passionate expressive vocals. The band’s ability to stabilize and distill their sound is masterful. They don’t just whack out loud blasting tunes, time has been spent here, purifying each part to create a tightly woven collection of tracks that have fermented into a biting, fizzing treasure.

‘Elixir’ lays out a rich flavoursome platter for us to devour. Filled with fiery intensity, raw power and slick instrumentation these robust anthems are brimming with passion and vigor marking LIERS a band to keep an eye on.

Stream ‘Elixir’ EP here