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Public Access T.V. ‘Sudden Emotion’

New York City band Public Access T.V have been banging out major tunes with some awesome EP’s and infectious singles, which we have previously written features on. They have now released ‘Sudden Emotion’ which is glimpse of whats to come from their debut album ‘ Never Enough’ set to release this Autumn.
John Eatherly (lead vocals, guitar), Xan Aird (lead guitar, vocals), Max Peebles (bass, vocals) and Pete Star (drums, vocals) present us with that “oh so sunny” and contagious rock and roll sound that we love in their new single ‘Sudden Emotion’ . From the bright rich guitar intro and punchy drums that soften leaving the zesty guitar to bring a sunny atmosphere and good times . Eatherly’s vocals remain cool and smooth for the verse and become more intense and dynamic for the chorus  as the track progresses. The verses give a smooth carefree vibe while the chorus bursts with energy and emotion. The track is about trying to keep your emotions in check when something affects you as quickly as it does deeply. This is conveyed perfectly as the verses seem to act as the holding back of your emotions as they swirl inside you when eventually and inevitably the chorus brings the explosion of your emotions. Public Access T.V. portray this theme with an infectious melody, strong chords and slick zealous guitars. The repetitive bridge with distant vocals and the soft drum beat slows the track down and gives a fantastic link to the final burst into the energetic chorus.
Another fantastic track from a band who is constantly developing and expanding musically.
Big things ahead for Public Access T.V.

Looking forward to their debut album.
Stream ‘Sudden Emotion’ below

Corner Pilots

Corner Pilots are a no nonsense rock band hailing from Surrey, band members Dan Stafford (Lead Vocals), Joshua Bennet (Guitar), Jake France (Guitar), Ben Mawdsley (Bass) and Reece O’Brien (Drummer) are creating  a stir with their heavy, energetic performances and catchy heavy riff based rock tracks. Their catalogue of tracks on soundcloud are impressive and showcase their talent and great potential as musicians.
‘The Language’ is a blues rock track with slick zealous guitar and punchy drums. The rooted bass give a depth and foundation to the track. This track oozes energy and swagger and has a body moving effect. The guitar particularly excels in this track as it effortlessly pierces through the track and delivers a shredding strident solo. Stafford’s vocals are smooth and exuding confidence, swagger and attitude. With its anthem like energetic chorus that has a fist pump effect its easy to see how this song would be massive performed live.
‘Queen of My Nightmare’ gives us a heavier fuzzed sound with an infectious dirty riff that sticks in your head. Stafford’s vocals are sharper and dynamic., while the guitars are smooth and slick. This track is fiery and sensual while remaining edgy and cool and bursting with attitude. It is delivered in an effective energetic mosh worthy manner with the track building in tempo and intensity as the song progresses.
‘ Jump’ begins with a moody eerie tone and screechy guitars. This shadowy atmosphere continues throughout the track while the instrumentation builds for the chorus. The vigorous guitars play a riff that almost warns of danger while the creeping bass gives you goosebumps and the drums add a mosh effect. The vocals take on a mysterious tone giving this track a thrilling effect.
Corner Pilots show some great talent with these tracks look forward to hearing more from them.
If your around make sure you go see them live at the O2 Academy Islington on July 8th.
Stream ‘The Language’ and ‘Queen of My Nightmare’ below

Ethan & The Reformation ‘Hummingbird’

Ethan & The Reformation are a Psychedelic Rock/Pop band from Manchester. The five piece Ethan Dundavan Davies (frontman/rhythm guitarist ), Mick Mac (lead guitarist), Samuel Parker (keyboard player and vocalist), James Cordeiro (bassist) and Thomas Oliver Gorton (Drumer) have created a retro pop/rock sound, that pays homage to the 1960’s / 1970’s psychedelic era while giving it a modern twist.
They have just released their new single ‘Hummingbird’ which is a smooth sensual track full of 70’s funky swag. The track features fantastic sleek seductive ” wah wah” guitar and an inviting smooth funky bass with a soft irresistible beat that creates a swaying effect and gives this track a seductive quality. With raspy, husky vocals that add grit and some brawn to this instrumentally steamy track, Hummingbird has dark undertones and a melancholy melody which contrasts to the captivating swag of the instrumentation. This track shows how diverse and talented Ethan & The Reformation are as they give us a refreshing luscious sound that is distinctive.
Looking forward to Ethan & The Reformation’s  EP which is set to be released later this year.
You can catch Ethan & The Reformation live at
08 Jul Soup Kitchen Manchester
09 Jul The Dublin Castle Camden
30 Jul Ashtonbury Northampton
19 Aug Glass Butter Beach Abersoch

Stream ‘Hummingbird’ below

Our Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stellify’s ‘Shun’

Stellify are an Alternative Rock / Fuzzy Blues band from London. Band members James Howlett (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Richard Costello (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Carlos Dittborn (Bass) and Daniel Perez (Drums) have been steadily and constantly gaining momentum since their formation in 2011.
Their new single ‘Shun’ is a blues filled, fiery rock track, with deep smouldering vocals and seductive, alluring, elastic bass. When teamed with the rapid persuasive drums in the verse they  compel your body to move. The chorus comes alive with a heavier mosh sound and more dynamic vocals which really shakes things up before the song returns again to the intense smooth tease of the verse. The psychedelic trance feel on guitar adds to the bewitching effect of this luring track.
Stellify are playing a number of shows and festivals throughout 2016 where they will be delivering blues filled fuzzy rock and roll.
You can see them at
JUN 23, The Beer Kat, London
JUL 16, Eailing Blues Festival,Walpole Park, Ealing
SEP 13, Time Out Rising Stars, 229 The Venue, London
Stream ‘Shun’ below

New Valley Wolves ‘Trouble’

New Valley Wolves have just released their new single ‘Trouble’ and its a hefty, mean, bluesy track full of attitude. The duo have built a reputation for themselves as the fiercest live act in Ireland through relentless gigging at home and abroad. With a sound bigger than an A-Bomb and energy that borders on psychotic ‘Trouble’ lives up to this reputation. With its robust dirty bass, thunderous drums and howling vocals this track shakes you to your core and is definitely a track to sink your teeth into. Its big, mean and destructive while the flexible bass keep a cool, smooth steamy vibe. The frenzy created in the manic mosh worthy bridge is insane. Its enough to get a crowd headbanging and going crazy in its high energy body pounding sound. The track returns to it slick bluesy style again to finish leaving you wanting more.
This is a band you don’t want to miss live and ‘Trouble’ is a must listen!

You can see New Valley Wolves live at:
Jun 24 Sea Sessions Donegal
July 30 Crane Lane, Cork
They are also playing at Electric Picnic and Rockathon.
Stream ‘Trouble’ below

A Chat With : King Harvest & The Weight


We caught up with Ben Adey from King Harvest & The Weight ahead of their UK and Ireland tour and the release of their unmissable debut album ‘Maps’.

Can you explain King Harvest & The Weight to anyone who doesn’t know you?
There’s plenty of bands out there who shamelessly ride their influences out to death, But we try not to ape our target too closely for our own good and come across like soulless bandwagon chasers. We love the music we grew up with, which is rooted in seventies good times rock n roll.

How did the name King Harvest & The Weight come about?
I wrote a load around 50 songs, demoed them all on a battered old Yamaha acoustic and then hooked up with Olly (guitar) & Justin (Drums) we recorded the tracks and got our arses in gear and booked some shows.

Your album is full of 70’s classic rock tracks with catchy hooks and well crafted melodies How did you decide on this style of music ?
It’s just what comes out, it isn’t over thought, or planned. It’s every free flowing creative and writing process.

Your music seems to have the ability to transport the listener back to that 70s rock period with such ease, is this a natural effect of your music flow or was it something you had to try hard to achieve?
Dead easy. Play what you like and do what feel is right for you. It’s not about being cool, it’s about doing what you enjoy, with no boundaries.

Your debut album Maps is due for release on June 20 what can we look forward to or expect from ‘Maps’?
Blistering 3 minute tracks, crammed with hooks.

What was your favourite part of making this record?
Recording it and playing music with superb people.

You have some great riffs and guitar solos in your tracks was this something you spent ages on to get right or did they come naturally?
Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. From rehearsal jams to the bare embryos of IPhone recordings.

Which of the songs on your album are you most proud of and why?I’d say, This Town. It was the first track I wrote, which actually spearheaded me into doing the album. It was the track that made me think that I wanted to actually have a go and play live again.

Had it not  arrived, I’d probably be spending my Saturday nights just driving back and forth to Tesco buying White Magnums & Bier d’ore. It saved me from decadence,ha!

Did you come cross any challenges when recording this album?
Yes, trying not to be impatient and rushing things.

You have a number of live shows coming up to promote the album what can people expect at these shows?
Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower

Which venue are you looking forward to playing the most?
All of them.

What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
Tough one, not sure yet!
You have three dates in Ireland this July is this your first time playing in Ireland and have you any expectations from the Irish crowd?
It is our first time as a band, yes. And we’re expecting it to be a great time.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?
Pick up whatever is in sight, bang it, beat and have fun. Most importantly fuck what anyone tells you is cool and do what you love X

You can catch King Harvest & The Weight live at
Saturday 25th June – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
Sunday 26th June – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Friday 1st July – Pine Lodge, Cork
Saturday 2nd July – Roisin Dubh, Galway
Sunday 3rd July – Grand Social, Dublin

We will be definitely heading down to one of the Irish shows to check out their “Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower” .

Watch  King Harvest & The Weight ‘Unstuck’ below


Deepshade ‘Time’

Deepshade are a power house trio from Wigan. Band members David Rybka (Vox/Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass) and Paul Barlow (Drums) have returned with their raucous fusion of psyched up alternative/grunge rock with the announcement of their new video single release ‘Time’. Their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ was released in early 2015 and it propelled Deepshade into the national spotlight with acclamation from UK’s Power Play and Classic Rock Magazine along with receiving support from alternative radio stations worldwide.
‘Time’ blasts  us with its grunged up guitar hooks and pounding hard rock grooves. It is the perfect opening track for ‘Everything Popular Is Wrong’. The track begins in a true rock star manner with an attention grabbing, thrilling scream from Rybka and an infectious riff. The track is bursting with energy and a smooth sensual bass line that lures you in while the thunderous drums give that captivating rock feel. The verses are full of eerie tones with deep vocals that are seductive and alluring. You get the feeling you are being coaxed or enticed into a world of chaos to which you have no control over. The slick shredding guitar solo adds an edge to the track as it builds to a massive heavy crescendo while Rybka’s vocals are intense and commanding.
With new material already to be unearthed later in 2016, Deepshade are gearing up to unveil dates for their UK live shows and first ever tours of Spain and Portugal in November.
Looking  forward to hearing more from Deepshade!
Watch ‘Time’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Jackals Rose’s adrenaline filled ‘D.I.D’ (or “Devil In Disguise”)

Five piece Jackals Rose are Jake James, Max James, Darren Griffiths, Zak Simmons and Grant Masters. They are a fuzz rock band from Essex. They have been smashing the live circuit with gigs at the likes of Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle and many more.’D.I.D'(or “Devil In Disguise”) is the second single from Jackals Rose, the follow up to their 2015 debut release ‘All For You’. The track was produced by Nick Gavrilovic (who tours with Placebo). It has gained them a bit of attention scoring Radio X Track of The Week, with plays across BBC Introducing, as well as being made Track of The Day by Fred Perry and Gigslutz.
‘D.I.D’ is a raw Brit-punk track crossed with Indie-rock. Its powerful vigorous guitars, forceful drums and mighty bass creates an energetic frenzy that compels you to dance and mosh. With sharp guitars that has a “The Prodigy” feel with a bit of Kasabian thrown in. The vocals are full of attitude and swagger that draws the listener in. This track maintains a rapid manic tempo throughout instrumentally, however the vocal slows things with its almost moody gritty intense tone making this song extremely easy to listen to and very catchy. The track finishes on a heavy hard core headbanging worthy pounding drums.
‘D.I.D’ is an edgy track that is an absolute must listen!
you can catch Jackals Rose live at :
Jul 22 Tramlines – The Crystal Stage,Sheffield
Aug 06 Party in the Pines, Scunthorpe
Check out Jackals Rose video of ‘D.I.D’ which was shot and edited by Liam Masters, brother of drummer Grant below


A Chat With : Neon Wolf

We caught up with Rob from Neon Wolf after their sold out show upstairs in Whelan’s Dublin last Saturday to have a chat.

You guys seem to be building up quite a bit of a reputation now, you’re getting a lot of support,but what brought you guys together, and when did you start out?
It started in 2011, but we’d been aware of each other’s bands for a few years. When the time came that we didn’t have anything else going on musically, we kind of came together and wrote some songs that got us excited.
Where did the name Neon Wolf come from?
I was half-asleep one night and it just came to me, I had been thinking about band names before that so it was on my mind. I came to, and text my friend to ask him what he thought, he didn’t like it, so it stuck.
What inspired you to make music?
For me, I just had melodies in my head that I wanted to get out and Brian Wilson.
You radiate bright sunny vibes through your music is that a conscious decision to fend away the dull winter days in kilkenny?
Good question, probably. We just like having a good time and I guess it reflects on the music. There are a lot of sad moments too but that makes good music, doesn’t it?
Could you briefly describe your music-making process?
There’s usually either some chords or a sound happening and then a melody will unravel. Not always that simple but it can happen very easily.
What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Yes, there was an incident which was down to bad management and money. Nothing to do with the 5 members. The band got through it thankfully and we’re currently back on track and going full steam ahead.
Which of your songs are you most proud of so far?
Hmm, that’s a tough one, it depends on what day it is. I will say there is a particular new song that doesn’t have a title yet, it’s like half Lorde, half Foals but could’ve been on The Beach soundtrack.
Which of the lyrics you have written are your favourite so far?
I love the imagery in No Other Soul,”Don’t you want to see, we got out so long ago, we could not be. There’s no other soul, we’re the last one’s out, I know there couldn’t”. It just captures where my head was at the time. Is it post-apocalyptic and half inspired by Dawn of the Dead? Probably.
So you guys played with Ham Sandwich in the Academy last month , how was your set?
It was good fun and the crowd were deadly! Ham Sandwich are such a great band, very cool people too!
What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
There’s a new song we’re playing that is going down a treat, it’s currently called War, then there’s All of it’s Your’s which goes down so well live, we still love it!
So far what is your favourite venue that you have played ?
The Olympia in Dublin.
What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were on stage?
This time there was a stage invasion at our hometown gig, people were falling all over the place. I always wondered how musicians worked through that, I found out fairly quickly. It was bizarre but absolutely deadly at the same time.
Who has been your favourite support act so far?
Knoxville Morning, they supported us for a hometown gig, and anytime we play together it’s just mayhem.
What is the first Record you ever bought?
I would say, Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away.
What is the best advise you have been given?
“Do what makes you happy”, It’s a simple one but it was enough.
Is there any new artists that you are excited about?
The Japanese House, Blossoms and Spring King.
What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?
Play music that you want to play.
What have Neon Wolf got planned for the rest of the year?
Recording in Belfast. Playing with Stereophonics and The Vaccines in Dublin at the end of June and Indiependence Festival in Cork on July 30th. There are more gigs and releases to come, which we’re very excited about! Keep an eye out…

Exciting times ahead for Neon Wolf supporting Stereophonics and The Vaccines that’s going to be amazing! Looking forward to their new releases too! If you can’t wait for them check out their track ‘All Of It’s Yours’ below.

For The Girl ‘Where Did Time Go?’


For The Girl are an Indie Pop Rock band from Nottingham. The band consists of members Sam Plenty (Vocals), Josh King (Rhythm Guitar), Isaac Hallas (Lead Guitar ), James Wells (Bass Guitar/ Synth) and Nathan Fox (Drums/ Percussion ). For The Girl have played a number of high profile gigs and toured with the likes of Young Kato. Their stage presence is like no other irrespective of where they play, from small and intimate venues, to the electric crowds of the UK’s O2 Academies. Known for their style and sound that is unique to them they are gaining an ever growing fan base and are fast becoming the ones to watch.
They have recently released ‘Where Did Time Go?’ the uplifting first single taken from the bands new EP ‘Shark Attack’, which is due out on the 8th of July. Lyrically, this song describes the emotions and feelings of something that a large amount of people experience at some point in their lifetime: the search for you inner self. For The Girl portray this theme to us in a fun upbeat energetic manner that is infectious. This track is full of radiant guitars, shimmering synths, soft beats, bright pop cymbal work and rhythms. Plenty has a unique style and vocal tone which is full of confidence and attitude and although its unique and not what you would expect it works extremely well with their sound as it adds a bite to the track and a refreshing sharpness which is effective. This track has a slick seductively captivating guitar feature that is kick ass. ‘Where Did Time Go?’ is full of amazing dimensions and is ablaze with bright tones and an upbeat energetic atmosphere.
‘Where Did Time Go?’ is definitely a must listen! For The Girl have a bright future ahead of them. We will eagerly await their EP.
Watch “Where Did Time Go?” below