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The Lemon Twigs ‘These Words’

The Lemon Twigs are brothers Brian (19 years old) and Michael (17) D’Addario. The duo present us with their unique style of baroque rock through their new single ‘These Words’. On my first listen of this track ill admit i was dumbfounded, first thoughts were “wow how do i describe this” followed by “I need to hear more”. The Lemon Twigs blend mystical music with blissful melodic pop all while adding sprinkles of jazz and a snazzy solo on keys.This track is ridiculously catchy with a velvety slick ear worm chorus and rich lush uplifting harmony. The soft tender vocals for the verse are delicate and creamy and have a hazy daydream effect.  ‘These Words’ will transport you to a skewed 1960s era of euphoric melodies with a 21st century twist. This track is tightly bound together with such precision and skill that shows fantastic musicianship from the these young brothers. The Lemon Twigs’ debut album ‘Do Hollywood’ will be released October 14 and boy it looks promising.
Watch the video for ‘These Words’ below

Atlas Will Sound ‘August’

Boston-based, rock-duo, Atlas Will Sound, announced the release of their newest single, ‘August’. The single is the first release among a string of singles coming out later this year. The track reflects on a past relationship that proved to be very one sided. The single was recorded at 9B Studios in Milford, Massachusetts and was written as a journal entry that quickly transformed into ‘August’ a solid rock track bursting with explosive sounds.The track is driven by gritty vigorous guitars that steam roll through the song with brisk forceful energy that is daring and fearless. The rapid robust drums add punch and brawl to the track while also keeping a flexible rumble, creating a massive powerful sound that pounds through your body. The fierce drums teamed with husky aggressive vocals makes this track hard hitting rock that is mosh pit worthy.
Stream “August” below

The Restless Venture

The Restless Venture are a rock band from Manchester/Liverpool. The band took a hiatus for a little while but are now back with their strongest lineup to date which consists of Tom Mann (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Andy Pilkington (Lead Guitar/Vocal Harmonies), Davy Taff (Bass) and Lee Gee (Drums). They have previously played shows all across the North West mainly in Liverpool and Manchester, even supporting Gordon Gano and The Ryans (lead singer of The Violent Femmes) in Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. Their witty cheeky characters add a charming smugness to the band as they claim their lead guitarist Andy Pilkington’s “masculine charm leaves women wanting him and men wanting to be him”, while drummer Lee Gee is “the bands prominent sex God and legend”.
All humour aside these guys do deliver soaring, anthem- like songs with richly textured melodies that stick in your head. They swivel from massive foot stomping anthems with irresistible energy to tender uplifting and emotional tracks with ease taking you on a fantastic journey packed with a roller coaster of emotions that leaves you rejuvenated and renewed.
The track that introduced me to The Restless Venture was ‘Bring On The Furnace‘. A gritty rock track full of fiery attitude. This track is punchy and rebellious while still maintaining the bands sensual swagger. Mann’s vocals are gravelly and raspy yet velvety and smooth for the verses. Like all their tracks The Restless Venture present us with a warm american desert-like atmosphere which brightens up the tracks and makes them instantly likeable. This track gives an old school rock feel with a slight country jingle on guitar.
‘Both Barrels’ is my favourite of their tracks so far as its a bluesy dark whiskey soaked track full of shadowy burning emotions. It has bitter tones contrasting with a longing heated atmosphere. With again dynamic vocals that become almost theatrical adding an eerie mysterious atmosphere to the track. The stirring guitar is intense and passionate while the bass and drums add that flexible sensual tempting and enticing quality.
The Restless Venture are definitely a band to watch and with live shows that promise “there won’t be a dry armpit in the room by the end of the set” what other assurance do you need.
Stream ‘Bring On The Furnace’ and ‘Both Barrels’ below

The Barmines ‘Reliance’

The Barmines are an Indie Rock band from Leeds.The band consists of members Rob Burton (Singer/Guitarist), Liam Lockey (Drums/Backing Vocals), Leam Hayes (Guitarist) and James May (Bassist). The four piece have been causing a buzz across the festival circuit this summer with slots at festivals such as Isle Of Wight and Down To The Woods, Party In The Pines and Blackthorn Festival. They have released a video for their new single ‘Reliance’ and they will be heading out on tour around the UK this year starting off in Leeds for a two date single launch at Headrow House in September.
‘Reliance’ raises the bar with its strong hefty blow to the head explosive sound. The rapid nature of this track causes a frenzy effect for the chorus. The Barmines cleverly hold this back for the verse leaving you in anticipation. The vocals are intense and filled with emotion while the entire character of the track is displayed as dark and eerie. The strident bursts of guitar add energy and vibrancy while the slapping elastic bass adds agility and bounce. The punchy drums maintains a momentum throughout the track giving a solid foundation and muscular power to the song. Another fantastic track from The Barmines.

The Barmines are known for their energetic explosive live shows so make sure you catch them at one of their shows below
9th Sept Headrow House Leeds (SOLDOUT)
10th Sept Headrow House Leeds
16th Sept Hoodoo’s Croydon
17th Sept Pi Bar Leicester
24th Sept O2 Institute Birmingham
7th Oct The Underground Bradford – Live Music Venue Bradford
8th Oct The Rocking Chair Sheffield
14th Oct The Aerodrome Music Club Stockton-on-tees
15th Oct The Fleece INN North Allerton
22nd Oct Dublin Castle, Camden London
29th Oct The Buff Club Glasgow
19th Nov Gullivers NQ Manchester
26th Nov Kazoopa Festival Leeds
Watch the video for ‘Reliance’ below

Mayflower ‘I’m Not There’

Manchester’s smooth Rock & Roll band Mayflower have released their new single ‘I’m Not There’. Earlier this year we were impressed by  their beautiful track ‘Sienna’ resulting in a feature on it. The four piece have previously secured headline gigs at the iconic Night & Day Café, sold out a show at The Castle Hotel and had a string of shows around the Northwest and in the UK.
‘I’m Not There’ conveys the bands exquisite talent for combining soaring uplifting harmonies with a nostalgic melancholy melody that is so enticing you can loose yourself in it. The track is coated in soft beats and gentle tender instrumentation that gives a smokey, darkened, gloomy haze to the song. The reminiscent lyrics add to the nostalgic sombre tone while the guitar gives us a bright hopeful feel. It glistens and glitters throughout the track sparkling like sunlight on water catching your attention and making you feel that all is not lost.
Another fantastic and emotive track from Mayflower.
Stream ‘I’m Not There’ below


The Only Ocean ‘CUL-DE-SAC’

Lompoc, California born four-piece, The Only Ocean, bring a fresh new edge to indie rock. Band members Wesley Hill (Vocals, Guitar), Dustin Whalen (Guitar), Alex Burdess (Bass) and Shae Kakos-(Drums) are childhood friends who have pulled together a wide range of sub-genres from Psych-Pop and Post-Punk to Acid Rock to create their unique sound.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is the first single off  their soon to be released EP, ‘TOO’ which was produced by Graham Ginsburg and Rick Mabery of The Barn Music Studio, and Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes, Antemasque). The track begins with a dark aggressive tone blasting us with heavy flashing vigorous guitars and a psychedelic delirious vibe. The verse cools things down with light beats and cool sedated vocals. The track is drenched in reverb adding to the psychedelic vibe. With swirling melodies that hypnotise and pull you into the intensity of the track teamed with cynical snarky lyrics that adequately portray that this track is an “anthem for anyone who has ever tasted the sweet angst in desolation”. The churning surge of instrumentation is enticing and leads the listener into the acid trip explosive crescendo.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is a well written and crafted track full of dark tones and confusing mystery that is perfectly conveyed through a blend of Psych/Acid Rock.
Stream ‘CUL-DE-SAC’ below

Live Music Review Of New Valley Wolves supported by Ghost Robots


As a music venue Cork’s Crane Lane has a lot to offer, its fantastic decor and laid back atmosphere has everything you need to enjoy a night out with live music. We made our way through the crowds to the room set towards the back of the lane where New Valley Wolves were due to perform with Ghost Robots as support. One look at the bustling cheery crowd tells you that they are rockers which puts me at ease as I find rock crowds are the best to get along with, they are there for the music and to enjoy themselves.

Ghost Robots begin with their utterly absorbing set full of catchy riffs, flexible rhythms and smooth vocals. The alternative rock band from Waterford lead you gently through their psych trip setlist starting with ‘Richer Than kings’ they pull you in to a mysterious20160730_215234_001 swirl, driven by punchy drums and dynamic guitars while Doyle’s vocals keep things fresh and edgy. Ghost Robots keep the tracks flowing fluently as they belt out tune after tune oiling up the rusty hips of the crowd as they sway and mosh to each track. Drummer Dael O’Brien is especially enthusiastic and stands out with his energetic mesmerising drumming. They ease us into their insanely catchy ‘Under Fire’ which recently featured as one of our Worth A Listen tracks. This luring song goes down well with the entranced crowd as they move to the beat while the tracks effortless cool tone has a dazed effect while still packing a punch. Ghost Robots finish on ‘Bad Habbit‘ leaving the stunned crowd wanting more.

New Valley Wolves take the stage and spark pandemonium and chaos with their opening track ‘Shake Your Bones’ as they blast us with track after track of brawl-like powerful drums and gritty kick ass riffs. With instrumental tracks like ‘Acid Ocean’ showcasing their20160730_223558 monstrous frenzy-causing sound that will rock you to your core and persuade even the most timid person to rebel and headbang. New Valley Wolves as promised give us an energetic and memorable show as they dominate Crane Lane with the forceful and staggering ‘This Bad City’ and ‘Shark’. They exude swagger and fiery attitude in ‘Athens’ as they give us a smooth sensual almost funky track that builds into a moshing riot. The rock duo confirm they are a force to be reckoned with, when they pull out the masterstroke that is new soon to be released single ‘Silver Tongue’ knocking us back and demanding the attention that these guys deserve. Lucey coaxes the crowd forward and they begin a frenzy of moshing to the powerful bluesy ‘Eyes On Me’. Members of the crowd shout out the fast passed rap-like swagger-filled lyrics accompanied by the slick fiery riffs teamed with pounding soul shaking drums. They finish strong with ‘Fire In The Blood’ followed by new single ‘Trouble’ two hefty, mean tracks bursting with attitude. While ‘Fire In The Blood’ had a rapid tempo that raced through the crowd causing a chaotic mix of moshing and  hopping,  ‘Trouble’ took on a destructive persona keeping the crowd headbanging and going crazy in its high energy body pounding sound leaving the crowd thirsty for more.

New Valley Wolves are getting bigger and better, a force of nature coming into their prime.

Watch Our Interview With New Valley Wolves below


Lost Dawn ‘Rasputin’

Lost Dawn are three piece Stanley Duke, Benjamin Woods and Joel McConkey from Falmouth, UK. They released a mini album ‘Fever’ earlier this year which is packed full of hip swinging rock and roll teamed with psychedelia sprinkled with grunge.
‘Rasputin’ is our favourite track from the album. It is saturated in 70s funk influences and embroidered with psychedelia. Duke’s vocals are luring and coaxing for the sensual verse and become more swagger filled as the track progresses in to a funky strut worthy anthem. Exuding confidence and cool smooth tones this track moves with such grace and fluidity that is swoon worthy. The psychedelic guitar adds a trippy vibe that is intoxicating and exhilarating, as the rhythm and percussion give a dance- like shimmy to the track that is infectious.
Enjoy the trippy invigorating journey that Lost Dawn take you on and put ‘Rasputin’ on repeat.
Stream ‘Rasputin’ below

Four ‘Take Something’


Four are Annabel Allum (vocals, guitar), Jake Edwards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Oli Edwards (bass, backing vocals) and Alex Andrews (drums) from Bristol. Two members of the band Jake and Oli Edwards, were previously with The Jacques and  they have used their experience with The Jacques to mould the musical relationship between Four. Their debut single ‘Take Something’ was released earlier this year and it without a doubt moves all others aside as it creates a pocket for their raw indie rock alt-pop sound.
‘Take Something’ is an edgy indie rock track that has all you want and more. It is bursting with vigorous driven guitars for the chorus and pounding drums which all ease for the verses where Allum’s luring and coaxing vocals take the limelight. The vocals become powerful and dynamic for the chorus as the track builds to an impressive mighty brief mosh effect. The added sharp guitar squeal after the chorus is thrilling and adds a distinctive edge to the track. ‘Take Something’ oozes energy while remaining cool, holding back for the intense verses and leaving you craving the full bodied chorus while you wait in anticipation for the explosive sound. Four know exactly how to reel you in and keep you wanting more.
Keep and eye out for these guys.
Stream ‘Take Something’ below