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Bikini Trill ‘Wassup, We Good?’ EP

Los Angeles based, surf pop trio, Bikini Trill have released their new EP, ‘Wassup, We Good?’. The band combine trap / hip-hop beats, surf guitar and bass, with powerful pop vocals to create a fresh sound and feel-good vibe. This female-fronted group draw inspiration from a variety of genres including punk, reggae, and hip-hop. Formed in 2016 by vocalist Frex (Lauren Johnson), bassist Kourosh Poursalehi, and guitarist Tony Stern, Bikini Trill is a nod to the various musicians and genres from which they draw inspiration- combining the Riot Grrrl punk mentality of Bikini Kill with current urban and trap influences. Currently, the band is celebrating their second mini tour at SXSW in Austin, Texas and are gearing up to tour with Coast Modern and Mikey Mike- playing the House of Blues San Diego, The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona, and The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

‘Wassup, We Good?’ is a blissfully melodic collection of tracks that fill your soul with golden luminosity, laid back vibes and euphoric mellowness with an underlying punchy kick to add a bit of spice. Each track fluidly flows into the next from the trippy ‘Napster and Acid (INTRO)’ right through to the seductively slinky ‘Wassup, We Good? (OUTRO)’– Bikini Trill sandwich in a sweet collection of velvety smooth raspberry ripple tunes to have your mind in a sedative state of creamy groove filled bliss. ‘Chapo Howl’ firmly envelopes you in Bikini Trill’s swirling exhilarating world as vibrant guitars meander through captivating vocals while a subtle drift of sweet psychedelic hued soundscapes wisp like a refreshing breeze over the sugary pop melody. The tracks are addictive and radiate sunny, easy going vibes ‘Smoke A Jay and Watch Yourself Dance’ adds a body moving bouncy rhythm into the mix coaxing your body to sway and bop along while ‘Need Me’ throws in a dash of gritty guitar jingles. Johnson’s vocals are simply captivating and nectarous as she floods each track with a honey steeped sprinkling of sweetness that is delicious to the ears and when teamed with the catchy mouth-watering pop melodies it’s a deadly concoction that leaves you craving more. Bikini Trill manage to balance and blend this sugar rush with some hip-hop beats and biting guitars to add a healthy dose of edge and gritty texture to the tunes. ‘KUT U UP (INTERLUDE)’ and ‘Scarlet’ stride in on a cool swagger driven reggae-esque beat and rich weaving soundscapes that add some attitude and bite while the glistening guitar moments elevate and give a vivid golden lustre to the tracks. The lyrics are honest and rugged and don’t gloss over the themes whereas the instrumental backdrop covers the lyrics with a  hazy dreamy camouflage. In ‘2:25 am’ Johnson’s vocals really hypnotise as she coos and sweetly pines through a sticky beat and lamenting soundscapes- its quite touching and beautiful and the perfect lead in to the closing track ‘Wassup, We Good? (OUTRO)’, a spaghetti western -esque ditty filled with psychedelic tones and desert like vibes.

‘Wassup, We Good?’ is an absorbing collection of tracks perfect for sweltering hot days as the sun glares and distorts your view allowing Bikini Trill to create sublime delusions with scorching guitars and gloopy beats between luscious melodies and captivating vocals.

Stream ‘Wassup, We Good?’ EP below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Velveteins

Canadian trio The Velveteins have released their new track ‘Midnight Surf’ which is taken off their upcoming debut full length ‘Slow Wave’ which will be released this May 12th. ‘Midnight Surf’ is a glazed over crooning slow jam that has a simple approach but cuts deep. Like a wave the track swooshes in and out with gentle delicacy. Soft instrumentation with cushioned beats accompanies the emotionally raw expressive vocals as the beautiful sway-like honey coated melody floats by in soothing clouds and tugs hard on the heart strings. The sharp sting on guitar freshens the track up adding slashes to the soft bouncy sombre song. Smothered in melancholic tones and hazy daydream vibes The Velveteins give us a track that oozes bleeding emotion while lulling you into a daze.
Stream ‘Midnight Surf’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : The Skullers

The Skullers are a rock and roll trio from New Jersey. Band members Jack Skuller (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez (drums) and Luigi Sardi (bass) play their blues-soaked brand of modern rock and roll with a down-to-the-bone rockabilly soul. Their live shows prove the band is just as comfortable covering a Little Walters blues swamp as they are playing classic punk from Richard Hell. Frontman Jack Skuller’s songwriting and musicianship was recognised by the Songwriters Hall of Fame who awarded him the 2014 Holly Prize in tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly. The trio have released their debut single ‘Can We Do That Again’ which you can download free on the band’s band camp page here https://theskullers.bandcamp.com/track/can-we-do-that-again

‘Can We Do That Again’ is a lime soda indie pop track, refreshingly smooth with zesty spritz of guitar. Elastic rumbling bass drives the track while soft punchy drums and clap along feature keep this track bouncy and animated. Creamy effortlessly cool vocals glide through the surf friendly catchy track. With waves of melancholic tones against bright luminous instrumentation its a snappy infectious spindrift of slick timeless rock and roll that will have you shimmying and bopping.
The Skullers head back into the studio this spring with four time Grammy nominated producer Joel Hamilton (Black Keys, Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights and Tom Waits) to record a debut EP planned for release on indie label Mint 400 Records in September 2017. So keep an eye out for that.
You can catch The Skullers live at
Stream ‘Can We Do That Again’ below

PALMAS ‘Floating In The Dark’

PALMAS have released their new single ‘Floating In The Dark’. The track is the second single from their upcoming debut album due for release this year, it follows their captivating 2015 debut EP ‘To The Valley’. Band members Kurt Cain-Walther (vocals, organ), Matthew Young (guitar), Adam Cantiello (guitar), Eric Camarota (bass), and Pat Degan (drums) take their sweet indie surf sound to darker depths with this new single. ‘Floating In The Dark’ is a scorching desert western-like tune complete with a pistols and dawn scene and a tumble weed sweeping across a dusty road as the horns introduce the track with a sombre and almost seductive motif. The distant warm melody on guitar glistens with sweet melancholic tones giving a solitary atmosphere. The trumpet melody runs throughout the track teamed with galloping percussion like a horseback chase. Showing fine musician skills PALMAS arrange their track with delicate instrumentation that is layered with tight precision and care creating subtle multi textures. Crooning vocals sweeten the song while flooding it with sorrowful tones and a sway like fluidity. ‘Floating In The Dark’ oozes sweltering delusions of desert heat cooled by the creamy coo on vocals. It is definitely a darker shift away from the blissful sunny vibes of their ‘To The Valley’ EP looking forward to what their debut album will bring.
Stream ‘Floating In The Dark’ below.

Desert Fevers ‘Raindrops’

Desert Fevers are Jake Rutter, Zac Blow, Joe Roberts, and Sam Roberts. They play a unique blend of raw, soul flavoured surf tinged garage. This new unique band have released this sweet little track ‘Raindrops’. Its an old school reverb drenched jangle of utter bliss mixed with lo-fi psych pop. Its the perfect recipe for success. The sweet honeyed melody glides with effortless flow creating a sound that is pure delight. A strut worthy jangle on guitar adds a swanky prance and flamboyance to the oh so sleek track. The hip shaking groovy beat coaxes you to move with a funky bounce and vitality. This track exudes swagger and panache from it very core spreading syrupy pop mixed with psychedelic euphoria like sticky sap oozing from every note. It gentle delicate mind numbing psychedelic vibes contrast with the sunny energetic upbeat spring creating a sublime bubble of heavenly elation. The vocals soothe, coated in reverb alongside the instrumentation but not as the main focus they act more like an accompaniment to the rippling elastic oh so cool instrumentation.
Stream ‘Raindrops’ below

RIP Viola Beach


This for me is the saddest blog I have done but I felt I must, as the only reason I started Indie Buddie was because one day in the summer on 2015 I stumbled upon a fantastic band on soundcloud. They had only one song on soundcloud at the time and from the first note I was hooked, the sunny vibes clever lyrics smooth beat and catchy riffs made this song my favourite that summer. It was the upbeat vibrant song that makes everything better. That song was of course ‘ Swings and Waterslides’ by Viola Beach.
Viola Beach were an emerging British indie rock group, formed in Warrington in 2013. The band’s final lineup consisted of Kris Leonard (guitar and vocals), River Reeves (guitar), Tomas Lowe (bass), and Jack Dakin (drums). I was so impressed with these guys and hoped they would do well as it was obvious to me they deserved it. I began telling everyone I knew about them. I watched the youtube videos from BBCs Maida Vale sessions and it was confirmed that these guys had serious talent and were going to be very big. Their performance was very professional but still their humour and fun came through. I found that my favourite song they performed was ‘Get to Dancing’. It’s a cheeky lively track which of course makes you want to dance. The song has a really catchy guitar riff and also shows Jack’s skills as a drummer, it’s light but very effective.
Their second released single came to us in early 2016 ‘Boys That Sing’ this is a bright and cheery song with an infectious melody and again their slick guitar and drums give a Californian surf sound. It definitely brightened up our winter days and made us smile with their cheeky mischief lyrics.
I decided in December of 2015 to message them and ask them to come to Ireland as I couldn’t wait to hear them live and they told me they were going to support Blossoms in the Academy in Dublin in February. Naturally I went, I couldn’t miss that! Their live performance was brilliant. You could see their love for music and every beat, strum and note oozed energy.They were having fun and loving every moment of it and so was the audience.
We spoke to them afterwards and they were the most lovely people you could meet they discussed their passion for music and they promised us they would play ‘Get To Dancing’ when they returned to Dublin as it wasn’t on their set list this time. Of the bands I have met they really stood out. They were genuine lovely guys doing what they loved and sharing it with whoever would listen.
Since then, I have found other songs that they have done on youtube and found their track “Daisies” which was featured on Bandcamp’s The Indie Cassette Player’s (now known as ” The Mill Records”) second compilation album, with “Love My Love” being featured on the website’s third compilation album. Both these tracks are lovely well written songs and show us a deeper side to the band. I was looking forward to what kind of album they were going to release.
I decided to write this blog about one of the best bands I have been lucky to see live because they were amazingly talented and right now they should be taking the music industry by storm. But their career was cruelly cut short. I don’t want to dwell on the details of their passing as it’s their memory I want to preserve.
A celebratory tribute gig will take place at Warrington Parr Hall on April 2 to pay tribute to the band and their manager, Craig Tarry.The sold-out show will feature The Coral and Courteeners frontman Liam Fray as well as an acoustic set by The Kooks. Viola Beach supported Courteeners on tour and were due to open for Blossoms, who also feature on the bill. The packed bill is finished off by Eliza and the Bear, Hidden Charms, The Vryll Society, The Strawberries and Psyblings. All proceeds from the show will go to the families of Viola Beach and Craig Tarry.
Viola Beach a really lovely 4 piece indie pop band from Warrington whose Infectious anthems and sunny bright feel good melodies will not be forgotten here at Indie Buddie.
RIP Viola Beach



Palmas are from Philadelphia, New York City, United States with an indie – surfer sound and killer vocals. Band members Eric Camarota ( guitarist) , Matthew Young (guitarist) , Adam Cantiello ( guitarist), Pat Degan (drummer), Kurt Cain (vocalist), have created the perfect summer sound with catchy tunes and sweet melodic riffs. One listen and you will be transported back to the sunny idealistic 60s with a modern twist.
My first introduction to Palmas was through their song ” You Were My Girl” a lovely smooth waltz- like song  with a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons feel with tight harmonies . This song definitely gives the romantic summer night slow dance feel.The melancholy lyrics relates to everyone at some point in their lives and gives a nostalgic ambiance. Their track “Stay Away ” gives a darker mysterious tone to their sound, with strong guitar and more prominent drum beat bringing in a more rock influence with catchy lyrics. Another favourite of mine is ” Ride The Wave” its 50s rock and roll sound with a Chuck Berry ” Johnny Be Good” feel is ridiculously infectious and can brighten up any day.
On the first track from their debut EP ” To The Valley”, “I Want To Know (Your Love).” Palmas show off their surf – rock sound with vocals that parallel with the percussion and guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with a catchy melody and remarkable chorus. Each song follows its predecessor with ease, finishing with “San Francisco Bay” this is a sweet track that will have you singing along in no time and wishing you could go on holidays right now. This 6 track EP is a must listen, perfect for those summer vibes. I personally find it extremely difficult to pick a favourite song as I love them all and can listen to them all day.

Stream ” I wanna Know” ” Stay away” and ” Ride The Wave” below.