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Inkfields ‘Anybody Out There’

British singer-songwriter Inkfields has released his new single ‘Anybody Out There’ it is the lead track from his third EP ‘Danger Moose’. Since taking the plunge and becoming a full-time musician in 2015, Inkfields (the pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist Samuel James-Griffiths) has been busy developing his songwriting into an expansive and adventurous indie rock sound. After building an early fanbase with a series of acoustic gigs and street busking performances across the UK and Germany, his first EP ‘Paperless Book’ sold over 500 copies and his second release ‘You Forgot The Roots’ which we featured on Indie Buddie earlier this year picked up press acclaim and radio airplay across Europe.
‘Anybody Out There’ brings us a fresh new side to Inkfields’ sound. This edgy new track is a clever blend of indie disco with indie rock. The swagger infused strutting beat of the drums teamed with the panache and flaunting slick guitar gives the track a magnetic swagger and slick characteristic. The infectious melody and confident charismatic vocals show Samuel James-Griffiths has stepped things up since we last heard him and honed into his “Disco Stu” side while maintaining that raw edge with classic rock riffs and his unique vocal tone.
Stream ‘ Anybody Out There’ below



Inkfields was formed in Australia, 2012 by Brit Singer-Songwriter Sam James-Griffiths, but has appeared in band-form from time to time. Inkfields is most often a solo act that crosses indie, rock, pop and electronic. Sam James-Griffiths is a multi instrumentalist from Edinburgh he has mastered guitar, piano, bass, drums.
The first official record from Inkfields was titled ‘Paperless Book’, and was recorded and released in Sweden, in 2015. This 5 track EP is a beautiful arrangement of light ambient songs where the electric guitar and vocals are most prominent. The EP as a whole is relaxing and has the power to put you at ease and create a peaceful atmosphere while subtly showing off Sams guitar skills.
His EP ‘You forgot the roots’ was recorded in Germany and released February this year and is a compilation of well composed tracks as Sam displays his instrumental talent with bluesy style piano and guitar and deep lyrics. Each track is so easy to listen to and beautifully arranged and melodic with strong beats and soft piano,perfect for summer evenings.
Summer 2016 will see a third EP to be released. It will be recorded in a studio in Wales and as of yet, the title and launch date are not known. I for one will look forward to hearing more from Inkfields.
Stream ‘Take My Card’ Below