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A Chat With : Meltybrains?

We sat down for a chat with Tadhg Byrne, Brian Dillon, Donnacha O’Malley and Ben McKenna ( who joins half way through) from Meltybrains? before their show at Oktoberfest in The Bowery Rathmines. We talked about their crazy live shows, having children and the lads treated us to a…. unique rendition of the Irish National anthem.

Watch the interview here


Indie Buddie Introducing : Two Islands

The Liverpool collective, Two Islands, have released their debut single ‘Heaven’. Its a snappy clappy ball of heavenly delight wrapped in cleverly well layered production and an oh so sweet melody. These guys have written an insanely infectious luscious track that listeners everywhere will fall in love with in a heartbeat. Soft vocals soothe while the swirling blissful soundscapes add ethereal graceful textures and wispy ecstasy. The track is grounded with rapid spongy beats rebounding the track with elastic energy, it will have you uncontrollably clapping along to its dreamy pop bliss. These guys are ones to watch they know what they want and they are going for it.

We caught up with Two Islands to have a chat and get to know them a little better following the release of ‘Heaven’

Tell us a bit about Yourselves ?

We’re Two Islands. We’ve always felt as if we existed on our own island, like outsiders looking in. Taking musical cues from the classic songwriting synonymous with Liverpool but dressing our songs in a modern and unique way; we’re aiming to follow in the lineage of Northern bands whose originality and creative ambition have helped to alter our perception of what is possible in pop music.

  Where did the name Two Islands come from?

It’s both a geographical reference as we’ve all grown up between two major cities and it’s the juxtaposition between the everyday reality of the mundane nine to five and the time we spend making music outside of our day jobs.

There is very little info about you guys around at the moment we are loving the mystery but why the suspense with introducing yourselves?

We want to reclaim the romance of falling in love with an artist solely through their songs, something that has been lost in the internet era. We’re not looking to hide; we just want to engage through our music.

You have released your debut single ‘Heaven’ tell us a bit about this track?

It’s an old song that’s been through many incarnations. Heaven describes the euphoria of finally arriving at a sound that best represents us.

 The track is unique and creative instantly catchy and likable what was the music writing process for the track and how did all the intricate pieces come together?

The chords and the vocals came together quite quickly. The bass and drums have been reworked a number of times over the last few months until we were fully satisfied with the parts.

The production and detail on the track is amazing it appears simple but has a lot going on did this take a long time to develop?

Yes we spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room developing the layers of the song before taking it into the studio.

Its definitely a track that announces your arrival and leaves the listener impatient for more tunes how soon can we  expect another delicious tune from you guys?

Heaven is the first marker ahead of a stream of output to come this year.

Stream ‘Heaven’ below