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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From isaac gracie

isaac gracie has launched an extended version of his debut album. The record, ‘Isaac Gracie’, is now available to purchase with three extra tracks including his recent single ‘Show Me Love’, ‘No, Nothing At All’ and this weeks worth a listen track ‘Broken Wheel’.

‘Broken Wheel’ is filled with the heartwarming musicianship we have come to love from Isaac Gracie. It’s cosy and comforting as his powerful vocals caress the beautiful melody with a confidence and reassurance that frees the mind and soothes the soul. Its passionate lyrics complement the warm acoustic guitar and spongy beat making for an ethereal ”throw caution to the wind” sense of freedom. This track is a  tightly bound gem that glistens with sun kissed delicacy while oozing tender tones. Ready for a road trip summer sing along Gracie has delivered another fresh slice of what he does remarkably well – crafted glorious wholesome tunes to wrap our delicate ears in.

Watch the video for ‘ Broken Wheel’ below


Isaac Gracie ‘Running On Empty’

Isaac Gracie has released the video for his new single ‘Running On Empty’. The track features on Isaac’s acclaimed eponymous debut album, ‘Isaac Gracie’ which is out now through Virgin/EMI. The video is a tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes at the filming process of a music promo, with reference to some infamous recording stories of yesteryear. It was directed by Stephen Agnew (Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, Drenge) in Hammerwood Park, East Sussex.

The ‘Running On Empty’ album version brings us a more buoyant punchy indie sound than the beloved raw Maida Vale session. The passion still floods through like a tsunami however, Gracie livens things up a bit with a dynamic elastic rhythm bopping a danceable beat while jangly guitars stride and soar over his raw emotional filled powerful vocals. Upbeat and striking this track shreds and electrifies with lush backing vocals and a singalong anthemic chorus that will have a live audience bellowing back at the top of their lungs. It’s a hearty tune that hits you in the chest and fills you with emotion while making you want to dance. His musicianship is timeless and crisp with an intensity and lyrical quality that  is striking and has the ability to connect with every listener. ‘Running On Empty’ gives Gracie the chance to showcase how he can take this quality and deliver an energetic blistering facet to this emotional vivid sound.

Director Agnew explains about the video: “Isaac is a really interesting artist with a timeless quality, both to his music and aesthetic. This is paired with a very English sensibility. I thought it would be fun to highlight these things whilst exploring the more esoteric elements musical heritage, in a manor that wasn’t too self-regarding or dark, whilst playing with the stories that surround the recording process. This video is basically that. It draws its inspiration from all over the shop.The location is a house that Led Zeppelin owned and that actually featured in ‘The Song Remains The Same’. The video itself is comprised of references and vignettes inspired by the stranger, more esoteric moments in rock music recording history. Some are contrived, some are direct references to pretty infamous anecdotes and characters.”

Following the release of his debut album, Gracie headed out on the road across Europe and the UK in support of it. The tour stopped at his biggest show to date at London’s Hackney Empire. Gracie is now readying himself for a busy Summer of festival appearances, detailed below.

9th June – Best Kept Secret, Hilvarenbeek
23rd June- i-Days Festival, Milan
6th July – Rock Werchter, Werchter
10th June – Montreux Jazz Lab, Montreux
14th July – Gurten Festival, Bern
15th July – Citadel, London
20th July – Curious Arts Festival, South Baddesley
3rd August – Belladrum, Inverness
5th August – All Together Now, Ireland
11th August – Boardmasters, Newquay
12th August – Summer Well Festival, Bucharest
22nd August – Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
24th August – Leeds Festival
26th August – Reading Festival
1st September – Tuckerville, Enschede

Watch the video for ‘Running On Empty’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Isaac Gracie

Isaac Gracie has released his new track ‘That Was Then’, from his eponymous debut album which is due out 13th April via Virgin EMI. Another deeply soul touching track from the singer songwriter ‘That Was Then’ swoons and sweeps with a delicate heartfelt melody caressed by Gracie’s passionate vocals. A soft beat holds a steady foundation while guitar strums provide an edged, ethereal quality to this dainty track. Lush backing vocals coo behind the sublime tear-jerking melody which swishes and elegantly glides between the beautiful sweet instrumentation. Maturely composed and tightly layered Gracie showcases his sophisticated, deeply moving musicianship that places him as one of the finest new singer songwriters out there at the moment. His ability to make you feel every painful, sorrowful note is masterful yet, his pure, honest rawness hits you hard in the chest. It’s a pristine creation – timeless and beautifully crafted. There is no need for over production or flashiness, ‘That Was Then’ exudes emotion and is another gem to add to the treasure of tracks Gracie provides for us to hold dear.

You can catch Isaac Gracie Live at :

11th April – Gorilla, Manchester

12th April – Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds

13th April – The Mash House, Edinburgh

15th April – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

16th April – The Crescent, York

17th April – Leadmill 2, Sheffield

18th April – The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

20th April – O2 Institute2, Birmingham

21st April – O2 Academy2, Oxford

22nd April – Arts Centre, Norwich

23th April – Thekla, Bristol

25th April – The Haunt, Brighton

26th April – Hackney Empire, London

Watch the video for ‘That Was Then’ (Live at Konk Studios) below

Isaac Gracie ‘Terrified’

Isaac Gracie has released his new single, ‘Terrified’. It’s release quickly follows his recent ‘Death of You & I’ EP, and was recorded in London. The 23-year-old London-raised singer-songwriter who sent the music industry into a fever with his debut track ‘Last Words’ has spent the last days of Autumn nestled neatly on the Radio 1 playlist (with the EP’s title track) and captivating audiences out on the roads of Europe and the UK. We are fans of Gracie here at Indie Buddie so were chuffed to hear he has released ‘Terrified’. You’ll perhaps already recognise ‘Terrified’ as a self-produced demo right back where it all started, on an EP of rough but hugely promising acoustic solo tracks and now Gracie has added a few new elements and polished it off a little. With pulses and a tender acoustic guitar accompaniment to start ‘Terrified’ pulls you into the center of its heartbroken story. The addition of the gentle elegant piano glides and sways with grandeur and innocence while guitar whines add a heart wrenching pull. The track flows fluidly and delicately into a passionate soaring chorus that surges with emotion and agonizing pain. Gracie’s vocals are immaculate as always- the depth and maturity exposing the wound within as he expresses this perfectly with every quiver, rasp and delicate coo. The lyrics are so heartfelt, lamenting and honest it’s a gripping heart wrenching performance. It’s raw, heart on your sleeve, naked emotion presented beautifully. The track has taken a new lease of life becoming explosive without sounding busy or even loud. I personally loved the rawness of the demo, but this polished little gem is one to hold dear.

With a debut album currently being finished and expected in the Spring of 2018 via Virgin EMI, and further live dates across the globe being added to almost weekly, Isaac Gracie is one not to be missed.

Watch the video for ‘Terrified’ below

Isaac Gracie With Support From Wildes at The Grand Social Dublin

Isaac Gracie’s debut Dublin show was on Tuesday night in The Grand Social Dublin with support from Wildes. We are big fans of Gracie so naturally there we were to see the magic happen in the flesh.

Wildes which is the performance name of Ella Walker walks timidly on stage picks up her guitar and begins to sing. The crowd swiftly stop their chatting and absorb this deeply touching performance. Her stance is simple as she delicately stands with just her guitar overwhelming us with the power, depth and rich emotion in her vocals. Beautiful melodies drowned in melancholic emotions run throughout her performance while her vocals express the rawness in such a crisp clear yet haunting manner. There is such silence during her set you could hear a pin drop as the audience are captivate by her voice and moving lyrics. She gingerly introduces her songs with a hint of nervousness that appears to disappear when she begins to sing. ‘Bare’ displays a sorrowful heart-breaking quality to her vocals. Walkers performance is an enchanting display of vulnerability and vocal fortitude. She dips into her lower register while the sweet guitar accompaniment dolefully mourns along. Her tracks display a sense of refinement and elegance with gorgeous melodies and a sway like wistfulness. Walker tells the crowd about her family from Waterford and her sister who went to Trinity bridging any gap between herself and the crowd. After each track the audience whoop and clap enjoying the sweet toned breath of fresh air her tracks tend to bring. She takes to the keyboard for the celestial ‘Illuminate’ “I always feel a bit sassy when I do this” she giggles before beginning an enthralling pure version of her track. Evoking a peaceful silence and longing throughout the room, it’s hair raising and captivating. She closes her set with the chilling and haunting ‘Ghost’ after trying to convince us she didn’t nick the name Wilds from Oscar Wild.

Isaac Gracie and his band take to the stage with a sweet shy little “hello” he thanks the audience for turning up to his first headline show in Dublin. ‘All In My Mind’ kicks off his set, the addition of a bassist and drummer add a bit of punch to his live set. One thing that becomes apparent is Gracie is fantastic live, his voice so clear with a sublime depth and maturity beyond his years. If you enjoy his tracks then live he will just blow you away. His drummer Alex is probably the most enthusiastic drummer I’ve seen in a long time from his facial expressions to every bounce and bop he oozes energy. Bassist Jamie is Gracie’s “guardian angel” running about the stage plugging in Gracie’s guitar and giving him little tips like talking through the tune up. Gracie’s musical poise is simple he lets his heart wrenching tunes speak for themselves his eyes drift into the meaning of the track and that is where the magic in the performance happens. It’s all in the emotion and melodies. One audience member is so taken with his set he shouts, “I Love You” Gracie reply’s “I love you too.. I hope you said I love you, I can’t really hear properly if you didn’t it’s ok I still love you” before the most beautiful rendition of ‘Silhouettes Of You’. The spellbound audience sway dumbfounded by the passion exuding from this shy young chap. The sorrow and despair flooding through every note and hitting you bang smack in the middle of your chest. It’s heart breaking and graceful. It’s my favourite track on the New EP and it was as tear jerking and tender if not more so than I expected. It’s the second show performing with his band and it’s a working progress as they stumble over blunders with the audience barely noticing. With a show like this all the hiccups and bashfulness makes it special it’s raw and fresh. ‘Running on Empty’ takes a different heavier persona with the band. Personally, I prefer the solitary version it’s more striking and personal however, with the band it takes on a danceable wiggle vibe. Gracie’s vocals still shine and the lyrics still pierce but it’s just a little more fun and less heart breaking. “The second guitar solo of my life” Gracie announces at the end of the track it feels like we’ve experienced a pillar moment for Gracie. Struggling to open his bear bottle he introduces the agonising ‘Terrified’. The band retire from the stage for the encore leaving just Gracie and his guitar for the affectionate ‘Last Words’. The maturely written tender track that made him an artist to watch. The audience sway and sing the lyrics along with Gracie, everyone’s heart breaking in that beautiful moment, his eyes closed, his brow creased with deep sorrow, we feel every emotion and painful quiver. The perfect way to end his set.

Gracie is like an unpolished diamond in the rough. The “Padwan rockstar’s” undeniable talent sparkles and glimmers as each and every track touches the soul of every person in the room creating a unique beautiful experience each time. The small flashes of goofiness and bashfulness just makes the show all the sweeter. His songs alone are refined and passionate he blends soft tender soundscapes with heavier reverb laden soundscapes seamlessly. With smokey delicate poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies simply portrayed it’s a magnificent experience. Go see him live you won’t regret it. And he is actually a nice guy, we met him after the show and he took a picture with our logo, sound chap.

Isaac Gracie

That striking moment when you find a song that stops you in your tracks, hits you to your core and makes you listen to every word and note, that’s the effect that Isaac Gracie’s song ‘Last Words’ has. Isaac is a singer songwriter from London and with only one song released on soundcloud in the summer of 2015 is making a big impact, gaining media attention when DJ Zane Lowe named it his World Record on Beats 1.
‘Last Words’ has a rock-grunge sound and the track’s unmastered acoustic and vocals are very effective. The elevated backing vocals are perfectly placed and add emphasis to the despair and nostalgic atmosphere created in the song. This song has a very raw feel showing us a vulnerable side with striking lyrics ‘Cocaine in your eyes and bullets in your gun,’N’ blood in your nails is scratching for the faith’ this song grabs your attention and fills you with emotion.
You can watch Isaac Gracie perform ‘Terrified’ and ‘Running On Empty’ at Maida Vale for BBC Music Introducing on youtube. These songs again are brilliantly written and preformed. Isaac has a Jeff Buckley rasp to his voice which is so effective and flawlessly expresses his passion.’Terrified’ again strikes a chord as its a lovely heart on your sleeve track and Isaac performs with intense emotion that gives you goosebumps. ‘Running On Empty’ is a faster paced powerful song. Isaac shows of a higher range vocal in the chorus.
Isaac’s new EP is due to be released next week and ‘Terrified’ will be a track on it, it’s set to be a promising EP and I for one am really excited to hear the rest of the tracks.
Stream ‘Last Words’ and watch ‘ Running On Empty’ below