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Jack Woodward ‘How Can I Fall In Love’

Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘How Can I Fall In Love’. The track was recorded at Woodward’s old university, in the studios of Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University.Last year he played Live at Leeds, Manchester Academy 3, supporting Rae Morris at King Tuts, The Festival of Making for BBC Introducing in Lancashire and won a national competition to perform on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people.

‘How Can I Fall In Love’ is a warm wholesome track that glistens with cosy tones, delicate instrumentation and Woodward’s pure passionate musicianship. With its sway-like tempo elegant piano twinkles and tender guitar twangs cradled beautifully in a catchy heartfelt melody – it’s one for the sweet moments, warm embraces and evening chilling. The piano adds a dash of grandeur and class with a jazzy tone sprinkled upon the country hued guitar flickers while Woodward’s velvety vocals hold everything together in a delicate emotional wrapping of bliss. It’s quite the charming organic ditty.

Watch the video for ‘How Can I Fall In Love’ below

Jack Woodward ‘Look Looking Around’

25 year old singer-songwriter Jack Woodward, is set to release his new single ‘Look Looking Around’ on Thursday 20th September which was written and produced last year with the production duo ‘Sugar House’ in St Helens. Woodward has  played many gigs with his backing band in towns and cities around the North-West of England such as Wigan, Warrington, Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester as well as performing on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people, the BBC Introducing Stage at Blackburn’s festival of making, a sold out gig at Sound in Liverpool and The Cavern Club and supported ‘Rae Morris’ at King Tuts in Glasgow.’Look Looking Around’ is being released as a double single along with Woodward’s song ‘Let it Happen’ which he released last March. Both tracks on the double single have already been played multiple times by ‘BBC Introducing Radio Lancashire’ and ‘Amazing Radio’ with great support at blogs and radio stations too, and have so far been received well by fans at gigs and critics alike.

‘Look Looking Around’ rushes in on a whirring spur of youthful adrenaline aloft a punchy anthemic indie foundation. Dynamic drums pound through with relentless foot stomping stamina while jangly energised guitars weave, wail and slickly entwine the smooth heartwarming melody and velvety vocals. This track has the balance on point – the edgy powerful instrumental backdrop oozes confidence and swagger while the melty ear-worm melody glides over this animated explosion with sweet luscious grandeur and finesse. Brimming with heart stopping warmth with some glorious melodic lines glimmering throughout,  it’s peppy, anthemic and one to have a live audience bellowing out and uncontrollably dancing to.

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Jack Woodward ‘Rain’

Cheshire 24 year old solo artist Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘Rain’. The track was recorded in St Helens, North West England, with a production team called ‘Sugar House’ and is the 10th song that they have worked on together. Woodward has played a lot of new venues and festivals both solo and with his backing band, including performing on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people, playing the BBC Introducing Stage at Blackburn’s festival of making, playing a sold out gig at Sound in Liverpool and The Cavern Club. His last EP ‘Higher’ was met with incredible support, with tracks broadcast multiple times by BBC Introducing Lancashire, Amazing Radio, features from BBC 6 Music’s ‘Fresh Faves’ and interviews with BBC Introducing Lancashire and The ‘Warrington Guardian’

’Rain’ is a sparkling swirling concoction filled with dark stormy tones over sublime musicianship. Flashing electronics dazzle and coil above jangly guitar and spaghetti western hues. The vibrant electronics and buoyant beat keep the track bouncing along at a steady peppy pace as the mysterious haunting guitars whine and creep in filling the track with tones of uncertainty and danger. The catchy chorus and velvety vocals add an infectious gripping texture to the track while the sweet melody soothes and laments over the instrumental turmoil. It’s a compact polished number that soars to ethereal heights with sublime instrumentation and cinematic vibes that will have you on the edge of your seat.

When asked about the track Woodward said:  “‘Rain’ is about a man who has made a terrible mistake and committed a crime. He’s on the run from the world and searching for escape and solace anywhere he can find it; in his lover.”

Stream ‘Rain’ below

Jack Woodward ‘Higher’ EP

North-West singer-songwriter Jack Woodward has released his second EP ‘Higher’.  With his lead single ‘Higher’ receiving confident support from tastemaker radio stations such as Amazing Radio & BBC Introducing he follows through with his full EP demonstrating his electrifying sound to establish himself as one of the UK’s most promising new singer-songwriters. Like many great singer-songwriters, Woodward has been brought up on a strong musical diet. His musical palette has since developed to the likes of Newton Faulkner, Tom Odell, John Mayer and Foo Fighters, igniting his great passion for song writing.

‘Higher’ is a triple strike of what Woodward does so well. Title track ‘Higher’ is a strong example of his fine pop musicianship. The catchy chorus swooshes in with a surge of emotion exuding through Woodward’s passionate vocals and lush backing vocals. It’s a delicately paced track that spends time gently trickling emotion throughout the verses before building into the gushing chorus. Elegant piano accompaniment introduces the track while strong chords add stability. With stinging melancholic guitars lifting the crescendo, it’s an uplifting powerful piece that sets this EP off to a great start. Woodward is intent on showcasing his wide scope and multi genre style as each track shifts subtly between genres. ‘Pray’ displays the pop electronic flavour to this delicious Neapolitan ice cream -like EP. With a lighter bouncier feel, this snappy little ditty is fresh and crisp. Flashing electronics teamed with a sticky beat and luscious melody create a summer ready anthem. Woodward maintains his dark deeply emotional undertones; however, he wraps it in a pretty energetic little bow that charms and sparkles delicate bursts of luminosity. ‘Seven Seas’ is a little more alternative and definitely takes the darkest tone of the three tracks. This track marries the themes of both its predecessors and takes a fiery anthemic fist pump approach. Woodward’s vocals are deeper and dynamic as the shadowy instrumentation of bubbling basslines and jagged guitars add a conflicting vibe like a storm of uncertainty and agitation. It’s haunting and a little eerie but a mighty end to the EP.

Woodward has built a strong three point attack that displays his flexibility and versatility as an artist. His impressive depth and maturity teamed with refined prudent musicianship makes this singer songwriter stand out.

Stream ‘Higher’ below

Jack Woodward ‘Let it Happen’

Jack Woodward is an Indie singer-songwriter from Warrington and living in Manchester.He has released his new single ‘Let it Happen’ which is the first single release since his debut EP ‘Fly Away’ and displays Woodwards indie / band sound. It was recorded with Sugar House (producers), who have worked on Viola Beach (Swings and Waterslides) and Pale Waves records. It is likely to be the first single to his next 4-track EP, which he is looking at releasing later this year. Woodward supported the band 706s at the Manchester Academy and Rae Morris at her sold out show at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. He released his debut EP ‘Fly Away’ in November 2016 with a launch event at Gullivers, Manchester (performing with a backing band). ‘Fly Away’ EP was #2 best-selling singer-songwriter album on iTunes pre-order chart and #82 on the singer-songwriter itunes chart on its release day. ‘Honey’ the lead song on the EP was nominated for Best Song of 2016 by Best of British Unsigned while the single ‘Fly Away’ has been played multiple times on Amazing Radio.
‘Let it Happen’ is a display of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bubbly indie. Glowing and radiant with bursts of rich sprightly guitar. Its that fun cheerful and immensely energetic track that makes you want to dance around the room. With the frolicsome bouncy rhythm building into a mighty powerful chorus, its a spirit lifting “scream the lyrics as loud as you can” feel good track that is infectious. Woodward’s dynamic strong vocal lifts the chorus into another dimension. If your feeling glum put this track on, let it all go and dance like a fool. You will feel better.
Stream ‘Let it Happen’ below