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James Walker ‘Next To Me’ Remix

English singer/songwriter James Walker has released a remix of ‘Next To Me’, one of the tracks from his debut record, ‘English Bones’. It’s a chilled, delicate remix where the sweet tender melody elegantly floats along smooth indie pop soundscapes. The remix features vocals from Dutch/Ghanaian artist Josephine Zwaan who was the finalist in the national TV show ‘De Beste Singer/Songwriter’. Zwaan and Walker’s velvety vocals blend beautifully together as she adds a rich luscious Afro-pop flavour while flooding the track with warm, passionate soul. This soul ingredient freshens up the track and seeps warm heartfelt emotion into the song. The pulsing beat shifts and trips about with mellow guitar twinkling between it, creating little glorious flickers of scintillation. It’s a sublime aerial remix which takes what was already a soothing delightful gem to new heights. It’s a cool breezy new rendition of this sweet number.

Stream ‘Next To Me’ below

James Walker ‘English Bones’ Album

English singer-songwriter James Walker is set to release his debut album ‘English Bones’ on Wild Native Records on the 17th November.’English Bones’ was produced by Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Dry the River, Supergrass) and features ten tracks including ‘Lullaby’, ‘Weathered’ and the current single ‘2009’. Available at all the major outlets, the album is a brilliant collection of songs that Walker has created over the past eighteen months and the songs cover issues of identity, nostalgia & celebrity stalkers.Having extensively toured Europe as a pianist, co-writer and collaborator for Adam Barnes, Walker set his sights on creating his own work informed by his experiences of love and heartbreak, to finding identity within the LGBT+ community, to recovery and rehabilitation from a rare heart condition. Inspired by artists such as Conor Oberst, The Weepies and Damien Rice and drawing on the influences of Foxing, Pavement and Tigers Jaw, Walker has performed over 200 shows in the past year over the UK, EU and USA.

‘English Bones’ is the sweetest most beautiful collection of tracks. Walker takes the listener on a tender emotional journey soothed by his luscious melodies and gentle vocals he cushions you for the hard-hitting melancholic tunes like opener ‘Weathered’ and warms your soul with the vibrant peppy tracks such as ‘2009’. Walker touches your soul with his passionate vocals and sparkling soundscapes. ‘Next To Me’ warms the cockles of your heart with tender tones and warm mellow twinkling guitar between a melty sublime melody. His vocals shield you from the sombre tone while lush backing vocals and delicate glowing soundscapes add a laid back hazy vibe. ’Landslide’ is a lushly arranged love song that exudes delicate tones and a nostalgic wispy atmosphere. ‘Lullaby (feat. Judy Blank)’ is a blissful slice of heaven. So quiet and peaceful yet seeped in a luscious melody. This track is simply beautiful and my favourite on the album. Judy Blanks’ vocals harmonise and blend magnificently with Walkers. It glides with a soft feathery grandeur and elegance lulling you into a sway-like dreamy state of bliss. Utterly breath-taking and graceful. The album continues with the wispy, light and airy tender tones of ‘Casanovas’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Casualty’ while ‘Abyss’ adds a few sonic flecks, jittery sticky beats and an exquisite piano feature into the supple mix. ‘Kreuzberg’ closes the album with soft accompaniment, it’s breezy and a touch eerie to start. Light piano glistens through guitar strums while echoed vocals add a cold icy vibe.

‘English Bones’ is an album that displays Walkers strongly emotive, heart-warmingly tender and passionate musicianship. With mostly warm toasty glowing vibes he injects little mood shifters throughout adding some lively peppy tunes and some chilling breezy tunes in there to keep things refreshing. It’s an emotional journey for sure but a lovely listen. Walker has the ability to grab raw tender emotion and portray it so beautifully and sweetly creating a tear jerking, majestic and ethereal experience.

Walker, who has just completed an extensive two-month tour of Europe with Matt Phillips and Judy Blank, will be heading out once again for dates with Adam Barnes this November. James will also be returning to the USA to tour the East Coast in support of the launch of Matt Phillips new album next Spring.

Stream ‘Lullaby’ (feat. Judy Blank) below


 James Walker ‘Weathered’

British singer-songwriter James Walker has released  his new single ‘Weathered’. The track is taken from Walker’s forthcoming album ‘English Bones’ due for release later this year and is the follow-up to his recent single ‘Next To Me’. Originally a session musician, James Walker performed as a piano player for a number of touring artist’s, spending the past six years playing across the world.  Soon after, Walker developed a rare heart condition, which resulted in a year-long battle and major surgery to save his life. Earlier in 2016 he released his debut EP ‘Modern Medicine’ drawing on influences from the likes of Conor Oberst and The Weepies.  Following its launch, Walker announced a UK and US tour to support his debut EP, which was his first chance to play to an audience as a solo artist. The shows became a great success and enabled him to build up an international fan base.

‘Weathered’ is an emotional blow and hard hitting melodic track, with warm acoustic accompaniment and ethereal breezy soundscapes. Smothered in emotional depth and tender passionate vocals it’s sweet soul searchingly striking yet heartwarming and strongly moving. Sweet falsetto vocals pull at your heart strings while lush harmonies fill out the sound with warmth and compassion. A sway-like tempo and touching lyrics make this track instantly stand out. It stops you in your tracks, makes you listen and pulls every feeling out of your soul and lays it in front of you. Packed with simple raw emotion which Walker carefully portrays in a soothing tender manner. It’s a beautiful experience.

James Walker’s first full-length album ‘English Bones’ will be released via Wild Native Records and was produced by Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon). ‘English Bones’ is a step away from Walker’s debut EP, both thematically and stylistically and for the first time will be accompanied by a full band. To support the release of his new album, Walker has announced a 35-date tour across the UK and Europe this year, kicking off in the Netherlands this August. More information and tour tickets can be found on his official website here http://jamesreklaw.wixsite.com/jameswalkermusic


Stream ‘Weathered’ below.