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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Johnny Kills

Following  on from the  success of ‘’Who’s  Counting?͛, their first  release via Killing Moon, Johnny  Kills emerge for the second time  in 2018 with their new tune ‘Seems’.  Earning champions including BBC Introducing,  The Line of Best Fit, DORK, Indie Shuffle and  The Metro plus dozens more tastemaker radio stations  and blogs with their flair for delivering scuzzy pop  off-cuts, the trio are made up of Tim, biological brother  Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and spiritual brother Cameron Gipp. Aiding them  in bringing their tracks to an acceptable auditory standard is Leeds  based producer and Forever Cult bassist Alex Greaves (TRASH, PLAZA, Seeing Hands)  on production and mixing duties, with Pete Maher (Pixies, Lana Del Rey, Scissor Sisters)  on mastering.

‘Seems’ is a glam rock dash of bedazzlement propelled into a fuzz fueled  garage-rock setting to create a whirlpool of blistering bliss. A pounding relentless bass line forces its punk-esque ego  through the glittery bravado with relentless ground shaking ferocity while the falsetto vocals subdue this pounding with its flamboyant sleekness. This track weaves a wiggly wonky thread through the instrumental battery to make for a scuzzy quirky listening experience filled with angst and vigor.

Stream ‘Seems’ below

Johnny Kills ‘Who’s Counting?’

Following on from last summer’s series of acclaimed surf-rock  singles Johnny Kills emerge for the first time in 2018 with new tune  ‘Who’s Counting?’ Out via Killing Moon (Annabel Allum, Beach Riot). The band have earned champions including  BBC Introducing, The  Line of Best Fit, DORK, Indie Shuffle and The Metroplus dozens  more tastemaker radio stations and blogs with their flair for  delivering scuzzy pop off-cuts. The trio are made up of Tim,  biological  brother Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and spiritual  brother  Cameron Gipp and aiding them in bringing their tracks to an  acceptable auditory standard is Leeds based producer and Forever  Cult bassist Alex Greaves (TRASH,  PLAZA,  Seeing Hands) on  production and  mixing duties,  with  Pete Maher (Pixies,  Lana  Del  Rey,  Scisso Sisters) on mastering.

‘Who’s  Counting?’ is a glittering glam dazzling indie pop anthem laced with flashing sonic slaps over a sticky beat and fuzzed guitar jingles. Johnny Kills blast out an infectious danceable number that surges with youthful adrenaline doused in an 80’s -esque sparkle of glitter and glam all while packing in a healthy dose of punch. Glorious whines on guitar add a lamenting sharp sting to this vivid stomping track while wonky vocal hooks give a unique sing along friendly quality. It’s scuzzy in all the right places with dark sonic flecks swirling murky tones into the verses before the dynamic pop sprinkled chorus lifts the track into a feathery light bouncy anthem. This track is well crafted as each element brings a new rich texture and vibrancy – the guitars bring us the indie, moody, lamenting vibes with a shrilling spikiness while the buoyant beat, luscious melody and sonic swirls add a tasty blend of sugar sweet pop into the mix, and those vocals, just sublime and refreshing. It’s an adrenaline rush and such a thrill to listen to.

“It’s  about  meeting  a  great  new  person  and  ridiculously  overthinking  every  aspect  that  this  entails,  internally  focusing  on  this  quasi-freak-out  rather  than  enjoying  and  appreciating  the  new  relationship  for  what  it  is”  claims  vocalist  and  songwriter  Tim Lloyd-Kinnings,  “Thinking  ‘oh  bloody  hell,  what’s  happening  here?  –this can’t  be  good’  rather  than  ‘oh,  isn’t  this  great?”

Stream ‘Who’s  Counting?’ below