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Julian Fulton ‘Rosie’s Disposition’

Multi-talented and eclectic NJ-based songwriter Julian Fulton has released his new EP ‘Battered Receptions’. Mustering up the courage to first perform at age 17, Fulton has been making strides in and around the vibrant local scenes of the Garden State performing solo and with his band The Zombie Gospel. The EP follows another shift for Fulton as he took the opportunity to collect his thoughts, write, and demo material as members of The Zombie Gospel pursued school or job opportunities. This led to the release of two home-recorded EPs, ‘Reverie’ and ‘Noise’. The EP finds Fulton back in a more formal recording environment fleshing out the breadth of his sound. The ‘Battered Receptions’ EP is his latest genre-bending vision, and was released yesterday via self-release.
‘Rosie’s Disposition’ was the latest single release taken off the EP. This bubbly indie pop track is lushly indulged in buoyant indie afro-beats and beaming bright soundscapes. A rapid deluge of tongue twisting lyrics introduce us to this vibrant catchy track. A flood of rich tropical sounds sweep you up into a juicy heavenly chorus that is so catchy you will be hooked. With distorted elements and fruity music explosions it’s a succulent slushy of indie pop. Sharp guitar jabs adds a refreshing zest and sting to this sun soaked infectious mouthwatering track. It’s a must listen especially on a hot sunny day. Fulton displays some really impressive musicianship here, hes one to watch out for.
Stream ‘Rosie’s Disposition’ below