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Juniper Nights ‘Future Spring’

Oxford four piece rock band Juniper Nights have released their new single ‘Future Spring’. The band consisting of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Marty Melvin (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums) create contrasting atmospheric soundscapes with aggressive guitar-rock.

‘Future Spring’ is a tasty melodic number that bounces along a jagged guitar hook, buoyant rhythmic section and ethereal soundscape. The laid back melody tips away at the verses building steadily into the mighty chorus and dynamic crescendo. It’s easy going with glorious little bass grooves that weave a sublime meaty yet elastic foundation while the sparkling and thrilling guitar lines glisten over this gripping backdrop before shredding through the chorus. Juniper Nights ability to blend the easy-going sweet and razor-sharp bitterness seamlessly is powerful and pretty impressive adding vibrancy and rich depth to the track. Future Spring is well crafted with melodies that tickle the ear, swell the heart, moisten the tear ducts all while filling you with that ” fist-pump might” to have you swaying and singing powerfully along. The refined production reveals sublime new facets upon each listen as meticulous guitar injections, slithering licks and vivid strikes create the ultimate tasty backing for this mellow potent number.

Stream ‘Future Spring’ below

Juniper Nights ‘Human Rush’ EP

Juniper Nights are a four-piece alternative rock band that formed in Oxford at the start of 2017. Founded entirely online through a musician finding website, the band consists of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Rob Crussell (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums).Their first single, `So So Kelly’ featured as a first play on BBC Introducing, Oxford, and has been played on the radio as far afield as Honolulu, Hawaii. The band will be releasing their debut EP, ‘Human Rush’, in February 2018, and will be supporting the release with a UK tour in January and February.
‘Human Rush’ blends heavy mosh ready guitar shredding tracks with subtle tender gems effortlessly, creating a seamless quilt of raw emotion and sweet moments that hold a brooding sombre silence among the beautiful melodies.‘All At Once’ kicks off the EP grabbing the bull by the horns. Jagged guitars roughly shred through the track while punchy rumbling drums belt and wallop creating the perfect mosh ready atmosphere. The melody and vocal line smoothly cruise through the verse with a hint of R.E.M blended with Radiohead vibes which creates a moody dark brooding atmosphere that seeps and creeps with gripping mystery. It’s ominous and haunting yet thrillingly sharp and powerful. The rest of the EP becomes soft and lamentably sweet. ‘Antidote’ twinkles with a frosty guitar accompaniment and melancholic piano feature. It’s a chilly sombre and honest display that fills you with bitter emotion. Juniper Nights showcase their beautiful melody skills within this EP and striking ability to cut deep with their tracks. ‘Bloodflow’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ feature some beautiful guitar moments that glow and add a tear jerking warmth to the tracks. The vocals are tender and passionate yet gentle and exuding emotion. Swirling gentle soundscapes rush through the tracks delicately as Juniper Night display a sophisticated sound- raw and powerful, intricate,nimble and extremely emotive.’ Lemonhead’ closes the EP with a charming guitar jingle to start interrupted with crashing instrumentation fragments between the delicate soundscapes. This track keeps you on your toes. It lulls you into a melancholic dreamy state before shocking you out with harsh shrilling jabs.
‘Human Rush’ is an impressively refined collection of tracks with lyrics that express the harsh raw open wounds of the themes backed by remarkable instrumentation and fine musicianship. It’s a grown-up EP -serious precise and well crafted.

Stream ‘Antidote’ below