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Indie Quick Picks

 La Bête Blooms

Genre: Post-Punk

Bio: La Bête Blooms are a Post-Punk band from Hull. The band consists of members Daniel Mawer (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jack Gallagher (Bass) , John Copley (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Louisa Robinson (Keyboard) and James Coggin (Drums).

Track: Take Arms

Why We Like It: It’s a glorious fizzing assault of the post punk this band do so well. Acid stinging scratchy guitars blast feed back into your ears while effervescent synths fizz throughout a drum and rumbling bass foundation.  It’s filled with angst and adrenaline with some witty lyrics thrown in. Its biting and sharp but a thrilling buzz to the head.

You Can Follow La Bête Blooms On Facebook Here https://www.facebook.com/labeteblooms/

Stream ‘Take Arms’ below


Genre: Indie Pop

Bio: Powerbleeder is an indie pop band from Seattle. The band members are David Plell (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Martin Selasco (keys), Mike Sampson (drums), and Craig Peters (bass). The single is out now and their upcoming EP, “G u s h,” will be released on April 10, 2018.

Track: Donnie Wants You Dead

Why We Like It: It’s a melodic pop soaked track with a melody that hops along with the sweetness of a doo-wop tune while harsh grunge instrumentation floods the background of the chorus. The verses jingle and bounce like a happy bunny while the chorus swarms in like a harrowing wolf wanting to make rabbit stew. Meticulously layered well-crafted it’s a suspense filled joy ride.

You Can Follow Powerbleeder on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/powerbleeder/

Stream Donnie Wants You Dead below

Emma Saunders

Genre: Singer songwriter

Bio: Emma Saunders is a singer song writer from London. She has been involved in music from a young age and has worked with various artists most recently, French producer Don Low. At the start of this year she started writing her own music, it’s heavily inspired by the ‘Doo Wop’ genre, with more modern elements and she has her first solo gig coming up in London on 2nd of April at ‘The Old Queens Head’.

Track: I Feel Alive

Why We Like It: It’s soulful, passionate and timelessly pristine. Saunders vocals are crisp, pure and expressive. Simple piano accompaniment creates an elegant quality to the track while her vocals lure and entice with a rich depth and effortless power. The sweet lull in the backing vocals create a doo wop vibe as Saunders vocals take the limelight mesmerising you with every note. The track is melodically beautiful and passionate with a maturity and sophistication that is timeless. It’s classy, vintage with some subtle eerie tones mixed in.

You Can Follow Emma Saunders On Facebook Here https://www.facebook.com/emmasaunderssinger/

Stream ‘I Feel Alive’ below


 Death By Piano

Genre: Dark Wave

Bio: Death By Piano is a Brooklyn based duo comprised of singer/keyboardist Kalen Lister and producer/instrumentalist Greywolf.  ‘Bender’ Is taken off their upcoming debut EP, ‘Countdown’ which is set for release 6th April.

Track: Bender

Why We Like It: It’s a delicate sweet electronic track that soothes and eases the mind with tranquil electronics floating around a sticky slapping beat and beautiful crisp vocals. Mellow and aerial this track is a swishing flickering dreamy example of fine musicianship and refined production..

You Can Follow Death By Piano here https://www.facebook.com/deathbypiano/

Stream ‘Bender’ below

 Ivory Wave

Genre: Indie

Bio: Birmingham’s Ivory Wave have released their new single ‘Cool Kids’. Since mid 2016 the band have enjoyed a fast ascent from a gang of mates to local heroes selling out hometown shows which now erupt into chaotic, sing-along frenzies

Track: ‘Cool Kids’

What inspired the track: The bands frontman George Johnson explains the inspiration behind ‘Cool Kids’; “It should be us who shape our own future as we will be the ones who are living it. It’s a celebration of being able to wear what you want, a celebration of being who you want to be and most importantly a celebration of youth.”

Why We Like It: It’s a vibrant fun indie track that will have you bopping along in no time. With flappy beats rebounding off groovy buoyant bass lines and wobbly silky guitars this track is instantly likeable and strut ready. They even throw in a sleazy sax feature. Who can resist this tune.

You Can Follow Ivory Wave on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/ivorywaveuk

Stream ‘Cool Kids’ below

10 O’Clock Chemical

Genre: Electronic/Grit Pop

Bio: 10 O’Clock Chemical are comprised of songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Rhys, drummer Danny, bassist Josh and guitarist Jack. The four of them met through Stoke On Trent’s local music scene, sharing a deep love for rock and electronica. In addition to the core lineup is a mysterious cyber entity called Zed, who carries administrative duties for the band and even makes the odd cameo appearance. With radio support from BBC Introducing Stoke, and the accolade ‘Best New Artist’ as voted by six hundred of their peers at the Staffordshire and Cheshire Music Awards in Spring 2017, they have now released their debut single ‘Babylon is Fallen’ via the group’s own label GRITPOP. A still from the locally filmed video, made on a snowy January day, forms the single’s sleeve. Their follow-up will arrive in April ahead of their debut EP in June.

Track: Babylon Is Fallen

Why We Like It: It’s a laid-back electro dance number that slaps grooves and throbs with a chilled cool vibe while still packing in some edgy jabs. Its addictive and catchy with itchy funky elements springing against a slippery bass and dizzying electronics. The verses lure and entice you into the hypnotic mind melting entrapment of the chorus. It’s a trippy rave-ready, danceable track that has a Kasabian vibe.

You Can Follow 10 O’ Clock Chemical On Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/10oclockchemical

Watch the video for ‘Babylon Is Fallen’ below

Snow Patrol

Genre: Alternative

Bio: Irish alternative band Snow Patrol have released ‘Don’t Give In’ the lead single from ‘Wildness’, their first record in seven years. Since their 1998 debut, Songs for Polarbears, Snow Patrol have racked up an impressive number of critical and commercial accolades, including 15 million global album sales, 1+ billion global track streams, five UK Platinum Albums, and are Grammy, BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nominated. After their Fallen Empires tour ended in 2012, band members —which also include multi-instrumentalist Johnny McDaid, guitarist Nathan Connolly, bassist Paul Wilson, and drummer Jonny Quinn — decided to take a step back from the band, and focus on their own projects. Gary Lightbody continued his work with his Tired Pony side project with members of Belle and Sebastian, R.E.M, Reindeer Section and Fresh Young Fellows and moved to Los Angeles to begin writing songs for movies (including “This Is How You Walk On” for 2017’s Gifted), and doing a number of high-profile co-writes with Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Biffy Clyro.

Track: Don’t Give In

Why We Like It: It’s a heart warming number backed with sweet melodies and tender tones. A touch of Americana warms the track as a blood pumping beat and mighty sing along ready chorus drives the track to anthemic heights. With raspy emotional vocals, mellow guitars and a shredding crescendo, its passionate, powerfully wholesome and tender yet motivational.

You Can Follow Snow Patrol On Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/SnowPatrol/

Stream ‘Don’t Give In’ Here

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La Bête Blooms ‘Lost and Found’

Fresh off the back of their latest EP ‘I Know It’s Nothing’, the Hull post-punk collective La Bête Blooms have moved fast to release their new brash and bold song, ‘Lost and Found’ portrays the plight of a modern couple seeing the world crumble around them in 2017. This shrilling track oozes their scorching fuzzed up grunge with blasts of thrilling bruising noise however this song takes a more polished refined approach. Its rounded off while still packing some serious punch with razor sharp rawness. Sneering briery guitars pierce with a splintery sting while punchy drums pummel throughout. Wrapped in sweltering hazy tones and shoegazey vibes, it’s tight and slick yet extremely spiky and sharp.

Stream ‘Lost and Found’ below

La Bête Blooms ‘Low Hummer’

Hull post-punk five piece La Bête Blooms have released their new track ‘ Low Hummer’. This rip-roaring fuzzed up anthem fizzes and spits with sharp riffs and distortion spewing from is very core. Its gritty raw and thrilling mosh worthy grunge.Hazy lo-fi vocals cool the track while the shrill on guitar adds a buzzing scorching blurry summer vibe. Pummelling drums tirelessly batter with brute force as the track explodes with anarchy while the nimble bass adds flexibility and elasticity to the track. This animated vigorous track displays La Bête Blooms knack for smooth slick melodies backed by lacerating guitar lines and aggressive instrumentation. Its no – nonsense attitude that warms with blistering sunny vibes.

Stream ‘Low Hummer’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From La Bête Blooms


Hull’s La Bête Blooms have released their new single ‘Breaking In’ which is taken from their upcoming EP ‘I Know It’s Nothing’ which is due out early next year. This turbulent track is a piercing whirlwind of seizure causing mania. With biting shrill on guitars and crushing smack on bass that drives this track into a burst of feverishness aggression and sticky hysteria. Screeching sharp feedback and pounding riveting sweat –  inducing sticky drums add massive horsepower and voltage to the track. Fizzing and hissing this track is a brute beast. With cool calm airy vocals for the verse that build and progress into a shout, this track exudes attitude and aggressive temperament that is soul shaking and riot provoking resulting in insane moshing.
La Bête Blooms have knocked it out of the park with this fantastic snappy temperamental hot headed track.This is a song your going to want to see live.
Stream ‘Breaking In’ below

La Bête Blooms ‘SUMMER’

La Bête Blooms are a Post-Punk band from Hull. The band consists of members Daniel Mawer (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jack Gallagher (Bass) , John Copley (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Louisa Robinson (Keyboard) and James Coggin (Drums). Their song ‘SUMMER’ which is released on Adult Teeth Recordings is a track about unrequited love in the summer heat.
‘SUMMER’ bursts into a sunny grunge sound to start which softens to light guitar strums while we focus on the melancholy vocals of the verse that conveys a hopeless atmosphere. The interruption of angry heavy guitar strums and pounding drums displays the singers frustration of his love for someone who doesn’t love him back. The catchy chorus has a gritty sound with bright slick guitars which give us a sunny ” intense heat” vibe while the contrasting, irritated and almost enraged vocals give us that grunge punk feel. This track is full of conflicting emotions and depths which makes this a great diverse track to listen to and shows us another way you can write a summer song without it being all lollipops and rainbows.
Stream ‘SUMMER’ below