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LOVR ‘Surf’s UP’ EP Launch in Whelan’s Dublin

Having become quite the fan of LOVR’S new EP ‘Surf’s Up’ since reviewing it earlier this month I was intrigued as to how the EP would translate through a live show as there is a lot of intricate parts weaved together to make this EP great and what better chance to find out than the EP launch on Thursday night in Whelan’s, Dublin.Forming together his 6 piece dream team, “The LOVRS” Megan Nic Ruairí on Keys/Backing vocals, Siún Ní Dhomhaill on Backing vocals, Oisin Leahy Furlong on Bass, Alan Dooley on Guitar, Rob Kennedy on Drums and Joey Gavin on Acoustic guitar, LOVR’S show was more memorable and blissfully sweet than I could have anticipated.

It takes a lot to perfect these luscious tunes but these guys put their all into this set and it paid off.The immaculate ‘Survive, Hold On, All You, Need Is, Time’ kicks off the show followed instantly and elegantly by ‘Movin’ To LA’ with heavenly harmonies sweet toned guitars and the most divine melodies coming to life through this kinetic live setting. The purity of these tracks alone will knock you for six, but when performed live they take you to a whole new heart stopping dimension of blissfulness and elated euphoria as the impeccable mellow toned guitars soothe and lament filling the room with a swayable instant rush of freeing tranquility and that is the glorious effect of LOVR’S tunes. It was a professional display as his band on the night knew their parts intimately like a well oiled machine divinely selected and hand picked to make the rich sounds more awe inspiring. The crowd bounce and sway joyously as the band allow the tunes speak for themselves. I love it when a band can perform without any fluff and have the entire audience in the palm of their hands mesmerised by the tunes and proficient musicianship and this was one of those special moments. The guitars, keys and drums were executed with gliding gentle strokes and graceful grand swoops. “Any girls in the house ? ….. Any fellas? This one is for all the girls and the fellas”  McGlynn  introduces the infectious, boppy, and clap along ready ‘Ode To The Women Of My Life’ off his first EP  ‘Girls Girls Girls’ to the crowds whoops and whistles. Without much persuasion from McGlynn the crowd push to the front for the buoyant ‘Fallin’ ‘ to dance and bounce along before becoming completely consumed by an emotional rendition of Maria Kelly’s ‘Stitches’. It is here we really understand the scope of McGlynn’s exquisite passionate vocals.Iowa City singer songwriter Elizabeth Moen is called onstage for ‘Great Escape’ to join the band for a beautiful powerful duet.  However, for me ‘Song Of The Sea’ was the pinnacle moment . Having heard and loved this track from the EP I was nervous as to how it would translate in a live setting, it would either be epic and surpass all my expectations or well ….not. This track is musically rich it has such amazing potential live and of course it was breathtaking. I’m sure it was a difficult task for each member of the band to maintain those glorious harmonies and intricate instrumental elements but it  made this performance just so special and vibrant. I had goosebumps from the moment it began and the crowd lapped up those jubilant sounds. They swayed, bopped and some almost returned to their tribal instincts- one guy was dancing moving between a sort of monkey dance to wiggling bum shake I almost expected to see him beat his chest to the infectious jungle -esque beat. The concentration on stage was intense, all their faces fully focused while still enjoying every moment hopefully as much as we were. I couldn’t be more happy with the live performance of this track I’m one of those people who get attached to a song and grip onto the hope of a pristine hair raising performance of my treasured new find. I was blown away with that energetic vivid performance.

LOVR put on an intensely satisfying show. If you get a chance to see LOVR live I would highly recommend going you won’t be disappointed. His tunes are sublime and those melodies melt into your ears like butter on hot toast. I spent the rest of the night and next day singing the title track from the EP ‘Surf’s Up’.                 


LOVR ‘Surf’s Up’ EP

LOVR is the solo project of Irish songwriter/producer Brendan McGlynn who has now released his new EP ‘Surf’s Up’. After his involvement in a number of successful Irish bands, he began this solo venture. LOVR combines rich pop melodies, 80s soft synths, layered guitars and vocal harmonies to create his sound. ‘Surf’s Up’ is the second EP from LOVR

‘Surf’s Up’ is a luscious, heavenly sweet collection of tracks that soothe the soul in a blanket of dreamy cosy soundscapes. Rushing with breezy freedom inducing synths and nostalgic honey drizzled melodies each track flows with a subtle adrenaline rush and blissful euphoric vibes. Pristine production and crisp textures evokes every emotion in the listener with flickering immaculate sea side images of euphoria. ‘Instructions For Surfing’ kicks all this off with McGlynn lamenting over warm keys and the calming sound of waves. His knack with delicate melodies becomes instantly apparent as he gently coos a sweet nostalgic melody with an 80’s pop undertone. The pace of this track is magnificent, it slowly burns with a glistening glow filled with soothing wholesomeness as McGlynn’s soulful vocals hit you right in the chest. The magical charming tunes continue withSurf’s Up’ as a soft spongy beat accompanies chiming keys and lush dreamy vocals. These are tunes to fall in love with, they are filled with tender tones, heavenly sugar sweet melodies and sublime dreamy soundscapes that wisp about caressing your ears with ethereal graceful bliss. ‘Song Of The Sea’ adds a hint of vibrancy to the EP. With choir like backing vocals layered over a jungle like beat, cinematic soundscapes and instant gush of adrenaline. It’s the kind of track that evokes picturesque images like it should be in a  Disney movie as the main character runs to the freedom or joy they have always craved for. This is the most gripping and vivid track on the EP. It is pretty intense and flawless.  Each track lays you on a light fluffy cloud of tranquilising soundscapes floating about soft synths and sublime harmonies over delicious pop goodness to create a unique yet consoling familiarity. The time stopping ‘Survive, Hold On, All You, Need Is, Time’ and the elegant closing track ‘Movin’ To LA’ are prime examples of this. With a glistening lamenting guitar feature gracing the latter with an angelic embellishment like a dream just out of reach pulling at your heartstrings while calming synths drift about the fragile melody -it’s the perfect sweet end to a beautiful EP.

‘Surf’s Up’ is an EP to cherish. Its bitter sweet delicacy is one to be admired as McGlynn finely blends sweet mesmerising melodies to create a wholly enthralling and exquisite listening experience.

When asked about the EP McGlynn said  “I made this EP about surfing because I don’t surf, but I wanted to. I was drawn to the lifestyle surrounding surfers, their freedom and connection with nature. So I thought if I write about it then I’d have to go experience it and learn about it, so that’s what i did. This is why making music is so powerful. You can take one thing you love and use it to enable you to experience things you never have before.It’s the perfect catalyst.”

Stream ‘Surf’s Up’ below