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Mad Ones ‘End of You’

Toronto Rock n Roll band Mad Ones have released their new single ‘End of You’.This new track is the first off their upcoming full length ‘Regretless’ which is out on March 3rd.In the beginning, the band started out as a duo and they put out their first three records that way. They toured the last album as a trio and it worked out so well that they decided to go into the studio together as a three piece and ‘Regretless’ is the result.
‘End Of You’ is a springy rubber ball bursting with exuberant bouncy percussion and lush cheerful harmonies.The infectious peppy melody is satisfyingly joyful, its packed with feet shuffling dance evoking goodness. Sharp edgy guitar adds an uplifting vitality to the track that makes you want to get up and dance. When asked about the track the band said:
“is an existential meltdown played out over the course of a 3 minute rock song. Initially it was set during the industrial revolution and written from the viewpoint of someone contemplating the value of human life and likely speculating on the existence of an afterlife. The song is also appropriately suited to the recent rise of right wing populism in the US, the strength of the opposition to it and the sinking feeling we are, as a species, doomed to repeat our mistakes”.
Right after release Mad Ones are taking off from Toronto and touring with their new lineup in Europe. For all live dates check out their website here http://www.madones.ca/
Stream ‘End Of You’ below