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Miles Horn ‘Stranded In Emotions’

Singer songwriter Miles Horn has released his new single ‘Stranded In Emotions’.Born and raised in South West London Horn has won support from BBC Introducing in Oxford and has had features from credible tastemakers at Bittersweet Symphonies and Independent Clauses. ‘Stranded in Emotions’ displays Horn’s slick contemporary blend of soul rock and synth pop. The track is funky with an effortlessly cool groove and swagger. Its dark longing verses are drenched in sultry tones. Sharp guitar licks add a seductive steamy whine while a steady shimmy beat and sweet backing vocals give an almost disco effect. It’s catchy and richly layered with intricate warm guitar melodies interweaving playfully between Horns deep vocals. Smothered in sensual sleekness and yearning it’s a confident little dazzler that is vaporous and humid yet ridiculously groovy and infectious.

You can catch Miles Horn performing a headline show at the iconic Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on September 13th as well as an extensive London tour in the Autumn.

Stream ‘Stranded In Emotions’ below



Miles Horn ‘Slow Motion’


Miles Horn is a talented and multifaceted composer and singer from London. His musical expression covers a wide spectrum of styles from stripped back acoustic ballads to full on anthemic belters. Horn has released his debut EP ‘Slow Motion’ this month on which he has played lead guitar, piano and vocals on all of his recordings. The EP was predominantly self-recorded in various front rooms and bedrooms across London with the finishing touches and mixing carried out at Resident Studios. The final mastering was done at Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright who has worked with Blur and The Smiths. ‘Slow Motion’ shows us Horn’s blend of soul-rock and blues, the five tracks venture through themes of lost love and the frustration of youth, all coloured by haunting vocal harmonies and heartfelt guitar riffs.
The opening track ‘Walking in The Park’ stirs us with the bluntness of lyrics like “I just want to be loved, is that such a crime?”, all wrapped in the warmth of Miles’ Grandfather’s Hammond Organ. Though the lyrics are melancholy and full of wistfulness the bright guitar glows and adds vibrancy to the track that gives it a chirpy feel. This contrast teamed with Horns smooth deep vocals adds a rich warm texture and acts as a comforting blanket soothing you from the emotional sombre lyrics. The title track ‘Slow Motion’ gives us a sway – like tender sound sprinkled with some sensual bluesy seasoning. With velvety vocals and the haunting ethereal echoes of the backing vocals to start, portraying a delicate moment. The track builds to a restrained yet unleashed sultry guitar solo. This track showcases Horns steamy bluesy style and fantastic guitar skills. ‘All Gone Quiet On The Western Front’ explores the vacuous pain of a lost love, this theme is portrayed perfectly and tenderly with vibrato on cello and sweet lull on backing vocals. The hard hitting instrumental with sharp shredding guitar and punchy steady drums adds dramatic emotion. The guitar seems to pine the loss as it wails and almost evokes the pain of the heartache. This track is Horn wearing his heart on his sleeve and presenting us with raw emotion. The fourth track, ‘Something Beautiful’, opens with Horn’s vocals accompanied by a beautiful Ben Howard-esque finger picking, very gentle and delicate with faint subtle and dainty backing vocals. We are lead into a catchy singalong chorus that exudes class and panache and radiates sunshine and a heavenly glow. Finally, the EP closes with ‘Lately’ a beautifully arranged piano led ballad gently brushed by the tasteful tone of bluesy licks. Horns vocals are emotion filled and passionate. The luscious melody is blissful and beautiful with tear jerking sombre tones. Its a simple track with warm tones and sweet piano that eases you to the end of the “Slow Motion’ journey.
Miles Horn will be performing at various London venues this Autumn. His next showcase will be at the iconic venue The Bedford in Balham (which has nurtured the likes of Paolo Nutini and Ed Sheeran) on Monday 7th November 2016.
Stream ‘Slow Motion’ below