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MOTHER ‘Remnants Of A Wasted Dream’ EP

Oxford based indie rock four-piece MOTHER have released their debut EP ‘Remnants Of A Wasted Dream’ after the successful release of their debut single ‘Petrichor’ back in January receiving support from BBC Introducing Oxford, and leading to their first hometown sell-out show. Comprising of Josh Alden (guitar/vocals), Sam Alden (drums), Danny Fisher (guitar) and Everton Barbato (bass), the foursome have played together for the past 3 years in various projects. As their newest project, MOTHER represents everything the boys have always wanted to create musically. Taking influence from an eclectic range of artists, such as Radiohead, Bob Dylan and Foals, MOTHER is the incarnation of years of musical attributes.Their debut EP ‘Remnants Of A Wasted Dream’ was a talking point on their BBC Introducing interview, where the boys discuss how the title was chosen as it can be interpreted in a number of ways. Lending itself to the sensation of waking up from a dream with a vague memory of its content and a feeling of missing out lingering all day. ‘Remnants Of A Wasted Dream’ refers to the awareness that your dream could have provided a useful subconscious insight into your state of mind.

Petrichor’ kicks starts the EP with a catchy melody swallowed up in an infectious groove infested rhythm and jagged guitars oozing gob smacking adrenaline. Their sound is edgy, rugged yet insanely catchy. ‘Potent Prophecy’ exudes darkened swagger as the peppy beat bounces along eerie vocals and rugged guitars that creep in with a hair-raising attention-grabbing melody. While ‘The Saboteur’ takes their eerie sound to a haunting new level. A sway-like Radiohead-esque melody laments along mournful twinkling guitars while a steady beat pushes through with a heavy dampening effect. The despair filled vocals flood the track with mournful rainy-day melancholy as the song builds to a dramatic crescendo. These guys have created an EP that packs some serious punches with the gritty mosh ready fierceness of ‘Make Money, Be Happy’ maintaining a rich buoyant rhythm throughout the thick rough soundscapes. There is a sublime rumbly bass line in this track that is just thrillingly electrifying. It introduces the shift in the track as the song becomes darker and ominously intense with shrilling guitars and chilling vocals. ‘Descend Into Madness’ brings us to the end of the EP. Beginning delicate and soft its starts like a mournful ballad and then like the shock from a bolt of lightning blasts into a full out rocking danceable banger. Speedy instrumentation creates a mighty wall of sound while a playful elastic bass rebounds of running sharp guitars and snappy drums. The vocals remain somewhat eerie and crawly until the snappy groovy bridge.

MOTHER have created a compact EP of instantly likeable tracks that creep, crawl, haunt and explode into indie rock bangers all while holding a firm grip on your mind with compelling lyrics and dynamic expressive vocals. Its an impressive collection and a must listen.

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