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Motions ‘Play The Hits’ Premiere

Motions are an indie band from Dublin. Following the release of their well received ‘Late Night Calls’ EP in 2018, alongside a string of gigs and festival appearances across Ireland they have released their new single ‘Play The Hits’. . The track was written by Dave Nulty & Tom Daly and produced by Alessio Buso.

‘Play The Hits’ is a synth laced dance number luxuriate in 80’s speckled electronics. This catchy dance number is infused with rich flashing soundscapes as shimmering synths flicker and playfully ricochet off snappy beats and skittish rhythms. With a swirling ethereal atmosphere jangly guitars and smooth warm vocals this infectious number struts in cool and effortless with sticky scorching sun kissed electronics hooking it firmly into your brain. A few pinches of indie zest is sprinkled on top of this pop steeped anthem making it a charming shuffle-ready tune from Motions.

Watch the video for ‘Play The Hits’ below

Motions ‘The Late Night Calls’

Dublin’s alternative rock band Motions have released their new EP, ‘The Late Night Calls’ is a superb majestic EP to indulge in. Title track ‘Late Night Calls’ flows in with a beautiful melody on top of cool flicking electronics. With ethereal guitars providing a breezy sting, it’s an airy richly textured track that packs in oodles of passion into a fluttering danceable number. The snappy ‘Back & Forth’ follows. It’s a catchy track filled with buzz swirling electronics while a sputtering rhythm injects between lush backing vocals. This track is dipped in darker tones as harsher vocals exude swagger and attitude. My favourite track on the EP ‘Back & Forth’ showcases a rich depth and musical proficiency that keeps the listener hanging on to every gripping note. Its sway like tempo and jangly guitar are just the icing on this delicious cake. It’s the sublime little gem of the EP. A trickling ‘Interlude’ breaks up the sticky intensity before final track ‘Waiting To Tell You’ reintroduces their mellow fluid sound. A creamy melody glissades upon a fluctuant beat while aerial guitars twinkle around with a sweet blissful tone that holds a sense of mind relaxing freedom. Its dreamy and light yet Motions mix a bit of grit into the mix for the bridge.

Motions prove that they can create a passionate wholly satisfying collection of tracks that submerge you into a universe created completely by them. Each track is catchy, intricate and well layered while maintaining its own identity. ‘Late Night Calls’ is a sublime listen.

Stream ‘Late Night Calls’ EP below

Motions Two Track EP Featuring ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’ Premiere

Motions are an alternative rock band formed in Dublin, in 2016 by Dave Nulty and Tom Daly. Following an impressive 2016 with their debut single ‘Back to Where I Begun’ and ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ earlier this year, Motions now approach the release of a two track EP featuring ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’.

‘Coincide’ is filled with breezy soundscapes that are coated in dark eerie tones. It’s a haunting striking track that is goose-bump inducing. Raspy vocals lure through the verse with a warning, haunting, spooky tone they become more dynamic as the chorus blasts in. The verses are mysterious as creepy synths wisp in the background while sticky slapping beats keep a steady grounding. The explosive chorus erupts with pounding drums, shredding guitars and spiraling frenzied soundscapes that, like a rush of blood to the head gush with enraged frenzy. This track is a hair raising steady surge of chilling soundscapes and raw emotion.

‘Say Goodbye’ displays Motions gritty side. It’s dark and mysterious smothered in sultry steamy tones. Each note evaporates off the track  with a misty humidity. Muggy slapping beats and a sensual bass groove give the track a stirring flexibility while slick guitars subtly seduce with devilish enticement. It’s seductively dark and enticing while packing a catchy hypnotic chorus. It’s brawny and shadowy tightly packed together and layered creating a slick track.

Motions have stepped things up a notch with this EP showing their heavier darker side without compromising on emotion and passion. They are showing diversity within their musicianship using their knack for melody, rich layering and tight production to create two sublime knock out tracks.

Stream ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’ below

Motions ‘All I’ve Ever Known’

Dublin alternative rock band Motions have released their new single ‘All I’ve Ever Known’. The band was formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty in late 2015. They create a sound with powerful vocals accompanied by minimalist textures and driving guitars, their sound ranges from shimmering soundscapes to anthemic rock. 2016 saw the release of their well received debut single ‘Back To Where I Begun’. The band have been drawing attention worldwide with major industry interest in the UK and US.
‘All I’ve Ever Known’ is a tender gradually building track. Drenched in haunting tones and driven by a strong stabbing beat that rumbles and bubbles in the background building and growing in intensity as the track progresses into a breathtaking burst. Subtle instrumentation creates a magical almost eerie soundscape right up to the explosive crescendo which acts like an overwhelming rush of blood to the head. ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ is raw and tender with delicate emotional moments that are suppressed or muted and build into a dynamic explosive  release.
Stream ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ below

Motions ‘Back To Where I Begun’


Motions are an alternative rock band based in Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty. They have released their debut single ‘Back To Where I Begun’ which was produced by Philip Magee. The track deals with the theme of contemplating starting over when you’re close to the point of no return.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ starts with a strong raspy vocal with very light accompaniment that builds slightly for the first chorus with dramatic chord strides and pulsating beats. The track slowly builds tension for the second verse with an added dance synth quality and bendable beat. The return of the chorus brings us a brief instrumental blast with dynamic strident guitars. The track reaches its crescendo with an aerial yet strong instrumental with shredding guitars and pounding drums while still holding an atmospheric breezy vibe.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ is a strong debut single with an impressive rhythm that drives the track forward and gives a bendable quality to the track. The vocals are solid and emotion filled while the guitars are sharp and refreshing. A great start for Motions look forward to hearing more.
Watch Motions we recently released a video for ‘Back To Where I Begun’ with Crooked Gentlemen below