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Public Access T.V. At The Academy Dublin With Support From MUNKY

Public Access T.V. kick started their tour with their debut Dublin show in the Academy. “It’s a ballsy move” I was told when I asked an individual before the show what they thought of Public Access T.V. playing their first gig in Dublin. Yes, perhaps a “ballsy move” but isn’t that what we have come to learn about this four piece? They make “ballsy moves”, they do what they want and I suppose you don’t receive a frenzy of press hype, label bidding wars, a critically-acclaimed debut album and sold-out tours without a “ballsy” attitude. I, for one have waited 4 years to see these guys. My expectations were quite high and boy! – they did not disappoint.

Our home-grown Dublin four piece MUNKY were a more-than-adequate warm-up to Tuesday nights main act. The talented bunch who can even play the tune to their tracks on empty beer bottles were in no way fatigued from their back to back weekend shows. Not letting a few stolen pedals get them down they belted straight into their organic disco grunge with all the fire and attitude this band do so well. From the get go the band were keen to get the crowd engaged. Frontman Zachary Stephenson steps off the stage and beckons the shy audience closer while Niall Donnelly bellows “I can see you, come the f*ck up”. It’s a little different performing as a support act but they take it in their stride packing oodles of energy into their set. These guys move around and create an engaging show and are a must see.

Public Access T.V. had no set list, the plan was to wing it and play what they felt like. With a chilled effortless cool stance on stage the four-piece let the tunes do all the talking. Their swagger soaked ‘Evil Disco’ kicks off their set, instantly oozing sunny glowing warmth into the room. Zippy riffs over punchy drums and elastic bass lines give the perfect atmosphere for carefree dancing and wiggling. With their precision sharp instrumentation and infectious choruses, tracks from their first album ‘Never Enough’ go down well as dancer’s groove and bounce to their zealous hooks and fetching delicious melodies. Frontman John Eatherly nonchalantly sways back and forward in a sort of casual almost wiggle as he charms his way through the set, he beckons the crowd closer “Maybe you guys can come a bit closer don’t be shy”. The quartet once again do another “ballsy move”, they play a decent amount of new unheard tracks giving the audience a sneaky preview of what’s to come on the ‘Street Safari’ album. The lights turn blue as they begin their first new track the oh so disco funky flavoured ‘Wait It Out’. With its sublime rumble bass line and melty melody this track is glitter ball disco ready. A brief band meeting on stage decided the next track while bassist Max Peebles tells us about his joy at seeing the Phil Lynott statue “I’m glad they brought it back out of storage or wherever it was… thank you”.

Their tracks take a new dimension live, a little edgier the live scenario lets them take their tunes to a rougher more gritty outfit.’Lost In The Game’ live really allows you to appreciate the sublime jangle guitar lines in all their glory and that solo is just incredible. The new tracks continue with ‘Shell No. 2’ which reintroduces their relaxed slinky sound with its infectious chorus and lush backing vocal injection. While ‘Meltdown’ is the perfect theme tune to freedom with its windows down cruising in the sunshine guitar lines and rumbling drums. This track is the soundtrack for youthful summer bliss. The boys kept our favourite track until last leaving us in suspense as to whether or not it would be played. ‘Patti Peru’ from its guitar whining intro announces itself with such magnificence. Eatherly exasperates over screechy guitars and punchy drums. Xan Aird shakes up the solo adding extra little flickers and whines into a solo I know so well I probably could sing along to, making it refreshing and almost new. With their set finished as the audience call for “one more tune” the band thank the crowd, smile, wave and take their leave.

Public Access T.V. do their thing, its good honest kick ass rock and roll with some funk and disco flavours mixed in. No messing about, no pomp and ceremony just good solid tunes. Their charming laid back stage presence is refreshing and easy to enjoy and their suave, glitter-ball rock and roll is one to be admired.



MUNKY ‘7am’ Single Launch In Whelan’s Dublin With Support From Accidents In The Workplace

Last Friday night we headed to Whelan’s Dublin to check out Dublin disco grunge band MUNKY’s ‘7am’ sold out single launch. The band promised the event would be “like a birthday party of sorts but instead of cake and a bouncy castle it’s slices of pure fat, filthy funk and bouncy beats”. Though I would have loved a slice of cake what they had in store was much better.

Accidents In The Workplace kicked off the night with some funky tunes and peppy dancing. Lauren Murphy’s powerful vocals knock you for six from the first note of ‘All I Want‘. Her vocal command is masterful as she wiggles and dances without even a vocal quiver or shake. It’s on point, powerful and brimming with soul. Aaron Cooney and Sean Kenny stand firm, saxophone and trumpet raised as triumphant brass blasts fill out their infectious sound with warmth, depth and might. The grooves are body moving and the guitar lines sharp, thrilling and vibrant. These guys brought their party tunes packed with a sound that coaxes you to the dance floor and commands you to dance entrapped and mesmerised. They have fun on stage, smiley faces galore as they let the good vibes lure the crowd to dance and groove. Murphy is an expressive frontwoman and exudes oodles of sass and swagger as she hops and boogies on stage. Though their songs have a light fun exterior they pack a hefty punch behind them with gritty guitar lines and mighty drums. ‘Wake Up’ their most recent single translates magnificently live. It’s one designed to get those feet tapping. A Jamiroquai cover of ‘Just Dance’ and a funkadelic rendition of Spice Girls ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ gets the crowd singing along and bopping while a fallen earring and a story about “Patrick The Snake” keeps the banter brief and sweet, so the tunes can grease up the crowds hips and get them limber for MUNKY.

MUNKY take to the stage. Bassist Niall Donnelly and drummer Sam Russell jam and banter with the crowd while guitarist Conor Lawlor combats some technical issues. The crowd are eager, already singing the chorus to the unreleased track ‘Ms Communication’. Donnelly shouts the intro “you know why we’re hear you know why you’re here lets play some f*cking tunes” the crowd erupt as they pummel into ‘Facebook Friends’. Moshing is a plenty as the crowd push forward to the front. A sign held high saying “Play That Munky Music White Boyz” (which later in the night finds it home on stage) is waving floppily in time with the music. Donnelly and Russell playfully interact during the tracks as Donnelly, now well on his way to becoming a master showman hops, wiggles, falls to his knees and air drums dramatically. It’s a spectacle for sure and entertaining to watch. The tunes are massive and the crowd lap up every psychedelic distortion, hefty drum roll and elastic bass joggle. Zachary Stephenson pines, bellows and exclaims over the mic. Hair is everywhere both on stage and among the crowd as everyone throws themselves wholly into each magnifying track moshing frantically. Backing vocalists- the lovely trio Taylor Maslanka, Rebecca Geary and Edwina Van Kuyk wiggle and bop charmingly adding a bit off class to the chaotically fantastic mayhem on the floor. The crowd bellow back the lyrics adoringly almost proud of these four chaps on stage as they shred through our eardrums in the most fantastic assault to the senses. The band seem blown away by the crowd’s adoration and enthusiasm they didn’t appear to expect them to sing every word without fail. ‘7am’ has the moshers grooving to the slinky rhythm and singing along to the “do do do” lyrics. When the audience sing your guitar riffs and licks you know you are on to something good and that’s exactly what happened last Friday night. They sang guitar melodies, basslines and air drummed along with Russell as well as bellowing out the lyrics as if they narrated the lives of everyone in the room. They cheer and whoop the band like heroes returning from war before the thrilling rumbling intro to ‘Jam and Banana‘. MUNKY blend sweet luscious melodies with heavy skull bashing tunes effortlessly and the crowd worship each and every track- singing along to the sweet ‘I Can’t Quit’ just as zealously and passionately as ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ which was so loud I don’t think I could even hear Stephenson’s vocals above the crowd singing along. ‘Ms. Communication’ closes their set after the rowdy crowd yell for “one more tune!” Stephenson obliges on the condition that the crowd help him sing. ‘Ms. Communication’ kicks off and Stephenson doesn’t even have to sing the chorus. The crowd take over vigorously bellowing out the “we don’t wanna talk about it we just wanna get F*cked” lyric merrily. It was spectacular. The perfect end to a show which displayed a band that are destined for big things. Their larger than life persona and infectious tunes teamed with masterful musicianship and hard work makes these guys ones to watch for sure.


MUNKY ‘7am’

Grungy-disco four-piece MUNKY have released their new single ‘7am’. With an oh so smooth funky intro of soft taps and sweet backing vocal croons ‘7am’ glides in, swagger soaked locked and loaded to flood your ears with bluesy drenched bliss. With a moody bass line and mellow twinkles on guitar to start they ease you into the laid back sombre filled track. The song builds becoming more gritty and expressive as scratchy slivers of guitar wail and whine over an elastic rhythm. These guys know how to deliver a clean cut, crisp track while blurring it with wobbly psychedelia and adding a healthy dose of fuzz on top. Zachary Stephenson’s vocals agonise while slick grooves and sizzling riffs cruise in with bluesy sensuality and panache. The track builds to a massive instrumental crescendo that pierces through you with an intense jolt of electricity. Smothered in dark tones it’s a heavy hitter and who doesn’t love a good “do do do” lyric. These guys are maturing nicely if you thought their sound was good before check ‘7am’ out and be prepared to be blown away. Such refined production meticulous musicianship and intense sultry energy all packed into one perfectly timed brooding track. So good.

Watch the video for ‘7am’ here


Event News

MUNKY ‘7am’ Single launch in Whelan’s February 9th is sold out, 2nd date added due to demand, proceeds from the second show going to the Peter McVerry Trust in aid of the homeless crisis

Dublin’s alt-rockers MUNKY are releasing their second single ‘7am’ on 17th of January. The release will also be accompanied with a music video written and directed by the band’s frontman Zac Stephenson. This is the follow up to their smashing debut single ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ which resulted in a sold out Whelan’s mainstage show in February 2017. MUNKY made their mark on the Irish music scene last year with a plethora of high energy live performances around the country. Within a year they played Whelan’s Ones To Watch, opened for Le Galaxie, The Hot Sprockets and Raglans, were picked by Hot Press as one of the must see BIMM acts, played in Aviva Stadium and at festivals including Longitude festival, YS festival & Electric Picnic, as well as shows in Donegal, Dingle, Mullingar and Galway. The band are also known for their silly videos on Facebook, including a mock chat show with Eddie Durkan from RTE programme the Hardy Bucks.

Their ‘7am’ single launch will take place on the 9th of February which sold out within a month of the announcement and as a result a second date has been added, Saturday 10th of February. All the proceeds of this second date will be given to the Peter McVerry Trust to help combat the homeless crisis. Tickets are on sale now via eventbrite and donations will be welcome on the night.

Make sure to check these guys out. They put on an energetic swagger soaked show brimming with rich grooves, slick, psychedelic guitar and some hefty mosh ready chunks thrown in. It’s one not to miss we are looking forward to it for sure.

‘7am’ which was recorded by Graham Byrne in Herbert Place Studios and mastered by Fergal Davis will be available on all major streaming services and online stores January 17th.

For more information follow MUNKY on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/MUNKYTHEBAND/

Watch ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ below

Event News

Where : The Bowery Rathmines

When : 23rd December

What’s On: Raglans with support from MUNKY and WOLFF


Dublin based indie rock band Raglans will be playing their infectious irresistible tunes for a jolly Christmas session at The Bowery Rathmines, Dublin on the 23rd December. Officially formed in 2011, they consist of Stephen Kelly, Conn O’Ruanaidh and Rhos Horan. Their self-titled debut album was released in March 2014 through IRL Records, and reached no.5 in the Irish Album Chart and no.1 in the Irish Indie Chart.They have toured extensively worldwide, as well as providing support to bands such as The Strypes, Twin Atlantic, Haim, The Courteeners, The Fray, The Libertines and Lifehouse. Raglans debut album and live shows have both received critical acclaim. In March 2016 Raglans began recording the follow-up to their 2014 debut album in Los Angeles with Chris Murguia and Jason Wade of Lifehouse. The record was released in October 2016, before they went for another tour. These guys will bring a massive high powered show to the Bowery and it’s one not to be missed and if that’s not enough the grungy-disco deity MUNKY will be supporting them along with the slick trashy blues swagger soaked WOLFF. It’s sure to be one hell of a night. You’ll regret it if you miss it.

You can get tickets here http://thebowery.ie/

Watch Raglans ‘Who Knows’ video below

Watch MUNKY ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ below

Watch WOLFF  ‘Flesh Blood Skin & Bone’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’ single launch in Whelan’s with support from MUNKY

We were invited to Brass Phantoms ‘Indigo’ single launch in Whelan’s last Friday night with support from the ever so enthusiastic grungy disco band MUNKY who were also playing again after Brass Phantoms for the Midnight hour. Their swagger soaked set oozed slick panache doused in funky fluctuant grooves. Adding two lovely backing singers to their set MUNKY delivered a performance that was both classy and coarse all at once. ‘Regular Fool’ and ‘Hair of The Day’ introduce their sound. Packed with multi layers it’s slick, suave and gritty in all the right places. Their bassist Niall Donnelly exuberantly bounces and hops complete with dramatic poses and playful interactions with drummer Sam Russell which makes for an entertaining performance. Their sound translates sublimely live from shrilling distortion and skull pounding mosh ready frenzy to oh so cool and chilled groovy moments. Their disco flavoured grunge is infectious, it’s foot tapping body movingly delicious. Zac Stephenson’s vocals add a raspy gritty texture that shakes up their luscious sound. With catchy tracks like ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ and ‘7am’ on their set list it’s a feverishly danceable set. Your mind might refuse to dance but your body will succumb. ‘Just Can’t Quit’ lets Stephenson’s vocals shine. It’s a slow burner and insanely melodic and passionate, letting MUNKY display a more serious side to their repertoire. It becomes quickly apparent just how talented this four piece are. When you can get the whole room to sing along with you, you know your doing well. Usually it is an “oh ohh” or “woohoo” lyric or something but this quartet got us all singing “We don’t wanna talk about it we just wanna get f*cked” and why not it was catchy. Their guitar licks and riffs were divine and blissfully sharp while the baseline elastically slapped rumbled and grooved nimbly. It was a thrilling set exuding fiery passion pounding drums and expressive vocals. So much energy and dynamism with glorious melodies and rich textures poured from these guys along with a few splashes of sweat. The girls left for the final track ‘Bastered Luck’. MUNKY grooved through a sultry smoky rendition of the track. It’s a heavy dark intense chilling end to their set. These guys sent funky disco rock shock-waves around the venue. It was memorable for sure.

Brass Phantoms kicked things off with a floor shaking rumbling instrumental before blasting straight into ‘Ghouls’. With a simple stance it’s a serious set, frontman Ryan Cashell is an intense performer his rigid body radiating profound passion. Each track takes a different persona when performed live ‘City Of Wolves’ more rumbly and atmospherically anthemic. ‘In Sight ‘ and ‘Wood Words’ ease the crowd into an evening of indie revelry, soaring backing vocals resonate through the intricate weaving guitar lines and pounding drums. The band provide a refreshing shake up to their songs. Each track as energetic and intense as the next. Through their nostalgic melancholic melodies they possess an ability to captivate the listener enthralled in the swirling synth and guitar arrangement.  Each band members expression and interaction with one another and the crowd adds another dimension from Greg Whelan’s smiley banter to Cashell’s brave jump into the crowd. Adam McCabe’s rapid tireless drumming resounded throughout as his floppy hair joyously kept time. It’s the fiery explosive ‘Disciples’ that truly ignites their set and gets both the band and the audience hyped as the crowd mosh to the heavy chorus. The hollow woodblock knock between the beats for ‘Inferno’ is just mesmerising. The crowd cheer once it starts as they begin to shimmy and dance to its infectious pulse. It’s almost hypnotic. ‘Waiting Up’ lured in the cheering crowd with its anthemic elevated chorus that most bands could only dream of before the single that called everyone to Whelan’s that night… ‘Indigo’ was played. An immensely powerful performance of ‘Indigo’ proves the vibrant intense power of this band. It’s an energetic mammoth that leaves the crowd thirsty for more as they call for “one more tune!”. Brass Phantoms’ live performance was precisely what the majority of their songs are: vibrant, passionate, punchy and impossible not to enjoy.