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Five Days North ‘City of Wonder’

Manchester-based indie pop band Five Days North have released a music video for their new track ‘City of Wonder’. Comprised of members Darryl Messer (Vocals, Synth), Dave Urwin (Guitar/banjo, Backing Vocals),Sam Taromsari (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Lewis Howells (Bass) and Zoravar Bakshi (Drums) Five Days North are an energetic indie pop band creating music that centers around powerful vocals, catchy choruses and memorable melodies. In the summer of 2016, they released their debut EP ‘Past Times’ which contained the single ‘Won’t Stop for Nothing’ which has featured on ITV’s This Morning and was released with an accompanying music video. Their second single in April 2017 ‘Shapeshifters’ was played on BBC Introducing in Manchester. They have played a multitude of live events around the UK, alongside performing on festival stages such as Dot to Dot 2017, Warrington festival 2016 and multiple performances at Pangaea Festival.

‘City of Wonder’ is a breezy indie pop dazzler. A buoyant beat sets the foundation for this spirited elastic track. Shimmering synths sparkle throughout the sticky beat while sharp stings on guitar pierce through the syrupy soundscape. Smooth vocals soothe throughout with passion as the nostalgic soaked sweet melody oozes emotion. It’s a catchy tune complete with tight production and vibrancy. Melodic and sugar drizzled it’s a sweet moving little gem.

Watch the lyric video for ‘City of Wonder’ below


White Crosses ‘Dead Souls’

White Crosses Band 1

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) alternative punk band White Crosses, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums) have released a video for their single ‘Dead Souls’. The quartet produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release ‘Native Handshakes’ in 2015. They have recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records and ‘Dead Souls’ is a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP ‘Anchorless’.
‘Dead Souls’ is a hefty steady alternative pop punk track with strident guitars that drive the track forward. The punchy drums and exuberant bass give a strong foundation to the track. The heavy drum kicks for the verse giving the track a punch and weighty feel while the vocals are simple yet effective for the verse and become more animated for the chorus as they portray the honest lyrics with passion and emotion. I can imagine this song is massive live as it is set up for all the dramatic guitar poses and spins with dramatic breaks and attitude.
Watch ‘Dead Souls’ below

DeepShade ‘Ganzua’

DeepShade are an Alternative Rock /Metal, Grunge, band from Wigan. David Rybka ( Vocal, Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass), and Paul Barlow (Drums) released their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ in 2015 and it propelled DeepShade into the national spotlight. We were particularly impressed with their track ‘Time’ and did a feature on it earlier this year. They have now released ‘Ganzua’ From their next EP which is due out before Christmas this year.
‘Ganzua’ is a beast of a track and a force to be reckoned with. Its heavy intense powerful sound, dark atmosphere and forceful energy demands and deserves respect and recognition. From the start of the track we are met with vigorous guitars and thunderous drums while Rybka’s vocals remain intense and haunting with a slight rasp at times. His vocals echo and howl during the chorus as if waking the dead. The strident and slick guitar riff is infectious while the fierce drums pound through your soul. This track holds a smooth sensual quality while remaining robust and destructive. The lusty shredding guitar solo is brawny yet seductive and leads to a heavy headbanging frenzy instrumental with swirling haunting vocals giving a psychedelic element to the track until it finishes strong and solid.
DeepShade’s currently untitled EP features minimal studio overdubs and focuses on their chemistry as a creative unit. With mixing and mastering duties taken on by long term collaborator John Kettle.

DeepShade will announce the full EP release details in the coming months along with European tour dates.
We cant wait to hear the new EP, if ‘Ganzua’ is anything to go by its going to be massive!
Stream ‘Ganzua’ below