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Sylvette ‘Memories (falling)’

Sylvette have released their new single ‘Memories (falling)’. Sylvette are a 5 piece Art-Rock band based in Manchester who create an imaginative and powerful sound.

‘Memories (falling)’ fleshes out Sylvette’s gripping musicianship with an ethereal mystical air of finesse. Doused in groove infested rhythms this track is one exhilarating rush. A gritty bass wiggles its way around luring jagged guitar shards while soft keys weave through pining violin lines creating a sublime dramatic backdrop. Meticulously crafted this track entices you with its slinky wriggling instrumentation while Charlie Sinclair’s expressive vocals narrate and theatrically express the eerie tale. Its spine chilling with fantastic elements broken up by sweet interludes. The track builds becoming more intense and ominous as the guitars stride with a dark mysterious melody through a classy elegant soundscape of sinister violin and rich rhythmic rumble. Absolutely thrilling this is one riveting number.

Stream ‘Memories’ below

Freeda ‘Plead’

Manchester indie rock band Freeda have released their new single ‘Plead’.Forming in early 2017, the band spent their first year establishing themselves in their hometown, selling out headline shows along the way and progressing to 1000+ capacity venues. In 2018 Freeda released two singles, ‘Plug It In’ and ‘Go Home’, which were recorded and produced by Sugar House (Viola Beach, Glass Caves, Pale Waves). The tracks received attention from tastemaker blogs in England, Germany and America, leading to them being featured on Hype Machine’s ‘Latest Music’ Spotify playlist.The band have headlined shows from Manchester to Paris with support slots at Gorilla and the Ritz, they also performed at the festivals Dot 2 Dot and Cotton Clouds. Securing slots on Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing.

‘Plead’ is a palpitating flutter of gripping indie as Freeda sweep you up in their anthemic and invigorating musicianship. With rumbling drum rolls, ethereal guitars and a catchy chorus these guys build the track sublimely for the perfect hair raising experience. The warm passionate vocals teamed with the biting sting on guitar and aerial breezy atmosphere make the song refreshing and emotional. This track has an edgy refinement that is first rate. A smooth brooding melody weaves its way through the cutting soundscape with a soft grandeur that is impressive. It’s dynamic, snappy and upbeat with a stormy undertone making for a satisfying listening experience.

Stream ‘Plead’ below

The Indica Gallery ‘Wait For Your Love’


Liverpool quintet The Indica Gallery have released the video for recent single ‘Wait For Your Love’. Formed in early 2018, The Indica Gallery have a blossoming sound that blends 60s and 70s pop with modern psychedelic overtones and poetic Northern grit. Recorded at Airtight Studios in Chorlton, ‘Wait For Your Love’ is a love letter personified in a song and is the follow-up to their debut single ‘Forever Loving You’ released last year.

‘Wait For Your Love’ is a lazy afternoon swoon of lush 50’s pop glistening through sweet instrumentation and ethereal melodies. It’s a delicate sway-able number with minimal adornment as a twinkling guitar feature gently sparkles soft beams of sun light through the mid tempo and easy beat. The warm velvety vocals add a soothing sweet quality to this sophisticated, admirably restrained tune. With a rich, reminiscent and romantic tone The Indica Gallery sound very much at ease with themselves and their talents, offering a flurry and satisfying glimpse of the beauty of their musicianship. Dreamy, mellow and lushly melodic ‘Wait For Your Love’ is a retro classy number to fall in love with.

The enchantingly surreal music video questions the potential impact technology has on individuality, human nature and the quest for real love, with the unlikely help of two sentient scarecrows. It was filmed by Inframe Productions at Didsbury Fletcher Moss Gardens in Greater Manchester, a place of regular inspiration and solitude for lead singer and songwriter Joe Mansergh. He says : “The band and a few close friends took a trip to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. We spent the time we had together mostly laughing, making freaky outfits and shooting as much footage as we could. We wanted to make a video that toyed with our own thoughts about the effects that technology has on individuality and relationships. By the time we were finished having fun it had taken a more abstract path and I think that’s become part of the charm for us.”

Watch the video for ‘Wait For Your Love’ below

Fast Trains ‘Measure by Measure’

Portsmouth’s Fast Trains has released his new single ‘Measure by Measure’. Fast Trains is the new music project from songwriter Tom Wells, formerly the bass player in indie psych band, Kassassin Street. ‘Measure by Measure’ is a delightful melodic number that floats gloriously along warm sweet toned guitar twinkles. A rich rhythm and glistening soundscapes add a freeing 60’s vibe to the track. Lushly crafted this sweet gem dances playfully between a joyful shimmy and swoony glide. With a dreamy melody caressed by velvety smooth vocals this sun kissed tune is a feel good track to brighten every day and with such mesmerising visuals provided by Sam Brandon ‘Measure by Measure’ is a charming and refreshing track from Fast Trains.

Watch the video for ‘Measure by Measure’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Mini Mansions

LA trio Mini Mansions have released their new single ‘GummyBear’ taken off their upcoming third studio album ‘Guy Walks Into A Bar…’ which will be released on July 26th on Fiction Records.This fizzy, sugar sweet track struts in, slick and smooth with a luscious dreamy melody soothing the effervescent sticky instrumentation. With a toothsome pop shell, this peppy number swirls and weaves its glossy way into a darker hued bitter center. A little disco- like, the song is brimming with infectious grooves as a funky bass line and buoyant drums fluctuate through the euphoric soundscape creating a rich elastic foundation. The twinkling keys wander playfully about the majestic zesty sting on guitar as Mini Mansions flesh out this delectable biting number. From the anthemic thudding start right through to the wobbly guitar tickles and chiming key injections this track is steeped in chic panache and effortless charm. Tyler Parkford’s sweet falsetto vocals blend perfectly with Michael Shuman’s depth creating a full bodied sound that is so satisfying. Doused in effortless swagger ‘GummyBear’ is another suave track from the melody masters, Mini Mansions.

Lead singer Michael Shuman says of ‘GummyBear’, “Although GummyBear is rather fun and comical, the sentiment and story behind it are quite the opposite. At that time I really wanted to make an all disco record, but I guess this is as close as Mini Mansions gets to being part of the Gibbs family.”

Mini Mansions will be touring the UK and Ireland in May, including several festivals and a show at Dublin’s Whelan’s.. Tickets are on general sale from 9am GMT, Thursday 21st February.  

Full dates below:

04.05.19 Live at Leeds Leeds, UK

05.05.19 Hit The North Newcastle, UK

06.05.19 King Tut’s Glasgow, UK

08.05.19 Whelan’s Dublin, Ireland

09.05.19 Hare & Hounds Birmingham, UK

11.05.19 The Great Escape Brighton, UK

12.05.19 The Joiners Southampton, UK

13.05.19 The Cavern Exeter, UK

14.05.19 Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff, UK

16.05.19 Esquires Bedford, UK

17.05.19 The Portland Arms Cambridge, UK

18.05.19 The Waterfront Studio Norwich, UK

20.05.19 Picturehouse Social Sheffield, UK

21.05.19 The Forum Tunbridge Wells, UK

22.05.19 Islington Assembly Hall London, UK

23.05.19 District Liverpool, UK

Stream ‘GummyBear’ below

Some Bodies ‘Escape’

Bristol-based newcomers Some Bodies have released their debut single ‘Escape’. The band who recently made their live debut in their hometown of Bristol, supporting Champagne Superchillin’ submerge your ears in a luscious swirling lagoon of melodic bliss. A dreamy melody floats delicately through the gentle swoosh of sparkling synths while twinkling guitars chime and strike throughout the steady beat and sublime bass rumble. It’s swoony and delicious with a cinematic tint adding a rose coloured glare to this lush daydream.The track builds to a dramatic crescendo brimming with emotion as the warm soothing vocals become more expressive and passionate, leading the way to a breathtaking instrumental frenzy. Fuzzed guitars blast through the punchy drums distorting every sweet flutter before leaving only a mind frazzling wall of sound echoing through your head. Well crafted and polished like a lustrous pearl Some Bodies have created one glorious sentimental  treasure with ‘Escape’.

Watch the video for  ‘Escape’ below

Sun Mahshene’s ‘Come Alive (Leave This City)’ single launch at The Grand Social Dublin with support from The Thrash Blues

Nestled in the heart of a rainy Dublin city The Grand Social Dublin host psychedelic band Sun Mahshene’s ‘Come Alive (Leave This City)’ single launch. A projected mirage of kaleidoscopic colours, swirls and patterns decorated the stage wall creating a prismatic dreamy atmosphere as we eagerly waited for the nights music to begin.

Rock n’ roll duo The Thrash Blues cooly take to the stage to ignite the night with their burly grooves and slick riffs. Not one’s for banter they whack into each track with surety and vigor loosening up the crowd’s hips with their swagger steeped richly developed tunes. Liz and Ro have finely chiseled their sound for maximum impact. The beefy riffs, slick guitar licks and melodic purrs weave their way suavely through the punchy drums superbly to create a thrilling contrast. Their raw yet refined sound is perfect to dance to. The Black Keys – esque ‘Wicked Man’ blasts out the energised and playful loose musicianship of this band with an edgy punk whack that hits you in the mouth half way through. There are lush guitar twangs, riveting drum rumbles and warm smooth vocals throughout the set filling each track with its own unique and vibrant character. For bluesy tinged, punk slapped rock n’ roll The Thrash Blues are the ones to call.

Poised on stage amidst the purple hued smoke of dry ice, Sun Mahshene stand ready to melt our mind with their glorious psychedelic drenched tunes. The dim lighting causes their silhouettes to haunt through the smoke providing a spooky, eerie atmosphere.Their set is brimming with malleable elastic soundscapes weaving their way through sharp slinky guitars, elastic bass grooves and chiming keys as Nathan Henderson coos and warmly caresses the euphoric melodies with his velvety vocals. The distorted whines introduce opening track  ‘Making The Call’ as the band peer through the shadowing mist. These guys bend their shredding raw rock and delightful sweet psychedelia seamlessly making for a gritty and diverse listening experience. Sun Mahshene are musical guru’s who leave a trail of sugary sprinkles throughout their tracks which lead you down a delicious rabbit hole craving for more. ‘The World Will Grind You Down’ and ‘This Girl I Know’ are mesmerising live as the band entwine each track in glorious layers adding rich depth to each component. There are three guitarist on stage Ryan Daffy, Ian McGinn and vocalist Henderson – this brings a new dimension and thrilling intensity to each track. These guys are also fun to watch on stage bassist Darren Hughes dances, executes all the suave guitar poses and hair flicks known to man while hopping, bopping and wiggling along to the tunes – he only stops to place a can to his brow to cool himself down while Dave Murray’s proficient drumming is a joy to watch and listen to. Backing vocals and percussion were provided by Ray Burke while Rob Crosbie took to the keys to help flesh out and adequately translate Sun Mahshene’s stunning sound.

‘The Righteous One’ is one beautiful 60’s – esque gem. Distortion on guitars fizz and bubble over a dreamy vocal and euphoric melody while punchy drums and enchanting soundscape create a dizzying sweet wall of sound to encapsulate your mind, soothing, sedating and enlightening you all at once. It’s pretty magnificent. I forgot where I was for a brief moment – the tracks are so luscious and consuming. The new single ‘Come Alive (Leave This City)’ was equally as gripping. Its anthemic chorus had members of the crowd jumping and throwing their arms in the air while that defiant beat thumped through our chests invading and controlling every bounce and bop. There was no lag or cavity in their set. Every track was engaging and blissful on the ears. These guys are growing and flourishing beautifully and with a sound that leaves you thirsty to hear more their live show is the perfect medium to guzzle up their dazzling sound and refreshing tunes.

The band closed their set with the effervescent ‘When The Bomb Drops’. However the crowd refused to allow that be the end, they demanded the band return for an encore. As they shouted for “No Control”  Henderson shrugs and timidly obliges “Right we’ll do it”. ‘No Control’ takes the roll of the final track in its stride. Sulky and brooding it swarms in with dark tones, shrilling guitars, reverb vocals and a magnificent wall of sound that rushes adrenaline and fiery intensity into your veins. This exhilarating track was the perfect closing tune.

‘Come Alive (Leave This City)’ is released on 15/02/19 make sure to check it out. These guys have something special.

No Alarms ‘Marble Bars’

Indie band No Alarms have released their new single ‘Marble Bars’.No Alarms was born in Texas as the solo passion project of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles, and has since bloomed into a Detroit-based, fully-fledged, five-piece. Their single ‘Right is What’s Left’ was featured in an episode of ABC’s “Kevin Probably Saves the World’ and their ‘No Alarms’ EP was the 13th most added record on NACC college charts its debut week, and has since peaked at #132 on the NACC 200.

‘Marble Bars’ is a slick ethereal burst of youthful indie. it is brimming with lush synths creating that instant rush of adrenaline while a rooted rhythmic backdrop stomps and bounces on a fluctuant meaty heart thumping foundation. The track is compelling and filled with passion as the warm vocals caress the catchy sweet melody. No Alarms showcase their fine musicianship as they grip your heart firmly with every note, synth lick and guitar flutter. They douse the track in a youthful flurry of urgency while light zesty twinkles on guitar flicker in and out with an edgy sting and refreshing burst of energy. Its feel good exhilarating indie at its best.

Watch ‘Marble Bars’ below

Otherkin ‘Tombstone’

Dublin rockers Otherkin have returned with their new single ‘Tombstone’ – the first taste of new material since the 2017 release of their debut album ‘OK’. The track was co-produced by the band and Steve Dub (The Chemical Brothers) and mixed by Jolyon Vaughan Thomas (Royal Blood, Slaves)

‘Tombstone’ is a fermenting sonically driven track that leads you down a dizzying rabbit hole to Otherkin’s beat heavy sound. Flashing soundscapes bewilder around the thumping drums and irritable guitar whines. Catchy as hell and doused in acid licked guitar lines these guys have presented a rave ready delusion inducing number set to run riot in your head for days. With skittish rhythms, slick persona and hyper energy pounding this infectious track into your brain Otherkin are becoming one exhilarating knock out band. Its raw, sharp and intense as Luke Reilly’s vocals rasp and lure you into the psychedelic depths of this exhilarating whirling track. Abrasive, addictive and utterly thrilling put it on repeat and dance…. You won’t be able to resist. One of my favourite tracks this year so far.

Watch ‘Tombstone’ below

Constant Supply ‘The Misanthropic Phase’

Donegal, alternative rock/pop band Constant Supply have released their new single ‘The Misanthropic Phase’. The band consisting of James Gillen(Vocals, Guitar), Conal Sweeney(Bass, Piano),  Eoin Gildea(Guitar, Synths) and Justin McDaid(Drums) are set to release their third album ‘Isn’t Life Great’ in June. The album was recorded and co-produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Soak, Villagers). The first single from the album, ‘Sanguine Lane’, was played by Steve Lamacq on his BBC 6 Music Recommends show.

‘The Misanthropic Phase’ is a groovy slice of psychedelic alternative rock. Constant Supply unfold this track perfectly, brooding through the verses with rich rhythms flickering and slapping through chiming twangy guitars while the synths flurry and wisp around creating a dreamy narcotic atmosphere. The vocals croon over a 60’s – esque melody while the bass creates a meaty foundation. The track wanders off a bit with a brass solo shredding and pining through a simple “do do do” backing vocal line. It’s shimmy chic as confident vocals lure over the darkly smothered instrumentation. Well crafted and perfectly blended, Constant Supply hold your attention throughout the gripping enticing track. It’s extremely catchy and hypnotic with an air of mystery throughout making this track quite compelling and fun.

Stream ‘The Misanthropic Phase’ below