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Tribe Society ‘We Sell Drugs’

New York four-piece Tribe Society have released their 10 track mixtape ‘We Sell Drugs’ today. Tribe Society pull in a mixture of genres from indie rock, alternative to hip-hop and electronic to create a sound that is original and signature to them.
‘We Sell Drugs’ is packed with ten bass -driven millennial anthems that will have you cruising grooving and swaying all to snappy beats and slick fluid melodies. Opening track ‘Nu Vibe’ sets the tone of this velvety mixtape. Its creamy smooth and rhythmically rich smudged in R&b soul. Its effortlessly chilled with sweet toned vocals, snappy goopy beat, sparkling synths and warm acoustic guitar feature. Heart stopping rippling beats teamed with lush vocals follow in tracks such as ‘Lonely People’, spoken vocals also feature adding firmness and earnest to the track. ‘Smoke Out The Window’ is drizzled in darker foggy electronics that have a wispy flow while the bright melody and keys create a catchy ear worm chorus. ‘Garden Of God’ gives an intense sticky eerie tone. With haunting electronic and raspy vocals however there is a brighter almost whistle- like melody featuring after the chorus that lifts the muggy gooey dark feel of the track. This track brings a rock feel while still maintaining that electronic flex beat. The tracks that follow bring a blend of hip hop soaked with fierce attitude softened by the soft synths and entangled in wandering electronics. Title track ‘We Sell Drugs’ is an infectious peppy warm song with a chorus you wont be able to prise from your brain. Its a laid back hazy track, perfect for lazy sunny days. ‘Faded Circle’ is the final track featuring distorted vocals and a sombre tone winding down a mixtape that displays Tribe Society’s masterful instrumentation which is tightly layered and rich in textures while also possessing thought-provoking lyrics.’We Sell Drugs’ is a wholly unique venture delicate and stunning while also packing a mighty electronic punch and hip hop fusions.
Stream ‘We Sell Drugs’ below


Rylands Heath ‘Coming Onto Me’


Indie Pop duo Rylands Heath, have released their new single ‘Coming Onto Me’. Rylands Heath is made up of Luton school friends James and Jack who’ve been playing music together since they were 13. They recently released their debut single ‘Do What’ on Spotify and since have been releasing a new song every 2 weeks for the next 12 weeks. Jack and James, combine their keen ear for melody and knack for huge harmonies with a wide range of musical influences to create snappy, genre-bending tunes, ranging from gritty to outright anthemic. Despite their young age the duo have collectively worked with or played with the likes of Izzy Bizu, Declan McKenna, The Amazons as well as being featured on BBC introducing.

‘Coming Onto Me’ is a perky slice of indie pop driven by distorted rigorous dizzying guitars and punchy beat. With dramatic stops and energetic snappy animation the track runs with a rapid bright spring in its step. Hints of country twang add warmth to the track while the adrenaline pumping drums and relentless guitars add a roughness and edge. Vocally polished and smooth the catchy track charms with country suave and glowing qualities while the instrumentation brings a heavier rumble sound.
Stream ‘Coming Onto Me’ below


Odd Couple ‘Gone Solid’

German rockers Odd Couple have released their new single ‘Gone Solid’ ahead of their second album ‘Flügge’ (meaning “independent” or “to spread one’s wings” in German) which is set for release April 21st. Odd Couple duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft’s modern approach to recording sound takes influence from hip hop and the kosmische musik experimentation of West Germany in the seventies.
‘Gone Solid’ is a blissfully brutal attack on the senses with a hybridisation of garage rock pummelling with ferocity and chilled with swagger filled vocals and waves of electronic psychedelia. With a beat that straddles the line between motorik rhythms and hip hop its a strut and display of effortless cool panache within the constraints and solid structure of the track. Infectious gritty chunky guitar riffs add brawn and a beefy punch. This track oozes attitude and slick swanky flamboyance all while packing a serious dose of heavy mosh worthy frenzy. The quality is on point ,richly layered and multi textured, you hear a new impressive feature of the song each time you listen. These guys are musical wizards. Its eccentric and retro while remaining fresh and original. ‘Gone Solid’ is the epiphanies and freakouts of decades past with hints of soul, garage rock, psychedelia and funk . You feel sure you recognise something to pin it down to a genre, but you don’t quite, hence mind blowing.
Stream ‘Gone Solid’ below

Future Lover ‘Dead Soul Dagger’

Future Lover has released a new single ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ Colin Lime is Future Lover, He writes, records, and produces all the music, with occasional contributions from far-out friends. Originally hailing from Indianapolis, and having spent more than a decade touring the country and living in New York, the sound of Future Lover reflects that journey. It evokes a psychedelic trip through inner and outer space, lighting up the darkness and rocketing out into the universe. He calls his sound “Psych-Wave”. ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is taken from ‘Reverb Tales’, the forthcoming LP out May 2017 on Crystal Cave Records.
‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is a fuzzed kaleidoscopic prism of psychedelic rock swirling with trippy confusion. Opiate vocals sooth with a narcotic numbing effect while weaving electronics act as a wobbly wave like mirage causing a blissful daydream head trip. Razor sharp fuzzed guitar becomes the constant, keeping you from dangerously slipping into the enticing enigma. The shredding guitar riff is gritty and hypnotic with steamy flashes of disorientation. Strong punchy drums give the track a heavy sound that will cause your glazed head to mosh messily and uncontrollably while you become consumed in the dark bewitchment of this fascinating track. Haunting falsetto vocals echo in the background while the track swirls and weaves with liquid blurred fluidity. Let Future Lover dissolve your brain in trippy ecstasy.
Stream ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ below

Twenty four Debut EP

Twenty Four are a four piece up and coming indie band from Glasgow. Band members Daniel Adens, Ian Lawrie,Scott Canham and Rory Smith are releasing their self titled debut EP which is available to pre- order on itunes now and will be released Wednesday on all streaming services, spotify, itunes, apple music, soundcloud etc.
Twenty Four give us an EP crammed with energetic punchy tracks that blister and bubble with infectious scorching indie. ‘Loose It All’ kicks things off with a snappy elastic rhythm setting up the swinging rock and roll lively track. The track bounces and bops with flexible bass and crunching guitars giving the song a high powered ball of fire stamina and lively fun vibe. ‘Never Be The Same’ cools the tone slightly with a sweet melody on guitar to start. Passionate raspy vocals add some grit to the track while it maintains a swing tempo. Punchy drums add brawn while the malleable bass adds a spring and rubbery bounce. The shift in the track for the bridge is refreshing as it takes a more rapid approach to the soul- like track. ‘On The Run’ introduces itself with thunderous heavy instrumentation. With a mighty catchy chorus and perky instrumentation of twinkling light sunny guitar features, its sun soaked ebullience. Once again the ductile bass bring the track to life and gives a slick strong foundation to ground the song while the playful and nimble shredding guitar runs freely weaving between the melody.‘Seventeen’ bubbles with animated vivacious stamina. Its cheeky swagger infused vocals teamed with fluttering funky bass and cheerful zesty guitar proves once again theses guys have a knack for writing songs that make you want to dance. ‘Stranges’ finishes the EP with sparkling guitar and a reggae – esque vibe. Its a sun setting relaxing groovy track that makes you think where have these guys been and why haven’t I heard them before now. Gentle instrumentation and soft beat will have you swaying in a dim light setting with images of the  sand, sea and sunset.
Twenty Four are a Glasgow band that can take you to your tropical paradise in just five tracks. Fantastic musicianship really talented bunch of guys who don’t just write music they take you on a journey to utopia .
Check out Twenty Four’s Facebook page for all the details to get the EP here https://www.facebook.com/twentyfourmusic/

Brass Phantoms ‘Waiting Up’

Dublins alternative rock foursome, Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘Waiting Up’. The band have played extensively all over the country and have Sunsets Festival and Guinness Amplify performances under their belt, as well as headlining shows at Dublin’s Workman’s and Whelan’s. Their track ‘City Of Wolves’ was released last year and was play listed on our national broadcaster RTE 2fm leading to a BBC Introducing slot for BBC Radio Ulster, and live sessions across stations like NOVA and 4fm. They finished last year at the Other Voices festival and have been booked for various showcases and Ones To Watch festivals this year as well as this summers Indiependence with Manic Street Preachers and SIGMA (full line up to be announced).
‘Waiting Up’ is a rush of sonic laden aerial indie. Soaring to skyscraper heights this track is sublime almost heavenly. The rapid tribal tinged beat teamed with rooted rolling bass gives the track grounding and a solid foundation to bounce off before it escapes and ascends into the elevated chorus. The sharp sting on guitar adds a breezy refreshing sensation as the track builds into a blustery thrilling crescendo. Smooth vocals coo to start with a velvety texture building and becoming more animated as the track progresses, while the lush uplifting backing vocals soar above with sweet elevated buoyancy. The superb production and breathtaking musicianship makes ‘Waiting Up’ a stunning display of Brass Phantoms compact remarkable soundscape

Watch the video for ‘Waiting Up’ below

The Elephant Trees ’90 Degrees’

Leeds boisterous acoustic-led indie alt-rock band The Elephant Trees have released their debut single ’90 Degrees’. Band members Martha Phillips,Will Milton, Sam Hugh-Jones and Tom Palmer formed in early 2015 and have been writing and gigging relentlessly ever since.They have spent the time since their inception honing their live show and supporting artists such as Jake Isaac, City of Lights, and Billy Bibby (ex-Catfish and the Bottlemen), as well as playing venues such as Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall and O2 Academy. They blend a more acoustic singer-songwriter style with huge riffs and singalong choruses to create a unique and infectious sound.
’90 Degrees’ is an impressive blow of raucous causing energy blistering with strident guitars pummelling drums and fiery energy. A forceful thudding beat kicks of the track followed by an infectious gritty scorching riff. ’90 Degrees’ builds in momentum into a frantic mosh worthy crescendo with shredding guitar solo and a sing along bridge that will have a live audience bellowing at the top of their lungs. Its crafted for massive live shows and frantic crowds. Confident attitude infused swagger driven vocals add punch and fight, its a song that screams don’t mess with me. Dramatic stops and hefty rhythm teamed with strident guitars, its a mighty and exciting debut from The Elephant Trees. These guys are ones to watch.
Watch the video for ’90 Degrees’ below

MUX ‘Can you see who?’ EP

MUX, a brand new electro-stoner band from London is to release at the end of March their EP entitled ‘Can you see who?’. MUX blend elements of electronica, stoner, trip-hop and punk leaving you in a twisted knot of thrilling euphoric disorientation. Comprised of members Tiz, Paul, and Jonas, MUX present  an EP that is a gripping electrifying enigma fuzzed and gritty and smothered in obscure darkness. The band officially started in the summer of 2016 when Tiz and Paul (drums) met in Brighton, while shopping for souvenirs. They started fighting over a seashell ashtray and ended talking about Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. A couple of months later, the pair met Jonas (Guitar) at a Mac DeMarco concert in Camden. Jonas was headbanging harder than everyone else.
‘MDMA’ kicks off the EP with a creepy sinister shadowy tone. Raspy whisper-like vocals are hair-raisingly chilling while the gritty distorted guitar adds a rough round the edges sharpness. Its like a psychedelic trip that’s freaked you out but still feels good. A rapid elastic rhythm gives a sticky gooey glooping effect. The track becomes more dynamic as it progress with the intense electronics becoming more frantic while the shredding guitar pierces with shrilling ferocity. The electronic woodblock-like feature is a recurring element in the EP’s tracks and it adds a plump texture and unusual refreshing contrast to the dark psychedelic swirling surround. It acts like a conscious anchor keeping your mind from becoming completely engulfed by the musical whirlwind.
‘Gold and Prozac’ follows with shivering fuzzed guitar against a tapping rhythm. The track oozes lurid  gloppy liquid- like electronics that seep throughout the track, broken only by hypnotic trance inducing psychedelia. Eerie dark vocals are ghostly with a theatrical tint of evil. Epic basslines travel through each track providing a weighty beefy foundation to sink your teeth into.
‘Teenage Father’ begins with the sweet request “Kill Me” building into a thunderous mighty headbanger. This frenzy causing hysteria is sticky mosh pit neck-breaking head banging ready. Snapping bass is teamed with a fantastic driving guitar that shrills with blissful ear-piercing capability. Its a blood pumping smashing monster of a track that is convulsion causing derangement but so good.
‘Stray’ finishes the EP with a sensual riveting all absorbing guitar feature, lusty crescendo and  pounding rhythm mixed with electronic blurring perplexity, all bashed out and liquored up leaving you in a glazed mind boggled mush. Blending heavy turmoil with sensual steamy red hot piercing guitar and luring vocals, this track penetrates your skull with relentless soundscapes and acute powerful momentum.
Each track flows fluidly into the next as MUX  take you on a riveting complex journey through their proficient composition and exquisite craftsmanship. Its dark, its gritty and fuzzed with narcotic effects. ‘Can you see who?’ is a swirling invasion into your mind showing you a shadowy kaleidoscope of abstruseness.
Watch a snippet of what you can expect below

Weekend Wars ‘Swim’

Merseyside based indie five piece Weekend Wars have released their new single ‘Swim’ today. It is the fourth single from the indie quintet and was recorded at Liverpool’s Motor Museum Studio with producer Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, Paris Youth Foundation). Jack, Bec, Andy, Matt and Rolo formed the band in 2015. They are four University friends and a savant for hire singer currently reshaping the musical landscape of the North West of England. Challenging the notion that Northern guitar bands come with hubris and swagger, Weekend Wars are refreshingly attitude free. Their ethos takes inspiration from the push and pull of daily life, they want to take you from the week to the weekend. 2016 saw the band receive airplay and plaudits from 6 Music (Steve Lamacq and 6 Music Recommends), BBC Radio Scotland (Billy Sloan), Virgin Radio (Jon Jackson) as well as international exposure by being playlisted by Spotify Australia & New Zealand.
‘Swim’ is an upfront indie anthem bursting with ambition. Bringing a little sunshine to our otherwise dreary lives. The track is crammed with an animated sharp bubbly guitar that shrills with blissful distortion. This little indie rock ditty has everything to thrill and fill you with musical fizz. Uplifting lyrics foot tapping friendly beat and crunching guitars, its infectiously fascinating.With strong dynamic raspy vocals ‘Swim’ is fresh light and bright with enough rich heavy instrumentation to kick ass and motivate even the most dismal person.
Following the mini tour to promote the single, the band will regroup to plan their next musical endeavours. Expect the unexpected as there is still a willingness to experiment in order to find their definitive musical persona. For Weekend Wars it’s all about the fun of the journey, the journey to the weekend.
You can catch Weekend Wars live at
SAT 10TH FEB: ST HELENS: Tank (Single Launch)

Stream ‘Swim’ Below

Divine Youth ‘Heartstrings Pulled By Human Beings’

The Monochrome Lovechild of Pulp and Interpol, Divine Youth formed in 2015 out of a shared love of the hell raiser, the gang mentality, the socialist and the rock and roll animal. The band shared early gigs with Drew McConnell (Babyshambles), Billy Lunn (Subways) and Type Two Error (Cooper Temple Clause) as well as supporting White Lies.They are now bringing their style to shows in Sheffield, Manchester and beyond. Band members Dan Sheldon (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Sheldon (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Kaye (Drums) are creating an ever growing fan base and have now released their new single ‘Heartstrings Pulled By Human Beings’ today. Scorching with a euphoric sharp guitar that pierces through the track and embellished in rich driving rhythms, its a infectious track that shows the fine craftsmanship of Divine Youth.The song is coated in sombre tones and a nonchalant vibe that gives the track a heavenly yet melancholic tone. With clean incomplex vocals narrating the lyrics to us leaving the striking thrilling and passionate instrumentation and melody take the lime light. The punchy drums add a dramatic effect to the track as the song progresses to the powerful crescendo. ‘Heartstrings Pulled By Human Beings’ is smooth, polished passionate and fresh without Divine Youth loosing their rawness.

Watch the video for ‘Heartstrings Pulled By Human Beings’ from Divine Youths Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/divineyouthofficial/videos/1111337978995937/