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Our Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stellify’s ‘Shun’

Stellify are an Alternative Rock / Fuzzy Blues band from London. Band members James Howlett (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Richard Costello (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Carlos Dittborn (Bass) and Daniel Perez (Drums) have been steadily and constantly gaining momentum since their formation in 2011.
Their new single ‘Shun’ is a blues filled, fiery rock track, with deep smouldering vocals and seductive, alluring, elastic bass. When teamed with the rapid persuasive drums in the verse they  compel your body to move. The chorus comes alive with a heavier mosh sound and more dynamic vocals which really shakes things up before the song returns again to the intense smooth tease of the verse. The psychedelic trance feel on guitar adds to the bewitching effect of this luring track.
Stellify are playing a number of shows and festivals throughout 2016 where they will be delivering blues filled fuzzy rock and roll.
You can see them at
JUN 23, The Beer Kat, London
JUL 16, Eailing Blues Festival,Walpole Park, Ealing
SEP 13, Time Out Rising Stars, 229 The Venue, London
Stream ‘Shun’ below

Forbear ‘Delroy Lindo’

Forbear is a Future rock, Cinematic dirt band from Los Angeles. Composed of some of LA’s most prolific musicians, Scott Goldbaum (formerly of Wise Cub) leads the band with beautiful vocals and melodic guitar, while classically trained Molly Rogers’ viola adds a layer that is truly captivating. Mike Mussleman (drums) and Nick Chamian (bass) round out the four piece with one of the most impressive, and methodical rhythm sections in indie rock today. Individually the band members have worked with artists/bands including Feist, Bastille, Kamasi Washington, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Kimbra among others. They met in 2014 and quickly caught the attention of famed producer/engineer Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius) who produced their upcoming release ‘Good God’ and recorded it at the famed London Bridge Studios in Seattle. ‘Good God’ begins with the commanding single ‘Delroy Lindo’
‘Delroy Lindo’ is a fantastic piece of musicianship, it flawlessly weaves together cinematic rock with a truly unique voice and spectacular harmonies. It almost feels classically written with a beautiful elegant viola melody interweaving between the vocals in a sort of call and response style. Both the dynamic sweet vocals and viola seem to have a conversation which the listener is witnessing. The addition of vibrato on the viola adds a sort of agitation to this tender conversation. The drums are light and come in and out in places during the verse and then hold a soft steady foundation behind the chorus adding a depth to the track. The lush graceful harmonies add to the angelic blissful music and sombre heartbreaking tone. The bass is smooth and supple and blends perfectly with the overall experience.
‘Delroy Lindo’ is “about two people who moved to the West Coast to be together, only to have the illusion of what they thought waited for them be eaten alive by their false romanticism” and Forbear portray this image to us perfectly. They use their spectacular talents to convey a tender emotional theme in such a beautiful unique way. It is an honest, true, raw and heartbreaking yet elegant, fascinating and graceful surreal experience. Forebear put into words and music the feelings that are always so difficult for us to express ourselves and that is truly skillful.
A must listen!
Good God is set for release August 26 and if ‘Delroy Lindo’ is anything to go by its going to be amazing.
Stream ‘Delroy Lindo’ below

New Valley Wolves ‘Trouble’

New Valley Wolves have just released their new single ‘Trouble’ and its a hefty, mean, bluesy track full of attitude. The duo have built a reputation for themselves as the fiercest live act in Ireland through relentless gigging at home and abroad. With a sound bigger than an A-Bomb and energy that borders on psychotic ‘Trouble’ lives up to this reputation. With its robust dirty bass, thunderous drums and howling vocals this track shakes you to your core and is definitely a track to sink your teeth into. Its big, mean and destructive while the flexible bass keep a cool, smooth steamy vibe. The frenzy created in the manic mosh worthy bridge is insane. Its enough to get a crowd headbanging and going crazy in its high energy body pounding sound. The track returns to it slick bluesy style again to finish leaving you wanting more.
This is a band you don’t want to miss live and ‘Trouble’ is a must listen!

You can see New Valley Wolves live at:
Jun 24 Sea Sessions Donegal
July 30 Crane Lane, Cork
They are also playing at Electric Picnic and Rockathon.
Stream ‘Trouble’ below

A Chat With : King Harvest & The Weight


We caught up with Ben Adey from King Harvest & The Weight ahead of their UK and Ireland tour and the release of their unmissable debut album ‘Maps’.

Can you explain King Harvest & The Weight to anyone who doesn’t know you?
There’s plenty of bands out there who shamelessly ride their influences out to death, But we try not to ape our target too closely for our own good and come across like soulless bandwagon chasers. We love the music we grew up with, which is rooted in seventies good times rock n roll.

How did the name King Harvest & The Weight come about?
I wrote a load around 50 songs, demoed them all on a battered old Yamaha acoustic and then hooked up with Olly (guitar) & Justin (Drums) we recorded the tracks and got our arses in gear and booked some shows.

Your album is full of 70’s classic rock tracks with catchy hooks and well crafted melodies How did you decide on this style of music ?
It’s just what comes out, it isn’t over thought, or planned. It’s every free flowing creative and writing process.

Your music seems to have the ability to transport the listener back to that 70s rock period with such ease, is this a natural effect of your music flow or was it something you had to try hard to achieve?
Dead easy. Play what you like and do what feel is right for you. It’s not about being cool, it’s about doing what you enjoy, with no boundaries.

Your debut album Maps is due for release on June 20 what can we look forward to or expect from ‘Maps’?
Blistering 3 minute tracks, crammed with hooks.

What was your favourite part of making this record?
Recording it and playing music with superb people.

You have some great riffs and guitar solos in your tracks was this something you spent ages on to get right or did they come naturally?
Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. From rehearsal jams to the bare embryos of IPhone recordings.

Which of the songs on your album are you most proud of and why?I’d say, This Town. It was the first track I wrote, which actually spearheaded me into doing the album. It was the track that made me think that I wanted to actually have a go and play live again.

Had it not  arrived, I’d probably be spending my Saturday nights just driving back and forth to Tesco buying White Magnums & Bier d’ore. It saved me from decadence,ha!

Did you come cross any challenges when recording this album?
Yes, trying not to be impatient and rushing things.

You have a number of live shows coming up to promote the album what can people expect at these shows?
Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower

Which venue are you looking forward to playing the most?
All of them.

What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
Tough one, not sure yet!
You have three dates in Ireland this July is this your first time playing in Ireland and have you any expectations from the Irish crowd?
It is our first time as a band, yes. And we’re expecting it to be a great time.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?
Pick up whatever is in sight, bang it, beat and have fun. Most importantly fuck what anyone tells you is cool and do what you love X

You can catch King Harvest & The Weight live at
Saturday 25th June – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
Sunday 26th June – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
Friday 1st July – Pine Lodge, Cork
Saturday 2nd July – Roisin Dubh, Galway
Sunday 3rd July – Grand Social, Dublin

We will be definitely heading down to one of the Irish shows to check out their “Loud noise, riffs and a pop song shower” .

Watch  King Harvest & The Weight ‘Unstuck’ below


Scott Dean ‘Lucky Seven’

London-based singer-songwriter Scott Dean has released his new single ‘Lucky Seven’ from his recently released album ‘Neon’. The lyrics of ‘Lucky Seven’ were inspired by Dean’s experience working as a croupier, he explores the effects of obsession and addiction in society.
‘Lucky Seven’ is a melodic track with an airy atmosphere. The reverb used conveys this perfectly and teamed with soaring guitars which add an edge to the track you really get a feel of wanting to escape. The drums are light and keep a melancholy tone as they provide a soft steady beat. The instrumentation is light leaving the guitar and vocals to portray the message to us. Dean’s vocals are smooth and emotion filled and become slightly more animated for the anthem like chorus, while the guitars give an aerial feel like a sharp breeze that is refreshing.

‘Lucky Seven’ explores a  hard-hitting subject matter which Dean portrays through reverb-laden guitar riffs, atmospheric soundscapes and a soaring chorus that displays the range of Dean’s influences and abilities.
Stream ‘Lucky Seven’ below.

Jackie Venson ‘Next Life’

Image result for singer

Jackie Venson is an Indie Blues artist from Austin, TX. She has released her video for her new single, “Next Life.” The track is about Unrequited love which is a universal theme and is easy to relate to.
‘Next Life’ begins as a gentle melodic track with soft instrumentation and steady piano that holds a strong foundation for the track. Venson’s vocals are strident and strong. This track has a laid back atmosphere and a cool calm vibe. The track is a slow burner that gradually builds to a fiery guitar solo and abrupt end. The track is presented in a precise manner, and every note and strum has its place but blends well forming a melodic track that shows superb musicianship.
Watch , ‘Next Life’ below.

Norma Jean Martine ‘No Gold’

Born just outside of New York, blues-rock singer/songwriter Norma Jean Martine relocated to Nashville to study at Belmont University, before making the jump to London. Since then, she’s released several preview tracks to Soundcloud, opened for top acts like Tom Odell, James Aruthur and Lissie, along with releasing her debut single, ‘No Gold’. She has co-written and featured on two tracks ‘We Ain’t Dead Yet’ and ‘Paint’ on Pablo Nouvelle’s current album ‘All I Need’, out on Armin Van Buuren’s label Armada Music. Martine’s most recent release ‘Freedom’ was her cover of George Michael’s classic 90’s track, which is currently the soundtrack to a multi-million pound Europe wide advertising campaign, reaching nearly 1 million streams on Spotify.

Her latest single ‘No Gold’ was released on May 20th via Virgin EMI Records. It was produced by Joel Pott from Athlete and mixed by Danton Supple, ‘No Gold’ was taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Only In My Mind’ which is due for release on 9th September.
‘No Gold’ is a blues rock track that is full of positive hopeful tones. The track is full of soft beats and is “swayingly” fantastic with added bounce. With lush backing vocals and a tribal beat to start followed by Martine’s amazing almost raspy yet clear vocals for the verse. She performs the verse with an ease and smoothness that grabs your attention and makes you listen. The catchy chorus brings a positive “Can do” atmosphere that is revitalising. The theme that “you have to leave a place in order to come back and appreciate, and see it from the outside” is effectively portrayed in the instrumentation but also through the many dimensions and emotions in Martine’s outstanding vocals .

Watch ‘No Gold’ below

Alexandra Savior ‘Shades’

21-year-old Alexandra Savior from Portland, Oregon has already had her demo “Risk” appear in series two of True Detective, and she has collaborated with Tame Impala’s Cam Avery on ‘We’re Just Making it Worse,’ and now has released her new single ‘Shades’ which was produced and co-written by Alex Turner along with James Ford (Florence, Haim).
‘Shades’ is a dark alluring track that’s full of mystery. Filled with smooth cool tones, soft spongy beats and a sensual fuzzed bass line that adds a seductive quality. The flash of electric guitar adds a bite to the track and contrasts with the smooth tone giving a feeling that there is danger ahead, however Savior’s soft enticing vocals eases the mind and has a trance like effect. Her vocals are confident and assuring while having a lull effect that is bewitching and captivating.
This Track is dangerously infectious but its charming, seductive tones will have you fascinated and craving more.
Watch “Shades” below

Deepshade ‘Time’

Deepshade are a power house trio from Wigan. Band members David Rybka (Vox/Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass) and Paul Barlow (Drums) have returned with their raucous fusion of psyched up alternative/grunge rock with the announcement of their new video single release ‘Time’. Their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ was released in early 2015 and it propelled Deepshade into the national spotlight with acclamation from UK’s Power Play and Classic Rock Magazine along with receiving support from alternative radio stations worldwide.
‘Time’ blasts  us with its grunged up guitar hooks and pounding hard rock grooves. It is the perfect opening track for ‘Everything Popular Is Wrong’. The track begins in a true rock star manner with an attention grabbing, thrilling scream from Rybka and an infectious riff. The track is bursting with energy and a smooth sensual bass line that lures you in while the thunderous drums give that captivating rock feel. The verses are full of eerie tones with deep vocals that are seductive and alluring. You get the feeling you are being coaxed or enticed into a world of chaos to which you have no control over. The slick shredding guitar solo adds an edge to the track as it builds to a massive heavy crescendo while Rybka’s vocals are intense and commanding.
With new material already to be unearthed later in 2016, Deepshade are gearing up to unveil dates for their UK live shows and first ever tours of Spain and Portugal in November.
Looking  forward to hearing more from Deepshade!
Watch ‘Time’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Jackals Rose’s adrenaline filled ‘D.I.D’ (or “Devil In Disguise”)

Five piece Jackals Rose are Jake James, Max James, Darren Griffiths, Zak Simmons and Grant Masters. They are a fuzz rock band from Essex. They have been smashing the live circuit with gigs at the likes of Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle and many more.’D.I.D'(or “Devil In Disguise”) is the second single from Jackals Rose, the follow up to their 2015 debut release ‘All For You’. The track was produced by Nick Gavrilovic (who tours with Placebo). It has gained them a bit of attention scoring Radio X Track of The Week, with plays across BBC Introducing, as well as being made Track of The Day by Fred Perry and Gigslutz.
‘D.I.D’ is a raw Brit-punk track crossed with Indie-rock. Its powerful vigorous guitars, forceful drums and mighty bass creates an energetic frenzy that compels you to dance and mosh. With sharp guitars that has a “The Prodigy” feel with a bit of Kasabian thrown in. The vocals are full of attitude and swagger that draws the listener in. This track maintains a rapid manic tempo throughout instrumentally, however the vocal slows things with its almost moody gritty intense tone making this song extremely easy to listen to and very catchy. The track finishes on a heavy hard core headbanging worthy pounding drums.
‘D.I.D’ is an edgy track that is an absolute must listen!
you can catch Jackals Rose live at :
Jul 22 Tramlines – The Crystal Stage,Sheffield
Aug 06 Party in the Pines, Scunthorpe
Check out Jackals Rose video of ‘D.I.D’ which was shot and edited by Liam Masters, brother of drummer Grant below