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Otherkin ‘Tombstone’

Dublin rockers Otherkin have returned with their new single ‘Tombstone’ – the first taste of new material since the 2017 release of their debut album ‘OK’. The track was co-produced by the band and Steve Dub (The Chemical Brothers) and mixed by Jolyon Vaughan Thomas (Royal Blood, Slaves)

‘Tombstone’ is a fermenting sonically driven track that leads you down a dizzying rabbit hole to Otherkin’s beat heavy sound. Flashing soundscapes bewilder around the thumping drums and irritable guitar whines. Catchy as hell and doused in acid licked guitar lines these guys have presented a rave ready delusion inducing number set to run riot in your head for days. With skittish rhythms, slick persona and hyper energy pounding this infectious track into your brain Otherkin are becoming one exhilarating knock out band. Its raw, sharp and intense as Luke Reilly’s vocals rasp and lure you into the psychedelic depths of this exhilarating whirling track. Abrasive, addictive and utterly thrilling put it on repeat and dance…. You won’t be able to resist. One of my favourite tracks this year so far.

Watch ‘Tombstone’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Otherkin

Dublin’s garage-rockers Otherkin have released their new single ‘React’ and it’s a fire cracker. The track comes with the announcement of their much-anticipated debut album ‘OK’, which is set to be released on September 29th.‘React’ is a dirty sweat and leather rock riff driven smasher. Exuding adrenaline and swagger from the opening vocal wails this track is a kick ass atomic bomb blasting through your skull at a powerful mighty force. Blazing guitars shred through the track with piercing zesty sting while punchy drums relentlessly keep the neck snapping pace.The slick infectious melody will give you a sudden fever inducing dose of stuck song syndrome while raspy gritty vocals soaked in attitude pumps a rush of energy through your body. With its frantic pace, shrilling guitars and flickering percussion this track is a blazing example of the fine musicianship from this four piece. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Otherkin will play a Dublin show at The Button Factory, December 15th make sure to check that out its going to be insane.

Watch the video for ‘React’ below