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Wild Youth ‘Lose Control’

Dublin band Wild Youth comprised of members David Whelan (vocals/guitar) Conor O’Donohoe (keyboard/vocals) Ed Porter (guitar/vocals) and Callum McAdam (drums) have released a video for their upcoming new single ‘Lose Control’, which is set for release this Friday 8th September. ‘Lose Control’ is an instantly catchy radio ready surge of indie pop. Sweet vocals caress  a smooth feathery light melody. The rich clap along finger clicking rhythm makes this track danceable and breezy. Twinkling guitars and soft shimmers on keys create a floaty blissful melty atmosphere and rush of youthful adrenaline while the steady beat pulses throughout. This dreamy ear worm will have you dancing and grooving in no time. It’s a sophisticated, intricately layered, sublime track that is sure to be a hit.

You can catch Wild Youth live at

12 Sep Cyprus Avenue, Cork

13 Sep Abner Browns, Dublin

19 Sep Trinity Freshers Ball, Dublin

22 Sep Grand Social, Dublin

23 Sep Roisin Dubh, Galway

Check out the video for ‘Lose Control’ below

Airport Impressions ‘Mariette’

Airport Impressions are a 4-piece band from Malta. The band consists of Errol Sammut (lead vocals, guitar), Johann Schembri (guitar), Chris Curmi (bass guitar), and Steve Farrugia (drums). Starting out as a duo in search of new musical experiences, Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri’s six-month stay in Ireland in 2005 proved to be an important step in their journey. Apart from consolidating their love of Irish music, it also ignited a new spark in the way they went about writing songs. Airport Impressions have clocked up countless radio hits along the way, among them ‘Borderline’, ‘Wake up’, ‘Walk with Me’ and, more recently ‘Hymns of June’ and ‘Berlin.’ The latter (Berlin) also won first place in the Unsigned Only 2014 edition for the Adult Album Alternative category. Airport Impressions are continuously raising their name and have already booked festivals for 2016 including Midstock and a UK Tour.
The latest album ‘Mariette’ perfectly captures the band’s musical journey to date, its twelve songs reflecting a versatility that has evolved over the years. On this record Airport Impressions show us their blend of pop and rock embroidered with country and indie folk. The country rock influence is evident from the first track ‘Wishing Well’. This track radiates bright vibes coated in country twang with Sammut’s husky vocals adding grit and depth to the track. The blazing guitar lifts the track and gives it a glow and luminosity.
‘Come Along’ has an Irish power ballad feel. Its a melodic track with a proud “hit your chest, call the clan together” and bellow the chorus at the top of your lungs feel. The uplifting positive atmosphere teamed with emotional lyrics pull at the heart strings and evoke joyful triumphant tears.
‘Berlin’ begins with a sweet heartening whistle. The track is bright and bubbly with a bouncy beat and lustrous guitar it will cheer up any glum chum. Try to get that whistling tune out of your head its near impossible.
Title track ‘Mariette’ caught my eye as it is a beautiful gentle track with tender tones to begin with. It starts with a country ballad vibe that builds and develops into a lavishly textured track with sprinkles of folk . Its lamenting tone is conveyed through a graceful and elegant guitar feature that twinkles throughout the track. It has a Bryan Adams feel and warmth that is comforting and charming.
‘Star Signs’ , ‘While You Wait’ , Hymns of June’ and ‘If You Abandon Me’ continue to flesh out Airport Impressions stunning melodies with country rock arrangements each track showing its own individuality while maintaining the bands upbeat positive style and showcasing their exquisite musicianship. ‘Ballymena Sun’ presents us with an almost tropical sun kissed sound, every note in this track is ablaze with golden rays of sunshine. With its sway- like beat and charming guitar feature you will loose yourself in its beach evening vibes.  ‘All We Got’, ‘Let It Shine’ and final track ‘Silhouettes’ shows the bands tender ballad skills as they wear their hearts on their sleeve with meticulous instrumentation and beautiful lyrics they serenade us with lamenting tone and sweet sombre vocals.

Airport Impressions  will be heading to Scotland on a UK Tour check out their website below for all the dates  http://www.airportimpressions.com/gigs/
Check out Airport Impressions video for ‘Mariette’ below


Ten Fé

London band Ten Fé consist of duo of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan. Their new release comes in the form of the dreamy, smooth ‘Elodie’. This is a lovely 80s inspired love song with polished production and lush harmonies. Ten Fé show off their song-writing and vocal abilities on this track, Ben is on lead vocal with a rich yet daydream tone to his voice. They create a melancholy and uplifting atmosphere that swallows you up in a bubble of nostalgic dreaminess. With their soft electronic pop style, steady tempo and warm feelings this is definitely a song to have a listen to.
Stream ‘Elodie’ below