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Indie Buddie Introducing : City Victim

City Victim have released their new single ‘Out of Sight’. City Victim are an Irish post-punk/new wave band currently residing in Galway. The band have spent the last year and a half recording their debut album, with the help of Geoff French on drums (The Brilliant Things) and Fergal Davis on production (O Emperor, Muse).

‘Out of Sight’ is a finely cultured number that drifts and glides along a dreamy mellowed indie rock backdrop. The sweet nostalgic melody floats gracefully upon a driving bass line and twinkling guitar feature while swirling soundscapes soothe and cool the tone creating an ethereal freeing atmosphere. The track weaves its way gently through jangly biting guitar elements that create an itching nag and edgy quality to the cruising gem while a steady beat, 80’s vibes and lush vocals flesh out the track filling it with rich textures and prismatic speckles of colour. The  tight production, refined musicianship, laid back fluidity and dazzling charm of ‘Out of Sight’ makes City Victim a band to keep an eye on.

Stream ‘Out of Sight’ below

Dead Royalties ‘Phantom Hearts’

Dead Royalties have released their new single ‘Phantom Hearts’. They are an energetic Post-Punk/Art-Rock trio with a sound that takes influence from Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and flavours of 90’s Alt-Rock / Brit-Pop. Their heavy yet accessible riffs conceal a hefty dose of unexpected complexity, opening new dimensions and making them appeal to both mainstream listeners and those who like to get their intellectual curiosity tickled. With their well received debut E.P. ‘Hormones’ (released through Secret Chord Records), as well as three other singles, they have rapidly gained momentum in the Bristol music scene and with BBC Introducing, resulting in sell-out home shows, a back catalogue of future releases and a unique sound that makes this trio such an exciting and hard hitting act.

‘Phantom Hearts’ is a slinky, strut ready number ravaged with groovy rhythms and heavy mosh ready rawness. The sleek pop flavoured melody slithers upon a rough cutting riff driven backdrop and gritty soundscape while smooth swagger soaked vocals caress the melody provocatively. Its heavy headbanging-ly frantic instrumentation contrasts magnificently with the sensual persona of the track making for a wholly enthralling listen. It’s infectious and will get everyone up dancing. Once that thudding beat kicks in this track has you grooving and bopping as it seeps cool flamboyance and prance quality from every note. Those guitar licks and elastic bass meanders inject panache and an irresistible strut element while the flickering soundscapes drizzle the track with a dizzying dose of acid. It’s a “slightly prudish and clinical love song about fornication and misguided lovers” produced in the most thrilling manner.

Stream ‘Phantom Hearts’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Serene

Serene are a four piece post-punk, garage rock band formed in London. The four piece are peeping through the keyhole and booting the doors open with their debut single ‘With You’. With its almighty defying vigorous riffs jaggedly sawing through the track it’s ballsy rough and powerful. This track is a thrilling assault of battering punk rock. Pummeling drums demolish all in sight while shrilling guitars penetrate through your skull with vicious ferocity.  Its fierce instrumentation and relentless blood thirsty rhythm section gash and slash spitting blistering acid while eerie vocals and chilled infectious melody cool the intensity a little. ‘With You’ is an exhilarating listen for sure.

Watch the video for ‘With You’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Strange Cages

Brighton trio Strange Cages have returned with a series of live dates and another dizzingly impressive new single ‘Hypothalamus Blues’, out now through Vallance Records.With a frenetic, snotty, psych-surf rock ‘n’ roll sound in the vein of The Cramps or Ty Segall, Strange Cages have already been making big strides in their short existence, quickly gaining support from the likes of Clash Magazine, NME, Q Magazine, The 405 and The Line of Best Fit, whilst tearing up stages in support of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, and Boogarins. Having followed up their Theo Verney produced debut ‘Desert’ with the single ‘Pony’, Strange Cages went on to release their head-spinning EP ‘The Cracks’ last year, and now the trio return with ‘Hypothalamus Blues’.

‘Hypothalamus Blues’ is a feverous whack of dizzying psychedelia wrapped in a neatly bound concoction of krautrock and post-punk. This trippy mind melting number will lure you in with a smooth snappy effortless cool vocal line and western-esque twinkling guitar before submerging you in a swirling delusion inducing narcotic soundscape. The track begins dreamy and sweetly euphoric as a hazy melody melts upon soft laid back mellow soundscapes. It then builds into an electric shock of blinding shrilling distortion and heavy fuzzed psychedelia. Before settling again slowly easing the skull bashing mania only to build that frenzy back up again. This schizophrenic bewildering track is a thrilling and spine chilling experience which was carefully crafted for the perplexing trip of a life time.

Strange Cages will also head out to perform a series of UK live dates in support of the release catch them live at

22 Feb – CARDIFF – The Full Moon

23 Feb – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store

01 Mar – LONDON – The Lock Tavern

Stream ‘Hypothalamus Blues’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This week Comes from Vundabar

Boston duo Vundabar have announced a UK and EU tour throughout April and May and shared the official video for their addictive single ‘Acetone’. The sludge-indie band have built a massive following through non-stop touring and their signature brand of jittery, rambunctious post-punk, yet much of their music hints at something darker beneath the surface. Having just wrapped up a two month Autumn/Winter US tour with The Frights and Hockey Dad, Vundabar are about to embark on their Spring North American headline tour with support from Ratboys, which includes a stop through SXSW, before heading over to Europe and the UK. The duo are set to release their brand new album ‘Smell Smoke’ on February 23rd.

‘Acetone’ is a clenching intense grip of post punk. With jittery guitars swirling and crashing into punchy drums this track is filled with frustration and angst as the busy instrumentation rushes around at dizzying speeds. The catchy melody flickers around – doused in melancholic tones accompanied by an almost pizzicato jerky vocal bridge. These guys display a raw vulnerability with gripping lyrics and blistering shredding instrumentation that is thrilling and extremely emotive. It’s unique composure with stops and starts and agitated guitar shrills over choppy vocal lines is somewhat nerve wrecking yet ridiculously infectious and compelling.

You can catch Vundabar live at their  UK / EU tour here

25 April – Jena – Glashaus

26 April – Berlin – ACUD

27 April – Copenhagen – Loppen

28 April – Hamburg – Goldener Salon

30 April – Brighton – The Hope & Ruin

02 May – London – The Lexington

03 May – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge

04 May – Manchester – Castle Hotel

07 May – Glasgow – The Hug and Pint

08 May – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s

09 May – Sheffield – Picture House Social

11 May – Cambridge – The Portland Arms

14 May – Barcelona – Meteoro

 For the North American tour dates go to their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Vundabar/

Watch the video for ‘Acetone’ below


Dead Naked Hippies ‘I Can’t Wait’

Leed’s  Post-Punk trio Dead Naked Hippies have released their new single ‘I Can’t Wait’. The band which consists of members Lucy Jowett  (Vocals), Jacob Marston (Drums) and Joe Clarke (Guitars) have stormed the Dork stage at this year’s Live At Leeds festival to a packed out crowd and have blown the minds of all in attendance at Hit The North Festival. The band have already garnered critical praise from the likes of Dork, DIY, Gigslutz and BBC Introducing. This is the first release from the upcoming Dead Naked Hippies EP #1.

‘I Can’t Wait’ is a blistering briery track loaded with heavy percussion and a mighty punch of rawness. It’s lean and mean while holding an air of slick sensuality. The  well-oiled groove driven foundation is layered with sharp stinging guitar lines that pierce through the track creating the most thrilling acute biting sound.  With a swagger soaked emotional vocal delivery pitted against shredding dead -cool guitar and punchy drums, it’s a savage spunky display. These guys deliver a slick sound oozing steamy tension, explosive scorching energy and powerful instrumentation.

Enigmatic frontwoman Lucy Jowett candidly explains, “I Can’t Wait is our gut reaction to those who are sucked so far into the system they’ve forgotten they’re alive. It’s an optimistic outlook on leaving them behind. We’re constantly being told to sell ourselves short to the point that we’re scared stiff to move. Creative outlets are deemed insignificant and unproductive because they serve no purpose to the system.”

You can catch Dead Naked Hippies live at

15th Sept – The Old Blue Last – London (Free Entry)

27th Sept – Hyde Park Book Club – Leeds

Stream I Can’t Wait’ below

La Bête Blooms ‘Lost and Found’

Fresh off the back of their latest EP ‘I Know It’s Nothing’, the Hull post-punk collective La Bête Blooms have moved fast to release their new brash and bold song, ‘Lost and Found’ portrays the plight of a modern couple seeing the world crumble around them in 2017. This shrilling track oozes their scorching fuzzed up grunge with blasts of thrilling bruising noise however this song takes a more polished refined approach. Its rounded off while still packing some serious punch with razor sharp rawness. Sneering briery guitars pierce with a splintery sting while punchy drums pummel throughout. Wrapped in sweltering hazy tones and shoegazey vibes, it’s tight and slick yet extremely spiky and sharp.

Stream ‘Lost and Found’ below

Strange Cages ‘The Cracks’

Brighton trio Strange Cages have released their new single ‘The Cracks’ taken from their forthcoming EP ‘The Cracks’ which is out June 16th on Vallance Records .The band have worked with Theo Verney, supported the likes of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, and won early support from the likes of NME, Q, Clash, Best Fit, The 405 for their first two singles. They combine elements of krautrock and post-punk with a paranoid, schizophrenic vocal to create a unique sound that is just insane.
‘The Cracks’ is a dark swirling concoction of sinister sweaty psychedelia smothered in a clammy desert western vibe. Driving sharp deliriously wobbly guitar creates a sweltering mirage while punchy drums ground the narcotic tinged hallucinogenic soundscapes. Screamed vocals adds an aggressive wallop to the bruising track. While the swirling distortion creates a deceptive distraction to the massive assault leaving you mind boggled, gloopy and frothing from the mouth.

You can catch Strange Cages live at
23 June – BRIGHTON – Electric
30 June – LONDON – Shacklewell
15 June – PORTSMOUTH – Made Waiven
17 July – BRIGHTON – Hope & Ruin
21 July – OXFORDSHIRE – Truck Festival
Stream ‘The Cracks’ below

Galants ‘Evergreen’

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Dublin post-punk-pop purveyors Galants have released their new single ‘Evergreen’ taken from their self titled debut 10” EP. Band members David Kennedy (guitar, vocals),James McDonald (drums),Colin O’Dwyer (bass, vocals) and Ruairi Paxton (guitar, keys) slap you in the face with a mighty piercing hurricane of punk. This blistering tune is disguised as a bubbly indie track with warm bright tones and honeyed melody however backed by a powerhouse of relentless drumming and vigorous crashing guitars, it’s a whirlwind of aggressive snappy punk. Breezy vocals and fresh tones create an exhilarating track that is frenzy inducing and i’m sure makes for manic live shows.

Stream ‘Evergreen’ below

Strange Cages ‘Leader Of A Cult’

Strange Cages are set to make their return with an epic new EP this June. With their frenetic, snotty, psych-surf rock ‘n’ roll sound in the vein of The Cramps or Ty Segall, Brighton’s Strange Cages have made big strides in their short existence, gaining support from the likes of Clash Magazine, NME, Q Magazine, The 405 and The Line of Best Fit, whilst tearing up stages in support of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, and Boogarins. Having followed up their Theo Verney produced debut ‘Desert’ with their next release ‘Pony’, the trio are now set to release a new 6-track EP ‘The Cracks’ on Vallence Records this June, with new single ‘Leader Of A Cult’ being the first track to surface from the upcoming EP.
‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a dark sinister track all menacing with spine chilling elements of krautrock combined with post-punk. Floppy wobbly riffs smothered in sultry psychedelia create a tranquillised dreamy half passed out state of delusion. Punchy drums and foreboding vocals create an eerie creepy vibe within the musical hallucination. Its like a 60’s trippy dream that has taken a dark perilous turn into a shaky paranoid nightmare. The track becomes more intense with fuzzed distortion perfectly placed like a mind boggled unfortunate soul frothing from the mouth on the cusp of a seizure. ‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a stirring opaque mind-bending trip sweltering in sticky psychedelia that will have you in a hazy paralysed daze . These guys are a band to get excited about.
You can catch Strange Cages live at
19 May – BRIGHTON – The Globe
20 May – MANCHESTER – The Peer Hat
22 May – BRISTOL – Crofters Rights (w/ Vulgarians)
23 May – LONDON – The Old Blue Last (w/ Vulgarians)
25 May – HULL – The New Adelphi
27 May – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City (w/ Vulgarians)
28 May – LEEDS – Eiger Studios
Watch the video for ‘Leader Of A Cult’ below