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Strange Bones ‘God Save The Teen’

Strange Bones are a trio from Blackpool, consisting of two brothers Bob and Will Bentham and a childhood friend Stuart Newburn. Their track ‘Sick Of It All (SOIA)’, which was mixed by Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Mallory Knox, Don Broco) has gained them attention at Kerrang! Radio and BBC Radio 1. They released earlier this year an untameable three-track punk rock EP called ‘God Save The Teen’
‘God Save The Teen’ is the title track from this EP.  Its a raw fierce argumentative track with an infectious slick hook and soul pounding thunderous drums. The vocals are shouty at times with a howl like tone and of course a throat tearing scream texture. This track though it has an aggressive appearance at first is underlined with a slick sensual swagger that is captivating and makes you want to keep listening. With its anthem like energetic chorus teamed with a fuzzed rumble rebellious sound this track is raw and real, there is no illusion, its fantastically gritty and razor sharp .
Watch ‘God Save The Teen Below’

Bad Grammar ‘You’re Welcome’ EP

Bad Grammar are rock grunge duo Ben Forrester and Lucy Brown from Manchester. Their EP ‘Forced Fun’ which was released in 2014 fell into the hands of party punk king Andrew WK, who selected the band to perform as part of 2014’s Y Not Festival. The duo have already picked up coverage from XFM, 6Music and Radio 1, along with recent new music features in NME, Clash and Artrocker. They released their EP ‘You’re Welcome’ last year.
‘You’re Welcome’ is a four track frenzy filled forcefully energetic EP, that is bursting with grunge and punk attitude. The EP begins with ‘Death Stare’ a rapid neck breaking  mosh worthy track. With a massive riff, soul shaking drums and screaming vocals its not for the faint hearted. ‘Sandra’ follows in the same manner causing as much turmoil as physically possible. With a fantastic guitar feature that breaks up the track followed but rumbling drums that create anticipation for the hardcore head slamming instrumental, an epic circle of death track. ‘Killjoy’ again summons your inner tyrant as the instruments explode with turmoil.  It begins with distorted guitar that sounds like a wasp buzzing around you head. The catchy riffs and thunderous drums keep you on your toes and in a manic frenzy. ‘Tropical Dance’ finishes the EP. It oozes swagger with a sensual body moving fuzzed bass. Bad Grammar keep the rapid tempo and attitude of the previous tracks while remaining cool and smooth with the riff. They of course give you the chance to headband and go wild but not too much, they hold the turmoil back a little to leave you wanting more.
Stream ‘You’re Welcome’ below

White Crosses ‘Dead Souls’

White Crosses Band 1

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) alternative punk band White Crosses, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums) have released a video for their single ‘Dead Souls’. The quartet produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release ‘Native Handshakes’ in 2015. They have recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records and ‘Dead Souls’ is a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP ‘Anchorless’.
‘Dead Souls’ is a hefty steady alternative pop punk track with strident guitars that drive the track forward. The punchy drums and exuberant bass give a strong foundation to the track. The heavy drum kicks for the verse giving the track a punch and weighty feel while the vocals are simple yet effective for the verse and become more animated for the chorus as they portray the honest lyrics with passion and emotion. I can imagine this song is massive live as it is set up for all the dramatic guitar poses and spins with dramatic breaks and attitude.
Watch ‘Dead Souls’ below

LIFE ‘ Popular Music’


LIFE are an alternative punk-rock band from Hull. Band members Mez , Loz, Mick and Stew released their new single ‘Popular Music’ in February this year and it has caused an instant frenzy on the airwaves bagging multiple spot plays from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart on Radio 1 as well as Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.
‘Popular Music’ is a fierce track that is fast passed from the start with accelerated verses that make you feel like your running a marathon at a hundred miles an hour and cant keep up. With powerful, ferocious screeching guitars and pounding drums you are taken in to a frenzy created by a savage tune that refuses to let you go. You get a moment to breath as they break into an addictive chorus where the music breaks and the vocals repeat in an almost whisper ” feels like she’s pealing off” and then you are rushed off again into a whirlwind of psychedelia where you are thrown back into the race. By the end of the experience you feel exhausted but want to do it all again. This is a turbulent track and not for the light hearted but a must listen!
Look forward to more from these guys!
Stream ‘Popular Music’ Below


Creeper are a Punk Rock band from Southampton, Dan Bratton (Drums), Oliver Burdett (Guitar),Ian Miles (Guitar) ,Will Gould (Vocals), Sean Scott (Bass), Hannah Greenwood (Keys) released their EP The Stranger in February with ‘Black Mass’ as the lead single from this EP.
‘Black Mass’ is a fast passed punk rock song with robust guitars, punchy drums and fantastic strong vocals. This song is so versatile as they break from their full bodied hardcore sound into a surprising waltz-like breather which adds a theatrical feel and a Meatloaf vibe.
With songs on the EP like ‘ The Secret Society’ with a melancholy guitar introduction that jumps into a pounding Rock sound and strong vocals and a crowd engaging whoa – oh. Followed by “Valentine” featuring a full rock sound and contrasting “Misery” a sentimental song full of raw naked emotion. While “Astral Projection” concludes their EP on a classic punk rock style with again a bridge that slows down the tempo to give you a chance to catch your breath before the big mosh at the end.
Creepers are an extremely vibrant band with songs that make you jump up and down to their classic punk rock sound and theatrical dark glamour style. ‘The Stranger’ is a EP that puts Creeper on the map
Watch ‘Black Mass’ below


Sisteray are a British four-piece rock band from London, UK. Formed in 2014, the band consists of Niall Rowan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Michael Hanrahan (bass/vocals), Daniel Connolly (lead guitar/vocals) and Marco Biagini (drums/vocals).
On first hearing Sisterays songs I realised they are a band with strong opinions and a Rock and roll, punk rock, mod revival, attitude to life which is refreshing as they say and do everything we want to do with a rebellious ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’. They have previously worked with producer Rory Attwell (The Vaccines/Palma Violets) and have created a cult-following in the UK due to high energy live performances and upbeat melodies and catchy clever lyrics about Britain in the 21st Century.
My attention was grabbed when they released ‘Back to Yours’ and ‘A Wise Man Said’ – as part of their new Double A Side Single. Both songs are very catchy ‘ A Wise Man Said’ is a fast pased tune with a gnarly sound full of raw british punk rock attitude. While ‘Back To Yours’ is a slower pase with Nialls voice adding a bit of grit to the vocal with a London twang
We will be hearing a lot more from these guys as word is beginning to spread about their energetic live performances. Definitely a band with a bright future ahead
Stream ‘ Back To Yours’ and ‘A wise Man Said’ here