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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen This Week Comes From Ragmans Daughter

Ragmans Daughter are an indie band from London who have released their debut single ‘Lazy’. This hazy sun sprinkled track is a crisp display from a band who are sure to go far. Vivid juicy guitar jangles weave playfully between the laid-back melody and punchy drums which bounce and hop with a contagious spring and elastic rebound. The track becomes more fuzzed and heavy as it progresses adding an effervescent buzz and gritty texture to their luscious mellow sound. The production is on point. The track is fun, fresh and appears unfussy until the psychedelic whirls and grungy flavours kick in and you realise this is a band with a difference. The melody is drenched in sugary melty syrup that seeps into your ear rendering you hooked to their delicious sound. This track announces Ragmans Daughter as an energetic and creative band with a lot of success ahead of them.

Stream ‘Lazy’ below