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Ponte Pilas ‘Out Of My Head’

Berlin-based energetic rock ’n’ roll band Ponte Pilas have released their new single, the long awaited ‘Out Of My Head’. Ponte Pilas consists of Scottish frontman Calum Bolland and Ecuadorians Daniel Rivera (drums), Randy Bullet (bass) and Ismael Rivera (lead guitar). Although they are not all related, the band considers itself a band of brothers. They have won the love and following of the Berlin scene after playing over 30 shows at famous venues like SO36, Musik und Frieden and PrivatClub. The quartet has been promoting their debut EP Young Perros by touring cities like Prague, Karlsruhe and Leipzig and will support indie legends The Wedding Present in the Netherlands.

‘Out Of My Head’ struts in swagger soaked and ready to knock your socks off with Ponte Pilas’ slick rock n’ roll. Slinky guitars saturate the track in steamy flamboyance while punchy drums and elastic bass create a fluctuant foundation and infectious groovy backdrop for this swanky track to flourish off. The raspy vocals fill this luring track in panache as ‘out Of My Head’ powerfully rushes adrenaline into your veins. With a tight production, sleek musicianship and a shredding guitar solo – it’s a charming strutting display to have you prancing and dancing around the room carelessly.

Stream ‘Out Of My Head’ below




Bang Bang Club ‘Melody’

Sheffield rock n’ roll band Bang Bang Club are set to release their new single ‘Melody’ tomorrow September 8th. The band have been playing together since Singer/guitarist Jake Sissons forced the others ( Bassist, Adam Eaton,Drummer, Tom Barker and Guitarist, Sam Leader)  to join his Beatles tribute band at infant school.

‘Melody’ is a jaunty number brimming with infectious indie swagger over a weighty rock n’ roll backdrop. These guys whack out a charming pop sprinkled melody over rooted bass grooves and shredding guitar lacerations giving a garage- esue quality to this light catchy track. The stomping drums provide a relentless stamina and meaty quality while smooth vocals coo over the blistering instrumental backing. Filled with vibrant component parts weaving and blending together to create a sublime striking track these guys have a tight sound that will have you bopping and dancing along in no time. It’s smooth, sun kissed and brimming with subtle  juicy instrumental glimmers around each glorious corner.

You can follow Bang Bang Club on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/bangbangclubband


Miles Kane ‘Coup De Grace’ Album

Finally Miles Kane has released his highly anticipated Coup De Grace’ album to enrich our ears with his new found sophistication and maturity seamlessly blended among his rock and roll swagger. Appearing more cultured and thought-out this album surpasses 2013’s ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ in both refinement and grandeur. It’s a  glam, psych and pop- faceted prism of beauty that packs in some groovy elements and punk wallops along the way.  Kane has huddled together a team of collaborators for his third album, which includes seven co-writes with Jamie T while Lana Del Rey co-writes on ‘Loaded’ and John Congleton produces.

‘Too Little Too Late’ sets the fiery brisk pace of the album with punk slaps weaving through Kane’s rock n’ roll backbone. The glam rock stomper ‘Cry On My Guitar’, laid back pop sprinkled strutter ‘Loaded’ and snappy glossy ‘Cold Light of the Day’ follow suit adding a new dash of spice with each track as Kane builds his repertoire delicately blending a new genre dimension into his own panache driven branding. Slick, thrilling guitar wails, solos and licks are plentiful and the sultry bass grooves and clap along anthemic choruses exceed all expectations. Kane has found his dynamite team creating an enthralling album with each track cruising into the next with masterful fluidity and fantastic musicianship that makes every song lovable. The dreamy brooding ‘Killing the Joke’ cools the intensity a little as Kane belts out a hard hitting emotional performance to a sway worthy background. The synth element adds a delicate ethereal quality to this tender number as lamenting guitars wander about pining behind an emotional vocal delivery and steady drum thuds. Kane’s knack for melodies has always been apparent and this album is no different- he slides those glorious honey drizzled melodies into our ears leaving us craving for more as they seep into our brains sweetly caressing and soothing their way inside our minds. ‘Killing the Joke’ displays the sweet tender lovable melody while the funky flex that is title track ‘Coup De Grace’ fleshes out his swanky, chic melody. This 70’s – esque Disco Stu jam returns the albums pace to high voltage fun. With slinky guitars and an elastic bass line driving the track into a strutting frenzy – this hook filled gem is timeless and magnetising. The album speed balls into the shouty attitude driven ‘Silverscreen’ before another delicious high powered melodic number, ‘The Wrong Side of Life’ erupts where Kane exclaims over a jagged drum and guitar combination. It’s passionate and quite expressive vocally while the keys wisp and float around a striking backdrop. ‘Something to Rely On’ draws on the raw vigor of the beginning tracks with shredding sharp guitars stinging between punchy drums and an anthemic chorus. ‘Shavambacu’ closes the album with a finger clicking sleekness that creeps in from somewhere dark in the 60’s lurking between chilling and romantic. The chorus breaks up the eerie vibe with a bopping beat and vibrant sweet melody over delicious little flickers on guitar. It’s honest with a ballroom Foxtrot- esque spring in its step, over a sing along simple melody to have you doing a little shuffle to yourself as Kane sings out the album.

Coup De Grace’ glosses and polishes over the cheeky rock n’ roll bravado we know Kane for, with some refined sophisticated flurries sprinkled over a raw and edgy foundation. He packs in a healthy dose of wonderful melodies, sweet and tender moments with some good old fashioned fun and danceable numbers which he swirls into his delectable brew.


Stream  Coup De Grace’ below


Alexis Kings ‘Velvet’

Indie rock 4-piece Alexis Kings have released their newest single ‘Velvet’ today. Injected with a soulful, funk edge, the track is a feel-good anthem following on from the successful release of their debut EP ‘Squire’ back in 2016, leading to positive reviews from BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, and Radio X’s John Kennedy. Comprising of Brendan Aherne (vocals), Sam Privett (lead guitar), Kalyan Rogers (bass) and Fabio Bocca (drums),, Alexis Kings have made themselves known on the London live circuit over the years, selling out crowds at Barfly in Camden and recently broadening their live shows to cities across Asia and the US.The track which was produced by Ian Dowling (Bombay Bicycle Club, Chapel Club) sets the tone for what to expect from their upcoming debut album due later this year. Velvet is set to be followed by an accompanying video with special feature from Old Men Grooving of Britain’s Got Talent.

‘Velvet’ is a smooth slick number that drifts in on a swanky funk flavoured bass and strutting panache soaked persona.Smooth velvety vocals enfold the luscious honey drizzled melody as slinky guitars sweep over it with a golden feather-light motion. The shuffling danceable funky beat and groove infested bass keeps the foundation of this track buoyant with a rock n roll hued backbone. This flaunty number glides and slides with finesse and a suaveness that leaves you in a swooning stupor. The chic guitar melodies add a glossy lustre and elegance to this old school unblemished charming track. Alexis Kings are budding nicely cultivating their sound into something beautiful and refined.

Stream ‘Velvet’ below


King Kartel ‘Brown Sugar’

King Kartel are an Indie Rock’n’roll band  from Newry Co. Down and are based in Manchester. The band have released their new single Brown Sugar’ from their upcoming EP ‘Fault By Design’. This stomping blistering number flexes, struts and sprawls in slick rock n roll bravado. Its driven by a catchy melody, jangly keys and a thumping punchy rhythm. This is one hell of a steamy belter filled with scorching sleek instrumentation and a hefty mosh ready chorus. It is one for the mania of a sticky mosh pit. The smooth melody glissades upon the brawny backdrop with elegance and class, ready for mass sing alongs while the fiery guitar strides take on a sultry persona of their own strutting, flamboyantly boasting and elegantly sweeping across the track with a red hot fearless demeanor while the rooted elastic bass and punchy drums add a beefy foundation for the guitars to flourish off. It’s catchy and melodically luscious with enough vaporous sleekness to grab attention and wrestle your ears into blissful submission.

Watch the video for  ‘Brown Sugar’ below


Miles Kane ‘Too Little Too Late’

Miles Kane is releasing his new album ‘Coup De Grace’ next month and has shared another tantalizing track from it. With Lana Del Ray and Jamie T featured on previous track ‘Loaded’ the new track ‘Too Little Too Late’ gives Jamie T another whirl. This blazing inferno blasts attitude-soaked punk with Kane’s suave rock and roll finely blended throughout. Strident guitar stings, elastic rumble on bass and rooted punchy drum whacks create the fierce backdrop for Kane’s dynamic, spirited yet effortlessly panache-soaked vocals. Gliding on passionate hot-blooded rush to the head rock and roll this track stomps in and steam rolls over all your wild expectations. The verse spits fiery attitude at neck snapping speeds while the infectious chorus cruises in, smooth velvety and effortlessly cool and that rooted ductile bass bridge is just riveting. The melodies are divine as they seep honey sweet lushness to smoothen the harsh frenzied backdrop. Kane has presented us with some exciting, thrilling and stimulating aperitifs to his upcoming ‘Coup De Grace’ album keeping us enthralled and eager as to what glorious tunes will grace our ears in August. All the tracks released so far have been breathtaking. The suspense for the album is killing me.

Stream ‘Too Little Too Late’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : LEONTAS

London based rock duo LEONTAS have released their new single ‘Rhythm  + Blues’ alongside co-single ‘Here Today’. The band revolves around singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier who met at an audition for a separate band in Camden. After the two bonded, realising their musical styles fitted perfectly together LEONTAS was born in Camden’s Creation Studios.

‘Rhythm + Blues’ is your foot stomping bluesy rock and roll banger. Drenched in strutting swagger this track slides in, cool and sassy with a raw punchy sound. Edgy guitar riffs shred through mighty drums and a sing along ready chorus. Filled with a prance inducing confidence and a smooth melody this charming number strides in on an infectious groove and sublime steamy guitar licks, oozing a bold prancing swankiness that is compelling.

‘Here Today’ takes a more chilled approach with a thumping beat setting the sturdy clap along camp fire back drop for the sprightly acoustic guitar strides and raspy vocals. Cruising on a feel good summer vibe this track glides along flooding with warmth and infectiousness. Its shaky rhythm and subtle groove infested approach will warm the cockles of your heart filling you with youthful nostalgia and chill mellow vibes. This track oozes emotion and passion in a laid back easy going manner that makes it instantly like-able and fun.

This duo have a tight sound that is brimming with swagger -their laid back approach adds a sublime relaxed vibe to the tracks while their refined musicianship and dash of sass makes for a captivating and enthralling listen.

Stream ‘Rhythm + Blues’ and ‘Here Today’ below

Miles Kane ‘Cry On My Guitar’

Miles Kane has released another new track ‘Cry On My Guitar’ from his forthcoming new album, titled ‘Coup De Grace’ which is set for release on August 10. The release marks his third solo album, following predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ is a stomping dazzler that struts in loaded with intoxicating guitar whines, thumping drums and swagger laced vocals – Kane has channeled his inner Marc Bolan. This slick frenzy of rock n roll is overflowing in steamy panache as the exhilarating chorus blasts adrenaline pumping stamina into your veins while the cool shimmy ready verses chill the feverous atmosphere. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ sounds like it could have come from the seducing glam rock mania of the 70’s with a modern Kane twist. That clap along feature, vaporous guitar solo and constant groovy backdrop drive this electrifying spectacle. It’s a swanky outburst that is sure to have your blood pumping and live audiences in a crazed frenzy. Once again Kane produces a chic riveting number that will have you dancing, attempting air guitar and just feeling like a bad ass.

Stream ‘Cry On My Guitar’ below


Carnival Club ‘Sin City’

Carnival Club have released a brand new EP ‘NOMADS & CROOKS’ its the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Magdalena’s Cape’ EP. The lead track, SIN CITY is produced and mixed by Joe Cross (The Courteeners, Hurts), with the other four tracks engineered and produced by long-time collaborator Kev Carroll. 2017 ended with Carnival Club supporting The Courteeners’ Liam Fray on his sell-out tour, strengthening their already-strong Manchester fanbase – their last three Manchester gigs have all sold out.

‘Sin City’ is a darkly coated blast of spiky indie rock that slaps, whacks and ripples all while seeping swagger from every note. Punchy drums and elastic bass hop and rebound creating a fluctuating foundation for the scorching twisted guitar riffs to ricochet off. The briery wobbly guitar distortion and brisk rhythm creates a shuffling groove that is irresistible while Kai Jon Roberts’ powerful vocals lure and ooze charisma over the catchy melody. This track hooks you from the start. It’s is a high-powered adrenaline shot of glorious panache-soaked rock and roll that is danceable and buzz filled. It’s a superb effort from this young band that is sure to make them very popular.

Watch the video for ‘Sin City’ below

Mad Ones ‘End of You’

Toronto Rock n Roll band Mad Ones have released their new single ‘End of You’.This new track is the first off their upcoming full length ‘Regretless’ which is out on March 3rd.In the beginning, the band started out as a duo and they put out their first three records that way. They toured the last album as a trio and it worked out so well that they decided to go into the studio together as a three piece and ‘Regretless’ is the result.
‘End Of You’ is a springy rubber ball bursting with exuberant bouncy percussion and lush cheerful harmonies.The infectious peppy melody is satisfyingly joyful, its packed with feet shuffling dance evoking goodness. Sharp edgy guitar adds an uplifting vitality to the track that makes you want to get up and dance. When asked about the track the band said:
“is an existential meltdown played out over the course of a 3 minute rock song. Initially it was set during the industrial revolution and written from the viewpoint of someone contemplating the value of human life and likely speculating on the existence of an afterlife. The song is also appropriately suited to the recent rise of right wing populism in the US, the strength of the opposition to it and the sinking feeling we are, as a species, doomed to repeat our mistakes”.
Right after release Mad Ones are taking off from Toronto and touring with their new lineup in Europe. For all live dates check out their website here http://www.madones.ca/
Stream ‘End Of You’ below