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Fangclub ‘Knife’


Fresh from their first UK headline tour Dublin trio Fangclub have have announced the release of their highly personal new EP titled ‘True Love’ along with their new single ‘Knife’. The 5 track EP, set for release on June 29th, is a fiery collection of Fangclub’s unique brand of alternative rock. 2018 has already been a busy one for Fangclub, having toured with The Cribs, Milk Teeth and Nervus as well as rocking the UK with their first headline tour. 2017 was a hell of a year for the band too. Not only did they release their self titled debut album (available now on Vertigo Records) to mass critical acclaim but they also toured the UK and Ireland with their own headline dates as well as playing shows with Biffy Clyro, Muse, Pixies, and SWMRS. Fangclub have gathered major attention from specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, Daniel P.Carter, Phil Taggart) with their monstrous tracks ‘Bullet Head’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Bad Words.

Now this track raises the bar. ‘Knife’ introduces a more aggressive mind destroying sound that is just fantastic.It bulldozes in with pure unruly aggro as the rooted bass boils and bubbles beneath a chilled eerie vocal line before the chorus bludgeons you with its crashing wall of sound -screaming vocals and distortion galore. It’s a thrilling, electrifying whack of gritty, rugged, garage rock at its most fermented. The drums bash your skull while the melody still firmly grips the pop infectiousness of their previous tracks however, the intensity is at dangerous levels. I love the energy in this track the destructive, barbaric, chaos churning and coiling for the verses becomes effervescent and erupts for the riveting chorus. This is something special.

Speaking honestly about the music and its lyrical content, enigmatic frontman Steven King said this of the EP.
“True Love is a collage of an intense year that almost ended the band.Last year I became infatuated with the idea of True Love. But not just love of a person. Love of drink, drugs, people, actions & habits. Anything can be your “One True Love” if you let it. Love can be painful. True Love can cut deep like a Knife. “Knife” was my skewed idea of an obsessed love (at the time). It’s the introduction to the EP’s theme. Am I using you or are you using me? I don’t care, I need you. Keep me alive, kill me, keep me warm, make me cold, make me happy, make me sick, wake me up & make me sleep. I don’t mind being chained to you under the blanket of True Love.”

You can catch the band live at the following shows this summer


1st Vestrock, Hulst, The Netherlands

2nd K-Fest, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland


13th 2000 Trees, Cheltenham, UK

20th Truck Festival, Oxford UK

27th Sunflower Festival, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Stream ‘Knife’ below

Johnny Yuma ‘Rest In Peace’ EP

Minneapolis, Minnesota rock trio Johnny Yuma have recently released their EP ‘Rest In Peace’. The band comprised of members Elliot Heerman on Bass and Lead Vocals, Patrick Irwin on Guitar and Jane “Damage” Halldorson on Drums have created their own brand of Dusty, Dirty, Rock’n Roll that makes for an engaging electrifying listen. From the get-go these guys blast straight into their no-nonsense raw neck snapping bluesy rock. ‘Alabama Woman’ sets the brisk tempo as crashing guitars and punchy drums whirlwind through a stop start pace while raspy vocals expel swagger soaked fiery attitude. It’s one for dizzying confusion of the sweaty mosh pits. The riff driven ‘Knock Knock’ brings us further into their blistering rock and roll as guitars jaggedly saw through pummeling drums while an elastic rumble on bass keeps the track running along. A scorching guitar solo shreds with a shrilling desert hot western vibe while the punchy rhythm trudges along keeping the rapid tempo. These guys exude a don’t mess with me attitude with slick swagger thrown on top. ‘Cellophane’ continues the relentless stamina of its predecessors while smudging a catchy 60’s- esque melody over their rambunctiously ruffled frenzy inducing garage backdrop. Razor sharp guitars once again blister and pierce throughout the track however in this track they have a slinky liquidity to their acidic sting. ’Mother’s And Sailors’ gives us a much needed breather from the heavy assault. This light county twanged ditty gives us another glimpse at Johnny Yuma’s talents. Still energetic this number is more buoyant, sweetly toned and infectiously peppy. Who can resist a cheeky little whistle along feature especially when it’s this catchy. Barn dance anyone?… don’t mind if I do. ‘Whisper’ brings us to a scuzzy end to the EP. It’s fuzzed up, lean and mean, ready for bar brawl rock and roll. It’s grungy rough and tumble with gritty guitars pulverising drums and sneering vocals that will make your blood coil and boil forcing you to mosh and jump about. Fueled by bad ass adrenaline from the deep dark depths of Minnesota these guys whack out one heck of a tune that will slap you in the face at lightning speeds.

‘Rest In Peace’ is an EP for blasting into your ears at worrying volumes while you headbang, dance and attempt air guitar like a boss. It’s a solid, swagger drenched, meaty display from the trio that will rattle your bones.

Stream ‘Rest In Peace’ below

Willie Breeding ‘Ride On’

Nashville based newcomer Willie Breeding has released his new single ‘Ride On’ with his debut album ‘Big Sky’ set for release later this summer. This lonesomely haunting western- esque track is immersed in rich wavy melodies seeped between gritty guitars that churn and coil around Breeding’s deep country baritone. The ghostly yet sweet backing vocals provided by Emily Hagihara create a chilling atmosphere as they wisp about the track while the Americana- esque sound fills it with a head strong lone ranger vibe. The guitar riff instantly grabs attention as it builds into a shrilling cinematic tremble on guitar before the guns and holster showdown. It’s nostalgically sweet yet dangerously gripping and dramatic while the melty melancholic melody flurries along-lighthearted and carefree. Perfectly crafted this track is both picturesque and musically exciting. Willie Breeding is one to keep an eye out for, his style is magnificently unique and utterly thrilling.

When asked about the track Breeding explains “It’s a song making fun of myself, When I first moved to Nashville, I used to go out and often when I would walk into the bar, I would walk straight through it and out the back door. It wasn’t a conscious thing, I almost wouldn’t even remember being in the bar. Then I would have no idea where to go or what to do. Living in New York, I always loved going out by myself. Did it for years. Nashville seemed very different. So I wanted the music to sound huge, and I had this big riff. Seemed appropriate for a song making fun of myself.”

Stream ‘Ride On’ below

New Valley Wolves ‘Cut- Throat’

New Valley Wolves are back. The Dublin rock duo will release their second record, ‘The Gospel’ EP on April 28th in The Workmans Club Dublin followed by a nationwide tour including three dates supporting the epic Black Stone Cherry. They have released their new single ‘Cut-Throat’ as a mouth-watering appetizer for us to sink our teeth into while we await the EP.

‘Cut- Throat’ is another razor-sharp, biting track from the duo with an acid coated riff driving the track to its fiery chorus. Battering drums crunch and pummel throughout with a booming body moving intensity. Its catchy chorus will have a crowd mercilessly chanting back the lyrics while the fuzz fuelled bass saws through the thick heavy sound with blood thirsty stamina. It’s a chunky, frenzy inducing track that was made for sweaty live show moshing. I can’t wait to see this live, it’s going to be massive. New Valley Wolves are using their muscular drums and heavy meaty riffs to build up their castle, define their territory and conquer the land bit by bit and with tunes like ‘Cut-Throat’ no one will get in their way.

Cut Throat is currently no.1 in the Rock Chart and 30 in the overall charts. It’s an awesome track which deserves to make top 20. Support an independent Irish rock band and download the track  here on  iTunes:



The Hemingways ‘Want It All’

The Hemingways are a five piece indie / alternative rock band from London and Essex. Consisting of Louis Takooree, James Burrage, Ben Butler, Jack Ames and Noah Henry, the quintet cite influences such as John Mayer, Kings of Leon and Led Zeppelin. Despite mostly still being in their teens, some members have been playing together for close to 10 years resulting in a musical chemistry not expected from a band of their age.

‘Want It All’ is a gritty, fiery blast of rock. The Hemingways get right to it with a blunt force of shredding riffs jaggedly sawing through punchy drums and a mosh ready wall of sound. It’s slick, rough and ready with raspy swagger-soaked vocals flooding the track with strut ready attitude and panache. Sensual bass lines teamed with a steamy guitar solo create the perfect sweat and leather rock and roll charisma while jazzy keys add a head spinning Jerry Lee Lewis- esque pizzazz. Tightly bound and richly layered these guys have created a meaty number that grabs your attention with its scuzzed-up, sleazy bluesy-smacked rock.

Stream ‘Want It All’ below

Maker ‘DEA’ Album

Kent four piece Maker will release their twelve track debut long-player, ‘DEA’, on Kidda Records on 6th April 2018. Made up of band members Alessandro Marinelli (vocals), brothers Andrew Donaldson (guitar) and Gavin Donaldson (drums) and John Austin (bass) Maker bring a sound brimming with psychedelic bluesy punch and stirred with a fist full of soul. The band have already picked-up fans in one of the world’s most acclaimed guitarists, Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes/Magpie Salute), as well as Simone Marie (Primal Scream) and Tom Meighan (Kasabian). Their debut album ‘DEA’ was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales where artists such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, Queen, Black Sabbath, Kasabian plus many more have all recorded seminal albums. Produced by Nick Brine (The Stone Roses, Oasis, Teenage Fanclub, Imelda May), the album was recorded over just fourteen days and every track was recorded with the band all together playing in the same room.

‘DEA’ is a timeless swagger filled pure rock album with all the boozy soaked blues, fire loaded soul and leather dressed suave you’d expect from this four piece. From the first shredding riff of ‘Soul’ you know your in for one hell of an album. Its gritty, rough around the edges rock with enough sass and swagger thrown in to create a sleek steamy blazing rock track. With powerful vocals and strut ready atmosphere teamed with passion and soul, it’s an anthemic and fiery start. The debut album’s title, ‘DEA’, comes from the initials of the album track ‘Dead Ends & Avenues’, a track which is about triumph in the face of adversity, making your own luck and succeeding despite life’s hurdles.It’s a foot stomping infectious number that shuffles and prances with a rebellious two finger salute. These guys keep pelting out the sizzling licks brain crashing drums and rugged brawny riffs over infectious melodies and feel good blistering stamina to create an album that is wholly satisfying and invigorating. With shredding guitar solos and oodles of red hot energy this album is locked and loaded and set to scalding temperatures. The Lenny Kravitz– esque ‘Move Your Feet’, bluesy sensual ‘Quick Getaway’ and funky flavoured ‘Curtain Call’ all ooze trade mark shots of their raw, brawny, slick rock and roll. While the sultry ‘Girl Quit Your Crying’ brings a slower tonality with its bluesy and soulful tone and sensual sway -like tempo. Featuring steamy guitar licks and a elegant piano feature before building to a mighty crescendo with punchy drums and expressive vocals this track is passionate and powerfully sharp all while cruising on sultry and sensually smooth swagger. Maker use this album to showcase the versatility in their sound as they whack out the twanging glorious ‘John’s Pharmacy’. With its country- esque twangs and glowing warmth teamed with peppy piano, it’s a joyous little ditty.There is no end to their slick rock and roll, ‘Soaked Up’ floods through reinforcing their golden rock and roll drenched flamboyance that makes you want to dance. Each anthemic track is like an instant shot of confidence and a strut ready soundtrack to boost you with feel good vibes and make you feel like you’re the sh*t. While the smooth tender tracks like ‘Comin In From The Rain’ cools the tone and sets the perfect scene for summer evening chill time. It’s delicate and passionate without becoming sappy. It is tender and emotional in a raspy sweet rock and roll way. ‘She’s On A Replay’ is a sultry dark mysterious track that is worth the wait, slotting in second last on the album it’s a strident laid back swagger laden banger steeped in spine chilling blues that creeps in, all mysterious and eerie before the explosive chorus. The intensity of the verses tease the thrilling chorus to come while slick guitar licks slither around the brawny melody and blistering riffs.The sweet warm twangs of  ‘(Little Bit Of) Soul’ brings us to a calming mellow end to the album. It’s soulful and charming with glimmering guitars behind a melty passionate melody and punchy drums which then builds into a stomping anthem. It’s a euphoric sublime end to an album that packs some mighty beefy punches and swagger soaked kicks.

Maker have already headlined many of the UK’s most prestigious venues (including rocking London’s legendary 100 Club in March 2017 as part of the ‘Best Of British Blues Explosion’), played as special guests to some of the UK’s finest artists (including band hero Wilko Johnson) and shared bills with the likes of The Cribs, Dizzee Rascal and Mark Ronson, to name but a few. The band have a handful of brand new live shows just confirmed (with further dates to be added in the near future).

‘DEA’ is released on Kidda Records on 6th April 2018 for more information head to Makers Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Makeruk/


Stream ‘Soul’ below



Novatines ‘Silver Screen’

Bath Based Alt-Rock 4 Piece, Novatines have released their new single/video ‘Silver Screen’. Released through Dirty 38 Records ahead of their UK tour in March, ‘Silver Screen’ is a statement of ethereal madness, beautifully seated in twisted, bitter-sweet detail. Following on from the group’s debut single ‘Medicine’, ‘Silver Screen’ which was recorded live and produced by the band, stretches out a vivid dream and showcases Novatines as something very real. The group have been tipped as one of the ‘hottest new UK guitar bands’ and will be touring throughout the UK this coming spring.

‘Silver Screen’ is a passionate track that builds into a powerful rock anthem. Beginning tender and sweet with twinkling guitars the four piece lull you into a melancholic dreamy state before blasting you back with their fiery instrumentation. Sharp guitars wail and sting over punchy drums while the sweet delicate melody broods throughout as if unaware of the surrounding instrumental turmoil. Shredding guitars shrill over the soft melody with a biting abrasiveness that wounds deep lacerating all in it path while pulverising drums and a hefty bass batters and bruises packing oodles of emotion and passion. It’s a sophisticated, mature offering that lays their heart on their sleeve in an exhilarating true rock and roll manner.

Watch the video for ‘Silver Screen’ Below


Mark Crozer ‘Shock To The Heart’

Alternative rock artist Mark Crozer has recently announced the release of his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. This comes after 5 albums, 4 EP’s and countless single releases as a continuation of a successful 20 year career as a musician. Crozer is best known for the song, ‘Live In Fear’, which later became the successful entrance theme song for WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and achieved over 10 million YouTube views and 2.5 million Spotify plays. Crozer and his band ‘The Rels’ had the opportunity to perform live at Wrestlemania 30 to an audience of 75,000 at New Orleans Superdome, making them one of the two British bands to have ever performed at Wrestlemania. In addition, Crozer is the bassist with alt-rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain with whom he has performed since their comeback performance at Coachella back in 2007. After a busy 2017 writing, recording and releasing his most recent album ‘Sunny Side Down’, produced by legendary REM producer Mitch Easter, Crozer chose to maintain his creative flow and upon returning from an 8 month tour with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Crozer wrote his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. Inspired by the blistering guitar riffs of the likes of Killing Joke, Pixies and Nirvana, the single is a snapshot of Mark’s long running battle with anxiety and a panic disorder.

‘Shock To The Heart’ boils, bubbles and coils with sizzling fiery alternative rock. With a rumbling bassline that sends shivers up your spine and punchy drums driving the track into a frenzy of pounding adrenaline, it’s a thrilling rush of tantalizing musicianship. Eerie vocals coo, creep and tease with goosebump inducing hysteria while scorching guitar riffs pierce through the track screeching and scalding all in their path. It’s an ominous electrifying display from Crozer and absolutely invigorating. A must listen.

Stream ‘Shock To The Heart’ below


Dirty Orange ‘X.X.X’. EP

South West London three-piece rock band Dirty Orange have released their scorching new EP ‘X.X.X’. The band comprised of members George Wilkins (guitar/ lead vox), Scott Thompson (bass), and Connor O’Shea (drums & BV) have created a collection of tracks that are so fiery, raw and gritty it demolishes all in its path. The staggeringly swagger soaked ‘Time And Again’ kicks off the EP with its driving guitar strikes and gripping scuzzy attitude. Its rock and roll stained infectious melody is so catchy and slick it slithers its way into your brain refusing to leave. Featuring a steamy guitar solo this track steamrolls in in a true grimy rock and roll kick ass fashion. ‘Dancing With The Gypsy’ follows with an Arctic Monkeys ‘Teddy Picker’- esque riff and punchy drums belting throughout pounding your skull and forcing you to mosh. With gravelly vocals and a catchy chorus, it’s another infectious fierce assault of Dirty Orange’s strut worthy panache driven rock. ‘I Don’t Mind’ follows. Another slick killer that exudes effortlessly cool sweat and leather swagger. Final track ‘Council Estate’ is a neck snapping tune, rapid lyrics glide along instrumental jabbing and a razor sharp jaunty riff. Another attitude drenched track that ensures the EP goes out as rapid, boisterous and accelerated as possible.

Keep and eye out for Dirty Orange these guys ooze swagger and attitude with tunes that seep slick fierce vapour so hot it will scald you.

Steam ‘X.X.X’ below

The Franklys ‘Keeper’

The Franklys have released their new single ‘Keeper’. Comprised of two members from Sweden and two from England, The Franklys have created something unique, commonly described by themselves as “frenetic garage rock with heavy and psychedelic overtones”. The band have built a reputation for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the London circuit and beyond with relentless touring across the UK, Europe and America the past couple of years. They are best known for being a band that can’t be pigeonholed, and have proved that by making festival appearances at both Isle of Wight 2015, Download Festival 2016 and Rebellion Festival 2017.The latest single to be released off their debut album ‘Are You Listening?’ is the fourth track ‘Keeper’. It’s a dark gritty number consumed in a dominating drum and bass combo that is chilling, haunting and enticing. This lures you ominously into the mysterious shadowed verse. Jennifer Ahlkvist’s vocals begin with an eerie whisper and build to spine chilling howls. The track progresses slowly creeping from crawly darkened rock to an upbeat indie chorus. Brawny guitar riffs hook you in while the crashing cymbals teamed with the psychedelic swirling melody traps you in the mesmerising chorus – mind boggled and entranced. It’s a sinister hair raising thick concoction of dire seduction and a thrilling listen.

Watch the video for ‘Keeper’ below