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Scally ‘Let’s F*ck’

                   Photo credit:Tanya Cullen:Bronte Photography

Mullingar rock artist Scally has just brought out the video for his third single ‘Let’s F*ck’ due for release on June 29th. The bombastic track packs a massive punch as it echoes shades of Rage Against The Machine. The track is the B-side to Scally’s latest single ‘Get Ready For War’ which was released back in March. It’s a slick raw shot of rock doused in brassy attitude. Shredding guitars crash and strike against rapid punchy drums and a groove laced bass. The track builds to a seizure inducing crescendo filled with thrilling distortion and brain spasming shrills on guitar. The riffs are well oiled and catchy while Scally’s laid back vocals daze through the verse becoming more dynamic for the brazen chorus. This high intensity track is soaked in gritty rock and roll swagger with the usual amount of pompousness you expect from Scally, however the effervescent guitar arrangement perhaps warrants this as it plows and soars through the brawny drums weaving its way around the rooted rhythmic undertow creating an ecstatic dance that practically lurches into the stomping chorus. It’s a raw lacerating groovy number that worms its way into your brain and will be next to near impossible to remove from your skull.

Scally states that the track is about “my friend who fancied this chick for ages and he just wouldn’t go over and chat to her, the verses is me telling him to grow a pair of balls and go over and talk to her and the chorus is all the things he wants to say to her but can’t”.

You can catch Scally  with his band – ‘The Dirty Rats’ live at Danny Byrnes, Mullingar on July 1st

Watch the video for ‘Lets F*ck’ below, viewer discretion is advised.


New Valley Wolves ‘GOSPEL’ EP Launch in The Workman’s Club Dublin With Support From Sub Motion and Scally

If you have a hankering for meaty, lusty rock dripping in more swagger than any one person can handle than, the Workman’s Club Dublin was the place to be last Saturday night. Dublin duo New Valley Wolves were launching their new EP ‘GOSPEL’ with support from Sub Motion and Scally.

Scally & The Dirty Rats set the night in motion with a little less on-stage antics compared to when we saw them last year. Scally is still suave on stage- jumping about as we watch him explode with an insane amount of energy while belting out tracks brimming with sock-it-to-me passion. They whack out ballsy, raw rock and roll with a relentless stamina that is one to be admired. Scally’s band – The Dirty Rats bring something magnificent to the table. Ben Mulligan on guitar continually hits the mark with slithery licks, thrilling spine-chilling shrills and such finesse that allows the nimble Eddie Reynolds on bass to bounce and rebound some funky groove filled rhythms off. “This next song is about laying around on a f**king Sunday morning and you f**king don’t know whether to ring a f**king takeaway or pull the f**king balls off yourself” Scally colourfully introduces the infectious, snappy ‘Filthy Animal’. With an attitude that screams egoistic rock and roll swagger Scally definitely grabs attention for sure, and the tunes back his persona up. They are catchy as hell and capture the beauty, brawn and panache that is punk rock in all its glory. The as of yet not quite named ‘Help’ “Well it was called help last night I can’t decide on the name” and new single ‘Get Ready For War’ demonstrate this perfectly with intricate licks, flicks and sing along ready chorus’. Scally raps and belts with enough chest-thumping pride and fiery attitude to keep you pumped and ready to join him in his Kiedis- esque dancing and limb flailing. They deal with technical difficulties like pros, and in true Kiedis manner the shirt comes off for the brazen ‘Lets Fuck’. It’s a fiery kinetic set with the blistering lead guitar leaving scorching burn marks through infectious bass grooves while Colin O’Brien literally breaks the drums with his pounding elastic beats, and to bring it all together is a charismatic, fearless frontman. The definition of swagger.

Sub Motion follow with an empowering set of catchy tunes and a sublime boisterous wall of sound. The punchy rhythm creates an easy foundation to get those body’s dancing and grooving while scuzzy guitars resonate through Rebecca Geary’s powerful vocals.  Geary is larger that life and takes on her front-woman role with a fierceness that is masterful. In fact, it was a stage brimming with charm and charisma as each member exuded their own brand of swagger. Though each track is riotous there is no shortage of fun on stage. These guys enjoy what they are doing, and boy does it show. The band are on top form all smiles and cheery. Banter is at a minimal as they waste no time whacking out their infectious tunes ‘Gun In Your Pocket’ in particular is one catchy song- you will have to prise that one out of your brain. It’s rumbling strident bassline runs along building in intensity before the track explodes with shrilling crashing guitars and mighty drums. When these guys are sleek and sultry it’s sublime ‘Headlights’ in particular comes across magnificently live. There is not doubt these guys are ones not to be missed live.


New Valley Wolves walk onstage and launch into a killer introduction to ‘Eyes on Me’. There is an air of professionalism with this duo that leaves you in awe. Singer/ guitarist Jonny Lucey’s gut-level riffs, and drummer Baz Joyce’s thunder-struck beats are incredible. Their bluesy tinged tunes are ball crushing and powerful and have the crowd moshing and dancing in no time. ‘Shake your bones’, ‘Silver Tongue’ and ‘Fire In The Blood’ are all well received as they keep the energy travelling at neck snapping speeds blasting out the monstrous tracks in their repertoire. There is no messing around, the tunes are heavy, crisp and robust. The lights go out between tracks – at times dimmed leaving just the duo’s silhouettes visible creating suspense for what’s to come. Their rip-roaring new single ‘Cut-Throat’ keeps up the constant barrage of top-quality riffs and with that sing along chorus has the crowd chanting along mindlessly. Lucy is fierce. He fist pumps the air with a stare that would curdle milk while savagely shredding through his gritty guitar riffs. Joyce pummels and batters the drums with bloodthirsty stamina which pounds through your entire body. Each track layers on another thick dollop of cool gritty intensity building the rooms energy to frenzied levels. The two spend most of their set going hell for leather and the rugged steamroller ‘Animal’ follows this vigorous trend, as members of the crowd howl and whoop. The never played live before  ‘Aloe Vera’ avalanches through with a shivering chorus while Joyce pelts out a mesmerising display of pulverizing perfection before the lean mean roar of ‘Trouble’ closes their set.

On Saturday night New Valley Wolves sounded brawny, focused and all powerful. Their raw grandeur filled with death ray fuzz and might leaves you reeling and craving for more. There is no stopping these guys. There are only two of them, but boy they sound like an army.


Crow Black Chicken and New Valley Wolves with support from Scally and Stitch Jones at The Workman’s Club Dublin

I was invited to The Workman’s Club last Friday night to see Crow Black Chicken and New Valley Wolves with support from Scally and Stitch Jones.The Workman’s Club is one of my favourite venues so naturally I didn’t refuse. Whiskey in hand I settled down to what promised to be one heck of a show.
Punk rock duo Stitch Jones kicked things off with the resounding rumbling neck snapping frenzy of ‘Beast In The Field’. Dedicating their set to their recently deceased friend Cal Grimes (who wanted to do a hip-hop album, with the lads as the backing musicians called “Space Jones”) they put on an entertaining show of witty remarks and mighty punk rock. The mischievous two piece banter between tracks about tinder dates ( hope it went well for you Watchy),voices in their heads and the wise words “smoke weed except on Wednesday”. The gritty ‘Old Public Firearm’ and lengthy robust  ‘Hold Me Klausly’ showcases their versatility as musicians. The accelerated ‘Innocent Wilson’ finishes their energetic ear popping set with pounding drums and rowdy basslines, These guys do loud rebellious tunes that scream attitude with bruising punk punches while cracking a smile. They are a really entertaining band to watch.
Scally follows. This guy has more energy than a Duracell Bunny on speed. With an Anthony Kiedis- esque persona and a swagger laden ballsy ego he strides in on a tidal wave of boisterous rock n’ roll bravado. His band The Dirty Rats are a slick bunch of lads bringing intricate suave licks and flicks, elastic grooves and body pounding drums. These guys are serious musicians that ooze finesse. Prancing around with a bottle of liquor in hand Scally embodies everything you can imagine when you think of rock n’ roll – sunglasses, attitude and panache. With catchy tracks and such a tight band behind him it’s an entertaining show brimming with insane energy. I was told before the gig  to “watch out for Scally-he’s such a front-man” and for sure he was. I definitely would recommend seeing these guys live.
Scally introduces Dublin’s fiercest rock duo New Valley Wolves. They kick off their savage set with ‘Fire In The Blood’. This set is full of dirty gritty riffs, pummelling drums and the thrilling raw sound that is New Valley Wolves. The enthusiastic crowd howl as Jonny Lucey announces “we are New Valley Wolves” before belting into another pure aggressive rock track. ‘Silver Tongue’ ‘Animal’ and ‘Shake Your Bones’ set the frenzied audience alight. These guys have established themselves as a straight up blood and sweat rock band. ‘Gospel’ has members of the audience bowing in worship, in awe of their magnificence and blood thirsty skull bashing sound. New Valley Wolves deliver a vicious raging set that fills you with a riveting pounding sound that compels you to mosh along in a delirious frenzy. They finish their powerhouse set with the rip-roaring single ‘Trouble’ . These guys never disappoint, always delivering a crushing performance.
The bluesy rock’n roll Crow Black Chicken follow with a hour and a half set of sweet southern twangs and rich accelerated rhythms that will rattle your bones. These guys groove and bop with swagger soaked  euphoric shrills on guitar-  it’s a shaking dancing riot. With bassist Steven McGrath stroking the fretboard of his guitar with a pint these guys have the crowd in the palm of their hand. Audience members do a wiggle flap flap dance while adding the odd chicken neck forward and back movement in there as well. With clap along friendly tracks and humorous banter from Christy O’Hanlon about 1 channel T.V.’s back in 1978 and Kool Aid drinks these guys go down a treat with the crowd. The audience shout for one more song and the trio oblige giving us one last shredding bluesy soaked rock n roll track to send us on our way.

Crow Black Chicken,New Valley Wolves, Scally and Stitch Jones are four bands you really need to see live, flying the flag for no nonsense ballsy rock and roll, all taking it to different levels and directions but delivering on top quality tunes.