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Jack Woodward ‘Rain’

Cheshire 24 year old solo artist Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘Rain’. The track was recorded in St Helens, North West England, with a production team called ‘Sugar House’ and is the 10th song that they have worked on together. Woodward has played a lot of new venues and festivals both solo and with his backing band, including performing on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people, playing the BBC Introducing Stage at Blackburn’s festival of making, playing a sold out gig at Sound in Liverpool and The Cavern Club. His last EP ‘Higher’ was met with incredible support, with tracks broadcast multiple times by BBC Introducing Lancashire, Amazing Radio, features from BBC 6 Music’s ‘Fresh Faves’ and interviews with BBC Introducing Lancashire and The ‘Warrington Guardian’

’Rain’ is a sparkling swirling concoction filled with dark stormy tones over sublime musicianship. Flashing electronics dazzle and coil above jangly guitar and spaghetti western hues. The vibrant electronics and buoyant beat keep the track bouncing along at a steady peppy pace as the mysterious haunting guitars whine and creep in filling the track with tones of uncertainty and danger. The catchy chorus and velvety vocals add an infectious gripping texture to the track while the sweet melody soothes and laments over the instrumental turmoil. It’s a compact polished number that soars to ethereal heights with sublime instrumentation and cinematic vibes that will have you on the edge of your seat.

When asked about the track Woodward said:  “‘Rain’ is about a man who has made a terrible mistake and committed a crime. He’s on the run from the world and searching for escape and solace anywhere he can find it; in his lover.”

Stream ‘Rain’ below

Maddie Stenberg ‘Take Me Home’

Liverpool based artist Maddie Stenberg has released her debut single ‘Take Me Home’. Blending haunting vocal melodies with powerful introspective lyrics, Maddie Stenberg brings her experiences to life with her intricate vocals at the heart of the whole sound. Her fusion of influences create a transporting and unique sound.Backed by an intelligent and compelling band her live shows are full of intrigue that radiate a fierce boldness that is engrossing and gripping to experience.

‘Take me home’ is an enchanting atmospheric number that flows on a surge of sweet tender emotion. Stenberg’s vocals ooze emotion as her raspy hinted tones display rich depths and lush facets of sweetness between strong intense moments. The twinkling piano adds a touch of elegance to the track while warm guitars glisten between breezy soundscapes.The song builds nicely as the beat becomes more punchy as the track takes a more vivid intense approach. With beautiful backing vocals cooing over the delicate melody its a wholly enthralling majestic song. It’s a fine debut from Maddie Stenberg- well crafted beautifully composed with a sublime blend between sweet, delicate and powerful.

Stream ‘Take Me Home’ below


Charles Cleyn ‘Decisions’

Charles Cleyn has released a video for his single ‘Decisions’. ‘Decisions’ is the title track off his debut EP. Cleyn was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. He grew up playing piano and singing songs around the supper table with the family. “Music was always playing in the house. I grew up learning how to sing harmony and how to hold a tune.” Over the years, he took what he learned in music growing up and started writing and playing his own music. Cleyn now lives in Berlin where he has recorded his debut EP, ‘Decisions’. A blend of soulful choir and majestic harmonies that perfectly match his style of combining acoustic instruments and 21st century pop rhythms.

‘Decisions’ is a charming warm little ditty that glides and bounces with golden heart warming bliss. Its sweet melody swoons upon a delicate guitar strummed backdrop before building into a singalong ready passionate chorus. Soft drums rebound off the luscious melody and delicate backing vocals creating a richly layered sublime texture.It’s a golden romantic gem that is so easy to listen to- exuding a bright sunlit radiance from every delightful note while Cleyn’s velvety vocals seep passion and honey drizzled tenderness. It’s Ed Sheeren- esque with a Tom Petty Free Fallin’ warm glow. The twinkling keys add a hint of graceful elegance and classy swirl into this sweet number.

Watch the video for ‘Decisions’ below


Isaac Gracie ‘Running On Empty’

Isaac Gracie has released the video for his new single ‘Running On Empty’. The track features on Isaac’s acclaimed eponymous debut album, ‘Isaac Gracie’ which is out now through Virgin/EMI. The video is a tongue-in-cheek look behind the scenes at the filming process of a music promo, with reference to some infamous recording stories of yesteryear. It was directed by Stephen Agnew (Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, Drenge) in Hammerwood Park, East Sussex.

The ‘Running On Empty’ album version brings us a more buoyant punchy indie sound than the beloved raw Maida Vale session. The passion still floods through like a tsunami however, Gracie livens things up a bit with a dynamic elastic rhythm bopping a danceable beat while jangly guitars stride and soar over his raw emotional filled powerful vocals. Upbeat and striking this track shreds and electrifies with lush backing vocals and a singalong anthemic chorus that will have a live audience bellowing back at the top of their lungs. It’s a hearty tune that hits you in the chest and fills you with emotion while making you want to dance. His musicianship is timeless and crisp with an intensity and lyrical quality that  is striking and has the ability to connect with every listener. ‘Running On Empty’ gives Gracie the chance to showcase how he can take this quality and deliver an energetic blistering facet to this emotional vivid sound.

Director Agnew explains about the video: “Isaac is a really interesting artist with a timeless quality, both to his music and aesthetic. This is paired with a very English sensibility. I thought it would be fun to highlight these things whilst exploring the more esoteric elements musical heritage, in a manor that wasn’t too self-regarding or dark, whilst playing with the stories that surround the recording process. This video is basically that. It draws its inspiration from all over the shop.The location is a house that Led Zeppelin owned and that actually featured in ‘The Song Remains The Same’. The video itself is comprised of references and vignettes inspired by the stranger, more esoteric moments in rock music recording history. Some are contrived, some are direct references to pretty infamous anecdotes and characters.”

Following the release of his debut album, Gracie headed out on the road across Europe and the UK in support of it. The tour stopped at his biggest show to date at London’s Hackney Empire. Gracie is now readying himself for a busy Summer of festival appearances, detailed below.

9th June – Best Kept Secret, Hilvarenbeek
23rd June- i-Days Festival, Milan
6th July – Rock Werchter, Werchter
10th June – Montreux Jazz Lab, Montreux
14th July – Gurten Festival, Bern
15th July – Citadel, London
20th July – Curious Arts Festival, South Baddesley
3rd August – Belladrum, Inverness
5th August – All Together Now, Ireland
11th August – Boardmasters, Newquay
12th August – Summer Well Festival, Bucharest
22nd August – Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
24th August – Leeds Festival
26th August – Reading Festival
1st September – Tuckerville, Enschede

Watch the video for ‘Running On Empty’ below

Andrew Puckett ‘Stronger Now’

Andrew Puckett has recently released his newest single ‘Stronger Now’, a catchy, melodic track with a deeper underlying message. With the aim of bringing meaningful messages with chart topping melodies, Andrew Puckett has drawn comparisons with the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Kodaline, yet maintains a unique position of creating high energy music with a relatable lyrical undertone. His newest single ‘Stronger Now ‘was inspired by a time in Puckett’s life when he experienced a struggle with mental health. As a message of hope, the message conveyed in the track is that although it may not feel like it, fighting to keep going every day is a small victory.

Sometimes we all need that track that will act as a mantra to keep you pushing through and ‘Stronger Now’ is exactly that- an emotive gripping number with a catchy motivational chorus to give you hope and strength. Puckett’s laid back vocals glide from a rap to a soothing coo as twinkling piano strides with a sturdy surety while also elegantly glimmering adding a delicate yet confident quality to the track. The piano glides over sticky slapping beat pulses while the infectious sweet melody embraces this endearing soundscape. It’s a gripping, enthralling indie pop track that has a touching message. Puckett has displayed his mature, moving musicianship and it’s pretty impressive.

Stream ‘Stronger Now’ below

Sydney Wright ‘Seiche’ Video Premiere

Austin-based loop-pedal pop musician Sydney Wright has released the video for her new single ‘Seiche’. Wright has been penning songs for over a decade, and while her huge voice often gets her compared to Florence and the Machine and Sara Bareilles, there’s a darker, more experimental edge to her work. Drawing heavily from hip-hop rhythms, with loops of piano, guitar, beatbox and doo-wops, Wright creates a sonically complex, live-looping, one-woman show.

‘Seiche’ is an enchanting track filled with magical melodies wrapped in a dark cloak of haunting soundscapes. Wright’s vocals are crisp and captivating as she coats the luscious melody with sweet passion. Breezy soundscapes wisp around warm elegant piano creating an ethereal heart stopping atmosphere while strings flicker in between.  The track progresses building into an anthemic power crescendo. As the track lifts to this soaring fist pumping climax Wright injects a surge of adrenaline into the song filling you with positivity and energy. She slowly crafts this track taking time to layer it meticulously, having you held in a motionless suspense feeling every note and flicker in a gripping intense manner before the great mighty release. This is a track that captures emotion and feeling perfectly and holds it, slowly dispensing it. It’s a sublime piece of work.

About the track Wright says, “The song is about hearing myself and following my own feelings and intuition, a cleansing sort of transcendence. We’re constantly bombarded with others’ projections, opinions and expectations of us. It’s easy to start believing and adopting these notions ourselves. ‘Seiche’ is about rejecting the influences that are reflections of others, and regaining freedom in our own choices and identity.”

Watch the video for ‘Seiche’ below

Mackenzie James Cregan ‘We’ll Be Here’

Mackenzie James Cregan is a Liverpool based singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles. Mackenzie puts a modern spin on his music, giving him a unique sound that includes catchy pop choruses and melodies.He first picked up a guitar at two years old and started taking lessons from his father Jim Cregan at nine years old. Since then, Mackenzie has taught himself how to play bass, drums, and piano. After living in Los Angeles his whole life, at the age of 21, Mackenzie decided to move to Liverpool, UK in the fall of 2017 to kickstart his new solo career.He has now released his new single ‘We’ll Be Here’.

‘We’ll Be Here’ is a vibrant sing along little ditty that radiates good vibes and sunshine. This peppy gem hops and bops about with a swaggering spring in its step. The buoyant beat and jangly guitar sets the groove infested foundation for you to shimmy your night away. A melty melody glissades upon this delightful foundation with a silky finesse that oozes panache and strut quality. Mackenzie’s vocals smoothen the track with a velvety sweep of prancing confidence while a steamy guitar solo injects that final blow of swanky rock & roll suave. It’s a foot tapping infectious number that will brighten your day and have you dancing and singing along in no time.

You can catch Mackenzie James Cregan live at his single release show on Friday 11th May at 24 Kitchen street in Liverpool.

Watch the video for ‘We’ll Be Here’ below

James Walker ‘Next To Me’ Remix

English singer/songwriter James Walker has released a remix of ‘Next To Me’, one of the tracks from his debut record, ‘English Bones’. It’s a chilled, delicate remix where the sweet tender melody elegantly floats along smooth indie pop soundscapes. The remix features vocals from Dutch/Ghanaian artist Josephine Zwaan who was the finalist in the national TV show ‘De Beste Singer/Songwriter’. Zwaan and Walker’s velvety vocals blend beautifully together as she adds a rich luscious Afro-pop flavour while flooding the track with warm, passionate soul. This soul ingredient freshens up the track and seeps warm heartfelt emotion into the song. The pulsing beat shifts and trips about with mellow guitar twinkling between it, creating little glorious flickers of scintillation. It’s a sublime aerial remix which takes what was already a soothing delightful gem to new heights. It’s a cool breezy new rendition of this sweet number.

Stream ‘Next To Me’ below

Sampson ‘Damned’

Halifax-born indie electro-pop artist Sampson has released her new single, ‘Damned’ off her most recent album, ‘Dark Sky Night’. This noir pop track is steeped in sultry electronics as a sticky beat slaps and gloops between Sampson’s luring coo. Its enticing as lush backing vocals add a haunting chilling quality while lamenting guitar broods in the background. The flashing swirling darkened electronics add an eerie dizzying spin to the track that dazzles and blinds building up to the crescendo. This track is superbly crafted creating moments of intensity and drama which is subdued between the gloomy darkened daydream- like soundscapes. Thoroughly thrilling and chilling this track seeps, creeps and almost wallows in a hazy sense of pessimism while building a lush electronic soundscape for its shadowy cinematic atmosphere.

When asked about the track Sampson said: “Damned, the latest single off the album, was co-written by two of my best friends – Nicole Ariana and Laurenn Marchand – at a song camp in Cape Breton Island. It’s a song about feeling stuck, and having choices to make that all bear consequences. For me, it was about whether or not I should leave somewhere and miss it, or stay while knowing something that would inevitably make me start to hate it.”

Stream ‘Damned’ below

Sundays Always Calling ‘Summer Dreams’ EP

Sundays Always Calling, the solo project of songwriter and musician Chris Gardner is set to release his new EP ‘Summer Dreams’ on 1st June 2018. Hailing from Michigan, Sundays Always Calling was formed in 2014. Discovering his love for music and writing, he released his EP ‘Sweet Sunshine’ in the same year and later released his debut album ‘At Sunrise’ in 2017. Both releases incorporate melodic qualities along with tuneful acoustic fingerpicking which is also incorporated into his upcoming release ‘Summer Dreams’ giving him a distinctive style.

‘Summer Dreams’ is a melodic and sweet collection of tracks that sway and jangle along at a gentle calming pace. Title track ‘Summer Dream’ delicately sets the EP in motion with warm acoustic tones  glowing with the zesty cosiness of subtle country guitar twang injections. The track builds becoming a little more vibrant and passionate. These songs smoothly flow into each other creating a laid back picturesque mellow listen to just relax into. ‘Nights Were Young’ and ‘Warm Night’ are your romantic slow jams as a twinkling guitar fills out the spacious contemplation and delicacy of the tracks. Each song builds nicely becoming more waltz-like or softly vibrant adding lush little shifts and richer textures each time. This EP is easy on the ears and sweetly dainty right up to closing track ‘In The Moonlight’ which brings us to a soothing heart-warming end to this dreamy EP.

Sundays Always Calling ‘Summer Dreams’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It lulls you to a tranquil dreamy state while packing it with golden sun kissed vibes.

Stream ‘Nights Were Young’  below