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Jack Woodward ‘How Can I Fall In Love’

Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘How Can I Fall In Love’. The track was recorded at Woodward’s old university, in the studios of Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University.Last year he played Live at Leeds, Manchester Academy 3, supporting Rae Morris at King Tuts, The Festival of Making for BBC Introducing in Lancashire and won a national competition to perform on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people.

‘How Can I Fall In Love’ is a warm wholesome track that glistens with cosy tones, delicate instrumentation and Woodward’s pure passionate musicianship. With its sway-like tempo elegant piano twinkles and tender guitar twangs cradled beautifully in a catchy heartfelt melody – it’s one for the sweet moments, warm embraces and evening chilling. The piano adds a dash of grandeur and class with a jazzy tone sprinkled upon the country hued guitar flickers while Woodward’s velvety vocals hold everything together in a delicate emotional wrapping of bliss. It’s quite the charming organic ditty.

Watch the video for ‘How Can I Fall In Love’ below

Alex Abbuehl ‘Black Coffee’

Italian-born,singer/songwriter Alex Abbuehl has released his debut single ‘Black Coffee’.This vaporous number swivels ever so sleekly between 70’s rock chic and laid back west coast jazz as Alex coos and passionately broods over lonesome elegant keys and a steady beat. It’s delicate and soulful as the lyrics tell a heart wrenching story while a passionate sultry backdrop pines and weeps behind his warm vocals. The piano maintains a strong position throughout the track as it intricately weaves and wonders about playfully and delicately before becoming more precise and anguish-stricken for the expressive crescendo. Soft backing vocals coo through the chorus adding a dash of chicness and refinement. It’s classy, emotional and beautifully crafted for a hair raising listening experience as Alex presents a sophisticated number filled with warm jazzy elements and a pristine, glossy melody holding it all together.

Stream ‘Black Coffee’ below

Giorgio De Palo ‘Vivid Dream’ Premiere

Driven by the peacefulness arising from the seashore where he grew up, Giorgio De Palo discloses himself through his songs, fully embracing his feelings and thoughts.Born in Rome, raised internationally and currently based in Berlin, he decided to pour himself into music striving to find his voice on small stages as a solo artist and his own sound in his bedroom.The majority of his upcoming EP ‘First Waves’, which will be released in the coming months has been created in his small home studio.

Vivid Dream’ is a dainty gem that flows elegantly as Giorgio’s sweet warm vocals caress the mellow melody delicately. This gentle melody drapes carefully around soft guitar strums and a steady drum tap. It’s a dreamy intimate folk hued ballad as the track wistfully and beautifully floats upon a laid back atmosphere and peaceful tone. Sublimely sweet and soothing every strum and note coos and calms you into a tranquilizing state of bliss. With golden rays of gentle sun glimmering through bright guitar jangles and a soulful guitar solo the track is enchanting, uplifting and brimming with glorious tones and oodles of passion.

About the track Giorgio explains : “Vivid Dream describes the search for a deeper truth and awareness in our ephemeral existence. It’s about being conscious of what hides beyond the surface, finding answers in the pure and majestic force of nature.”

Stream ‘Vivid Dream’ below

Chris D. Bramley ‘One Of The Boys’

Leicester indie singer/songwriter Chris D. Bramley has released his new single ‘One Of The Boys’ from his upcoming EP. Over the summer Bramley went on a mini EU tour playing a mixture of venues and intimate house shows in the Netherlands and Germany alongside German singer-songwriter Alina Lynn. Shortly after in September he embarked on a successful UK tour playing to new people in new places. Bramley has recently finished recording his debut EP which is set for release mid 2019 and his new single ‘One Of The Boys’ has already achieved radio play on BBC.

‘One Of The Boys’ jangles with indie laden guitars sparkling through the youthful zesty burst that is Chris D. Bramley’s sound. The vibrant guitar melts over the infectious melody while Bramley spatters out the snide lyrics over punchy drums and peppy buoyant rhythms.It’s a summer drenched catchy tune that has an air of early Arctic Monkeys wafting about its exterior as Bramley fleshes out his playful attitude-filled indie with effortless charm and charisma.With some really sublime, slinky guitar lines glistening throughout its an enjoyable ditty.

Stream ‘One Of The Boys’ below

Adam Melchor ‘Real Estate’

Jersey-born singer-guitarist Adam Melchor has released his new single ‘Real Estate’. Though he’s only lived in LA full-time for 3 months, Melchor’s already establishing himself in the songwriting community and counts Amy Allen (wrote Halsey’s “Without Me”, Selena Gomez’s “Back To You”) as his biggest fan. He’s also worked with Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Arlie) and Taste (Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa). Live, Adam’s played 5 sold out dates with Mt. Joy and 3 sold out dates with Mac Ayres.

Swooned in a dreamy marshmallow melody and cushioned nostalgic tones  ‘Real Estate’ is a delicate soothing gem from Melchor. Twinkling guitar melodies flutter through the track gently adding glimmers of sun speckled delight while dreamy soundscapes wisp and flutter about his warm lushly layered vocals. Tender and oh so sweet this heartwarming emotional number hits you right in the chest with its soft purity and vulnerability. It’s honest, delicate and richly crafted to create a gentle relaxing listening experience.The subtle instrumentation and passionate lyrics create a  majestic and captivating atmosphere as Melchor fills the track with warmth and longing. Easy on the ears this is a glorious track that hugs and calms your mind. It’s simply beautiful.

Stream  ‘Real Estate’ below

Kohla ‘S/he’

Edinburgh Electronic/Alt. R&B artist Rachel Johnson has released her debut single  ‘S/he’ under the moniker Kohla . A fine arts graduate Kohla was writing rock music until last year where she suffered a vocal injury and in turn listened to a lot of hip hop, alt R&B and rap while she was recovering. ‘Kohla’ is a debut of alternative R&B, influenced by Banks, FKA Twigs and James Blake among others, with ‘S/he’ being thematically about jealously, disdain and pride. The artwork was also drawn by Kohla.

‘S/he’ is a molten R&B hued number laced with tension as Kohla unfolds her carefully crafted fierce yet vulnerable sound over a gripping backdrop. Her gentle voice coos through the soft melody with her warm lower range or sweet frail and breathy falsetto creating a delicate easy on the ears seduction . The steady sticky beat is constant through the fluid haunting backing vocals and all round eerie dreamy atmosphere. It’s elegant, sassy and filled with refined class as Kohla announces herself with this steamy darkly coated track.

Stream S/he’ below

Adam French ‘Wanna Be Here’

Singer-songwriter Adam French has released his new single ‘Wanna Be Here’. Adam French is  a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Cheshire who creates songs of depth, and honesty. Following two EP releases – the past 18 months has seen French embark on a new UK headline tour, including selling out London’s Omeara in May and playing shows with some of the most exciting talent coming out of the country – Nilüfer Yanya, Jade Bird, Jacob Banks and Freya Ridings – as well as an accelerated introduction to the festival circuit playing Reading & Leeds, The Great Escape, Latitude, Festival #6 and Reeperbahn to name a few.

‘Wanna Be Here’ is the first release from his debut album, scheduled for release in 2019. This delicate and emotive number softly matures from its raw icy verses, flowing beautifully into its catchy chorus and subtly powerful crescendo. Biting guitars create a breezy ethereal soundscape as they float and soar over the punchy gripping drum beat while French’s raspy warm vocals flood the track with tender passion. Both warm and cold this track is presented with a fluidity that seeps sweetly into the ears and soothes as backing vocals lull behind the absorbing soundscape. With a delicate interior the song swirls beneath its bitter exterior of acute guitars and intense almost cinematic soundscapes.  It’s a powerful track filled with oodles of tear jerking emotion as French displays his mature organic musicianship that is destined to touch the hearts of all who listen.

Speaking on the track, French states: “‘Wanna Be Here’ is a song about the difference between happiness and comfort. As people we often mistake a comfortable habitat for love and settle for the now. It’s important to share life with somebody that makes you happy and brings out the best in you… and it’s never too late to cut loose from those who don’t.”

Watch the video for ‘Wanna Be Here’ below


Derek Martin ‘Dreaming Out Loud’


UK Singer/Songwriter Derek Martin has released his new alternative album ‘Dreaming Out Loud’. The 10 track album is what he describes as ‘the soundtrack to the life we are all living in’, with lyrics focusing on love, friendship, joy and nostalgia. His passion for music was ignited by his love of guitar, spurring him on to write from the comfort of his Scotland home.

Derek Martin unfolds his bright cheery and wholesome tunes through ‘Dreaming Out Loud’. These tracks stride along a golden ray of optimism and positivity as warm guitar melodies weave through punchy drums.‘Calm Before the Storm’ ,’Superglue’, and ‘Kindred Spirit’ douse the album in cosy,lustrous tones while ‘Life in the Minor Key’ and ‘Fleeting Mind’ add a dash of alternative gritty rock into the mix with darker tones, jagged guitars and rumble on drums. The solo’s shred their way through the tracks maintaining the snappy pace of the album as well as providing some swagger. Martin’s vocals venture from smooth and velvety to powerful and raspy, he coos through the emotional ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘While I’m Away’ which features a sublime bittersweet guitar feature and he dynamically blasts out the power chorus in ‘Dreaming Out Loud’. Each track packs in oodles of passion as the album overflows with energy and meaning from every note. Martin explores a variety of tones from vibrant, soothing and tender to swagger-inducing anthemic bangers like  ‘Graffiti on the Wall’– where the chorus has you dancing around the room without a care. His most delicate and emotional track comes in the form of the soft sweet ‘Nightingale’ which brings the album to a beautiful end.

‘Dreaming Out Loud’ is one heck of a passionate display from Derek Martin. Its honest, true and down to earth which makes it extremely relatable. The warm vibrant instruments makes these glorious tracks and come to life.

Stream  ‘Dreaming Out Loud’ the title track below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From isaac gracie

isaac gracie has launched an extended version of his debut album. The record, ‘Isaac Gracie’, is now available to purchase with three extra tracks including his recent single ‘Show Me Love’, ‘No, Nothing At All’ and this weeks worth a listen track ‘Broken Wheel’.

‘Broken Wheel’ is filled with the heartwarming musicianship we have come to love from Isaac Gracie. It’s cosy and comforting as his powerful vocals caress the beautiful melody with a confidence and reassurance that frees the mind and soothes the soul. Its passionate lyrics complement the warm acoustic guitar and spongy beat making for an ethereal ”throw caution to the wind” sense of freedom. This track is a  tightly bound gem that glistens with sun kissed delicacy while oozing tender tones. Ready for a road trip summer sing along Gracie has delivered another fresh slice of what he does remarkably well – crafted glorious wholesome tunes to wrap our delicate ears in.

Watch the video for ‘ Broken Wheel’ below


Matt Portland ‘Secondary’

London singer songwriter Matt Portland has released his new single ‘Secondary’.Portland is a solo artist who writes, produces and plays every instrument on his songs, recorded in his small home studio.The new track draws inspiration from the ballads of the late 60’s and 70’s and soundtracks from that era, attempting a modern take on the Wall of Sound.

‘Secondary’ encapsulates beautifully Portland’s wholly absorbing and carefully crafted sound. With delicate finger picked guitar and lonely guitar slide intro the track croons in with tender solitary tones and a swoony sweet 60’s melody. Building the track into a passionate ballad Portland fleshes out his lonesome Spaghetti-western sound with a steady drum thud and graceful piano element. It’s a weepy delicate number that gradually builds in emotion as more instruments are introduced to fill out the track. The guitar laments behind a rich percussive foundation while elegant strings flutter around the teary fist pump passion. Each part of the track builds upon the brooding theme as the melancholic tones flicker between a powerful tear jerking chorus. The guitar solo wails and whines with a bittersweet tone while Portland’s velvety vocals coo over this timeless wishful backdrop. It’s a well crafted track that packs one heck of an emotional punch.

Stream  ‘Secondary’ below