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Sam Hale ‘Supernatural’

Nashville-based Sam Hale, just released ‘Supernatural’,the personal first single from his upcoming EP Somewhere Between Love & War, which is set for release October 12. Sam Hale is an Iranian-American singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Hale’s musical influences have blended over time to produce a rich musical landscape consisting of ethereal synths and beats, electric guitars, and live drums.’Supernatural’ is an elastic track dipped in sweet melodies and compelling electronics. The track floats along on buoyant snappy beats glooping and slapping through a dreamy melody and delicate haunting soundscapes. The track touches upon Hale’s experience immigrating from Iran to the U.S. as a child and the strength his mother exhibited during their family’s journey. With swirling haunting electronics around stinging guitar injections ‘Supernatural’ is a mystical whirl of gripping musicianship wrapped in compact production to create a catchy number with a meaty sincere backing.

Stream ‘Supernatural’ below


Clint Wilson ‘Dark Water’ Album

Clint Wilson is set to release his new album ‘Dark Water’ on the 3rd of October. Drawing influence from the likes of Johnny Cash and Paul Kelly, Alt Country artist Clint Wilson delivers a heartfelt and beguiling experience with his newest album release ‘Dark Water’.Driven by a wish to transpose the context surrounding real life into his music, ‘Dark Water’ is injected with a feeling of authenticity that in turn makes it easily relatable. Backed by the superlative production work of Callum Barter, Dark Water provides a series of distinct conversational stories whilst remaining a captivating listening experience.

‘Dark Water’ submerges you in lush alternative country with peppy warm tones flowing over soft percussion and dynamic vocals. Dream You Were Leaving’,  ‘The River Spoke To Me’, (which was co written with Kelly Brouhaha and tells a tale of lost youth) and ‘Nothin’ To Lose’   gently introduce us to Wilson’s sound with lonesome guitar twangs and steady drum thuds. He meanders through heart warming and joyous uplifting tones while using his instrumental backdrop to lament and strike our very soul.The melodious ‘Odd Socks’, ‘Fifteen Years‘ and ‘Thin Line’ showcases the brighter side to Wilson’s sound. A zesty guitar hops and springs through a buoyant beat and lush backing vocals while Wilson coos throughout with a lively harmonica feature in ‘Thin Line’ blasting glorious rays of sunshine into the album. Using soft blues toned acoustic guitar over strong back beat grooves Wilson charms and soothes his way into your ears. From the steam train pace ofIf I Die Before I’m Twenty’ to the western- esque ‘Three Nights In El Paso’ Wilson displays his versatile songwriting- telling gripping stories all the way through these dynamic tunes. Wilson knows exactly where to place every instrument and melody- this is perfectly shown through  ‘Get Out Of The Wind’. Those lush backing vocals spread over beautiful guitar pines make for an enthralling listening experience with the perfect sway along backdrop to lull you into a stupor. ‘I Saw The Lightning’ closes the album encompassing all the gems of the previous tracks with dark tones haunting between deep vocals and immaculate harmonies.

Clint Wilson shows his depth and meticulous musicianship through ‘Dark Water’ to create a beguiling alternative country collection of tracks.

You can follow Clint Wilson on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/clintwilsonmusic/


Lana Del Rey ‘Venice Bitch’

Following on from last week’s release of ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’, Lana Del Rey has now released another new track ‘Venice Bitch’. The track which is expected to appear on her next album, ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ premiered as World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1 with Zane Lowe” yesterday and is available to stream and download now. Lana Del Rey is currently in the studio working with Jack Antonoff. A full-length record won’t be due for release until 2019 but Lana is excited to preview some early material from the sessions for fans.

‘Venice Bitch’ is a 10-minute span of dreamy floaty ballad -esque tones wrapped in a psychedelic prismatic  blanket. Del Rey drapes her sultry vocals over a tender first half of the track as subtle guitars twinkle about swoony strings while a sweet calming melody caresses your ears gently and delicately seeping into your mind. Del Rey’s vocals disarm and subdue with her honeyed tone lulling and cooing gracefully. This sublimely tranquilizing gem is easy on the ears as it subtly builds becoming a little more obscure with the psychedelic tones steering the track into a kaleidoscopic daze. Just as you are melting into its soothing moody hazy vibe the track slides into a falling hallucinogenic bottomless dream of weaving almost dizzying soundscapes and distorted lingering guitar fuzz while Del Rey laments above this woozy backdrop. It’s a gripping unique number from Lana Del Rey.

Watch the video for ‘Venice Bitch’ below

Jack Woodward ‘Look Looking Around’

25 year old singer-songwriter Jack Woodward, is set to release his new single ‘Look Looking Around’ on Thursday 20th September which was written and produced last year with the production duo ‘Sugar House’ in St Helens. Woodward has  played many gigs with his backing band in towns and cities around the North-West of England such as Wigan, Warrington, Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester as well as performing on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people, the BBC Introducing Stage at Blackburn’s festival of making, a sold out gig at Sound in Liverpool and The Cavern Club and supported ‘Rae Morris’ at King Tuts in Glasgow.’Look Looking Around’ is being released as a double single along with Woodward’s song ‘Let it Happen’ which he released last March. Both tracks on the double single have already been played multiple times by ‘BBC Introducing Radio Lancashire’ and ‘Amazing Radio’ with great support at blogs and radio stations too, and have so far been received well by fans at gigs and critics alike.

‘Look Looking Around’ rushes in on a whirring spur of youthful adrenaline aloft a punchy anthemic indie foundation. Dynamic drums pound through with relentless foot stomping stamina while jangly energised guitars weave, wail and slickly entwine the smooth heartwarming melody and velvety vocals. This track has the balance on point – the edgy powerful instrumental backdrop oozes confidence and swagger while the melty ear-worm melody glides over this animated explosion with sweet luscious grandeur and finesse. Brimming with heart stopping warmth with some glorious melodic lines glimmering throughout,  it’s peppy, anthemic and one to have a live audience bellowing out and uncontrollably dancing to.

You can follow Jack Woodward on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/jackwoodwardmusic


Lana Del Rey ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’

Lana Del Rey has released her sparkling new track ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’.Lana Del Rey is currently in the studio working with Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff and is set to unveil two new songs in the coming weeks. A full-length record won’t be due for release until 2019 but Lana is excited to preview some early material from the sessions for fans. The first, ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’, was played on Annie Mac’s radio show as “Hottest Record In The World” last night and is available to stream and download now. The second track ‘Venice Bitch’ will debut next Tuesday September 18th – details to follow. Both songs will have accompanying visuals created in collaboration with her sister, mixed media artist Chuck.

‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ is a beautifully elegant number swooning in a delicious flurry of brooding melancholic romance. Graceful piano wistfully floats about the track while whining guitars lament over a steady beat and glistening bitter sweet dreamy soundscape. Del Rey’s vocals soothingly and sorrowfully coo over this delicate haze with dignity and a whispered rich warmth as lush backing vocals lull with a hushed consoling quality. This swooping, dreamy number blends perfectly into its psychedelic hues as it builds sweetly and delicately into a sublime soft crescendo. It’s another refined immaculate 1970s-style rock ballad from the noir pop goddess.

Watch the video for ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ below





Kenny Olivers ‘Don’t Come Round Here No More’

Indie Rock Artist Kenny Olivers is set to release new single ‘Don’t Come Round Here No More’ tomorrow September 14th. The single is taken from his debut album ‘You Don’t Deserve It’. This vibrant number glides upon jangly peppy guitar lines laced in slick golden sun soaked tones while laid back vocals saturate the track in easy going nonchalant vibes. Punchy drums break into a stomping feature for the stripped back chorus. The  playful guitar injections are the highlight of this track as they seem to weave and wander in a glorious haze through the track lifting it to sweet ethereal heights. It’s an easy listening tune ready for you to chill to on sunny days.

You can catch Kenny Olivers at The Victoria, Dalson, London 15th October 2018 following the release of the single, Don’t Come Round Here No More on 14th

Stream  ‘Don’t Come Round Here No More’ below




Hozier ‘Nina Cried Power’ EP

Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy nominated artist Hozier has released his new EP, titled ‘Nina Cried Power’. Consisting of four brand new tracks written and performed by Hozier, the EP’s lead single and title track features legendary soul/gospel singer Mavis Staples, with iconic musician Booker T Jones on organ.The EP release follows a trio of intimate live shows in Dublin’s Academy Theatre this week. Billed as live rehearsals with all proceeds going to three charities (Safe Ireland, One In Four, The Peter McVerry Trust), the shows are the first Irish headline performances from Hozier since late 2015. Further UK, Ireland & European dates are due to be announced on 17th September.

‘Nina Cried Power’ follows all the glorious traits we love from Hozier. It’s a bracing, wholly gripping and thoroughly satisfying collection of tracks that pack some emotional and powerful punches. Title track ‘Nina Cried Power’ surges with raw spirit and energy with a deluge of soul flooding from every note and clap. It’s a powerful and compelling track about political protest where Hozier name checks several iconic artists, activists and proponents of the civil rights movement whose messages, activism and artistry contributed to change through protest. Those mentioned in the track’s lyrics include (among others) Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, James Brown, the song’s namesake Nina Simone, and Mavis Staples. Mavis Staples’ outstanding faultless vocals feature rushing urgency and might into this goosebump inducing number. Hozier’s knack for melodies once again shines throughout this EP as he pours a bittersweet melody over the mesmerising mighty elements of soul and the lush quality of a choir. The title track alone can move mountains but Hozier has more in store for us. NFWMB’ sees the return of the acoustic tenderness with subtle sweet glimmers between the warm flickers of guitar as this track softly glows like a cosy fire flickering through a cold harsh night providing comfort and soothing tones. Hozier’s vocals coo delicately over a soft stomping beat creating that tranquilizing peace only he can produce while holding every ounce of your attention. ‘Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)’ takes on the role of showcasing the Wicklow songster’s bluesy side. Filled with passion he broods and soars  over a finger clicking feature while slinky guitar swaggers with a buoyant gritty sense of urgency. It’s catchy and energetic with perfectly placed darkened tones dispersed throughout. ‘Shrike’ demonstrates the earthy delicate tones we experienced in Hozier’s debut album with ‘In The Woods Somewhere’. His falsetto gracefully contrasting his warm lower range which quietly almost whispers the verses. There is a wood like vibe to this track with a traditional Irish tone floating about the subtle piano and ethereal atmosphere.

‘Nina Cried Power’ EP blends the bitter sweet, the delicate and powerful perfectly to create a satisfying unique experience that is Hozier’s sound. What makes his songs so special is his ability to tell a story through not only lyrics but his instruments- each guitar stroke, piano twinkle and drum stride dance through the harsh or beautiful themes with elegance and poise. They present or take the form of a different character making the tunes beautifully vivid and compelling. You can feel each emotion due to the passionate and adept placing of each instrument and percussion element.

Of the title single, Hozier says: The song was written sometime last year, my aim was to credit the actuality of hope, solidarity and love found in the human spirit at a time when their opposites were being given a mainstream platform 24/7. The song started as a tongue-in-cheek inquiry into modern popular language regarding political awareness and grew from there. In many ways the song is a thank you note to the legacy of artists from the 20th Century whose work still inspires us, and whose well we draw from in times of uncertainty. Mavis Staples is one such artist. Getting to work with her on this song was a joy, and nothing short of a dream come true.”

Stream  ‘Nina Cried Power’ EP below

Mark Pelli ‘You Changed Me’

Based between Los Angeles and Toronto, Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Mark Pelli has released his latest single ‘You Changed Me’. Co-founder for the critically acclaimed Canadian reggae-pop-fusion group MAGIC!, Pelli wrote the earworm vocal hook for their hit single ‘Rude’ which achieved #1 status on US Billboard charts for 6 consecutive weeks and also hit #1 in many other countries around the world, gaining the band and Pelli himself a Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of The Year. Mark Pelli has also performed with legendary songwriter Stevie Wonder in the south of France at a coliseum while on tour with fellow soul artist and vocalist Justin Nozuka. As well as being a prolific and experienced songwriter, Mark Pelli is also notable producer and engineer, and has produced records and tracks for many top artists including Usher, J Cole, Chris Brown, Shakira, Anthony Hamilton, Trey Songz, Sabrina Claudio, JoJo, Marsha Ambrosius, Jennifer Lopez, Classified, the legendary Diane Warren and many, many more. These credits include co-writing the 2012 hit single “Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown, co-writing “Inner Ninja” with Canadian hip-hop artist Classified ft. David Myles in 2013 and co-producing American rapper J Cole’s first album single “Kevin’s Heart” on his 2018 LP, “KOD.

‘You Changed Me’ is a delicate little retro hued charmer filled with soft instrumentation and sweet melodies wrapped in exquisite 60’s -esque sway-able tones. Pelli’s velvety vocals caress and flurry over the soothing melody with passionate and soulful tones while whirling around deep  bass lines and warm organ strides. This track glides with its heart on its sleeve – romantic and supple to whisk you into a swoony stupor of elegance and subtle finery. Featuring a slick, tender guitar solo its suave and dreamy, ready for a candlelit relaxing setting.

About the track Mark Pelli comments: “This is a bitter sweet song about love and confusion. It’s written in a classic style – I was very much influenced by the music of Sam Cooke and Smokey Robinson while writing and recording this song. I attempted to make it sound retro as if it had been recorded on an analog tape machine.”

Stream ‘You Changed Me’ below



Jane Willow ‘Onward Still’

Dublin-based Dutch folk musician Jane Willow has released her new single ‘Onward Still’. Willow is a Dutch singer-songwriter who moved to Ireland at age twenty-one to pursue music after a stint of studying songwriting at a Dutch Music College. In her music she experiments with folk, jazz and classical elements, whilst keeping her rich, soft and velvet-like voice at center stage.In recent years she has played an incredible amount of gigs, frequenting venues like Vicar  Street, Whelan’s, The Workman’s Club and Galway’s Roisin Dubh. In August 2017 she opened for Glen Hansard in Vicar Street. She followed this gig with a full band show in the Grand Social. In November Willow successfully raised over 4000 euro on fundit.ie for her first EP and has been featured on RTE Radio 1, BBC Radio Ulster and was the finalist in many songwriting/performance competitions and ‘Ones To Watch’ showcases. On her debut EP she collaborates with Dave Hingerty (drums: Kila, The Frames), Vyvienne Long (cello: Damien Rice) and regular band members Joanna Marie Burke (backing vocals), Eoin Healy (bass), Derek Copley (mandolin) and Scott Flanigan (keys). Her EP is due for release November 15th and ‘Onward Still’ is the second single from the EP.

‘Onward Still’ is a delicate wholesome number that radiates with simple glowing tones and delightful sun kissed melodies. The lush harmonies soothe and caress the sweet cosy melody while Willows warm vocals ease your mind and coo throughout this vibrant little gem. With soft guitar twangs injecting sparkling luminosity and bursts of zesty refreshing flavours this track is a golden ray of sunshine on a mild summers evening. Soft rhythms cushion and tranquilise you into a blissful swaying state of elation as the track flurries along in a graceful elegant manner. This track warms the cockles of your heart with purity and goodness as elastic bass and buoyant drums wrap you in a comfy cover while the beautiful melody melts upon the moving musical backdrop.Its a snug well crafted little ditty.

You can catch Jane Willow live at her single launch gig on Thursday Aug 30th in The Cobblestone, Dublin.

Watch the video for ‘Onward Still’ below

Kryan ‘Alone’

Dublin based singer-songwriter Kryan returns with his new single ‘Alone’. This brooding number is a piano driven emotional track that floats and glides with tender emotion and heart gripping sweetness. Kryan’s vocals command most of the attention as he delivers a passionate vocal performance while an elegant piano twinkles and glides with purity and innocence. The chorus builds becoming more intense and moving as the piano strides behind the gripping vocals creating a perfect hair raising backdrop. This is a sway-able little gem that packs in oodles of emotion and will have those tears flowing and hearts pining from the very start. It’s an honest, pure track that hits hard and shows some real talent and vocal depth. Kryan is set to release his debut EP in the Autumn so keep an eye out for that.

Stream ‘Alone’ below