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Glass Caves ‘Do You Have A Name’


Pontefract four-piece Glass Caves have released their new single ‘Do You Have a Name’. Consisting of band members Matthew Hallas, Elliott Fletcher, Will Groves and Connor Thorpe, Glass Caves have created a name for themselves from their tireless work ethic and seemingly limitless ambition teamed with carefully honed craftsmanship. This has seen them support Augustines, headline London’s Koko, and play a myriad of festivals including Isle of Wight and Reading/Leeds. Their self-funded debut album ‘Alive’ made Record Store Day’s Top 40 when it was released in 2014 and now the band are back with their new single ‘Do You Have A Name’.
‘Do You Have A Name’ displays Glass Caves knack for emotive atmospheric indie rock. Coated in nostalgic tones and smashing the rock anthem vibe this track is hard hitting heartfelt and effortlessly smooth. Creamy raspy vocals soothe and coo with sentimental yearning. Twinkling sting on guitars bring vibrancy to the track and teamed with the animated spring on drums build and lift into the elevated dynamic crescendo. Its got classic rock written all over it, polished and smoothed down to create a tender wistful driving track that has “open roads, heart on your sleeve, wind in your hair” goodness. The track has a wholesome full sound that is perfectly crafted leaving you feeling nourished and refreshed. With rich textures and cool tones this track gets better with each listen.
Watch the video for ‘Do You Have A Name’ below

Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band ‘Barely Holding On’


Paul Dunbar, formerly of Liverpool 6-piece soul/rock/blues act The Midnight Ramble, has self released his debut single ‘Barely Holding On’. The single was created with producers Marc Joy (Oasis, Primal Scream) and Paul Thompson (Ellen & The Escapades). Dunbar is recording with the newly formed Black Winter Band, Tom Cowley (Drums,Percussion,Vocals) and Callum Williams (Bass,Keys,Vocals) complete the lineup.
‘Barely Holding On’ is a warm melodic track wrapped in charming country tones and drizzled with rock elements. The passionate raspy soulful vocals and catchy sway along melody teamed with soothing mellow guitar and a steady spongy beat gives the track a bright cosy yet nostalgic and emotional tone. This track is a sweet sounding tuneful bundle of passion with tender lyrics and a sweet reminiscent tone on guitar that is thought provoking like a fond distant memory that twinkles around your mind but to far to recall fully.
Paul Dunbar & The Black Winter Band have a London launch show on Fri 28 Oct at The Century Club, Soho with promoter Success Express Music.

Stream ‘Barely Holding On’ below

The Majorleans ‘Sunrise Mary’

Indie rock ‘n roll group, The Majorleans, have dropped their new video for ‘Sunrise Mary’ from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Carouser’s End’. They produced it themselves and mixed it with Michael Tudor (The Stokes, Duncan Sheik) in Woodstock, NY. Already receiving critical acclaim from Interview Magazine, The Majorleans are continuing to make waves with their new material. ‘Sunrise Mary’ is a warm Utopian treasure with glowing guitar and a soothing melody. The velvety vocals and soft beat acts like a soft blanket it is comforting and easing to the mind. Its a bright relaxing summer jam coated in sentimental nostalgic tones. The syrupy dreamy texture swallows you up in a world of hazy sunshine and wistfulness. The guitar plays almost freely throughout the track like a ray of sunshine brightening up the tone and adding a zest and charm.
Check out the video for ‘Sunrise Mary’ below

Mayflower ‘I’m Not There’

Manchester’s smooth Rock & Roll band Mayflower have released their new single ‘I’m Not There’. Earlier this year we were impressed by  their beautiful track ‘Sienna’ resulting in a feature on it. The four piece have previously secured headline gigs at the iconic Night & Day Café, sold out a show at The Castle Hotel and had a string of shows around the Northwest and in the UK.
‘I’m Not There’ conveys the bands exquisite talent for combining soaring uplifting harmonies with a nostalgic melancholy melody that is so enticing you can loose yourself in it. The track is coated in soft beats and gentle tender instrumentation that gives a smokey, darkened, gloomy haze to the song. The reminiscent lyrics add to the nostalgic sombre tone while the guitar gives us a bright hopeful feel. It glistens and glitters throughout the track sparkling like sunlight on water catching your attention and making you feel that all is not lost.
Another fantastic and emotive track from Mayflower.
Stream ‘I’m Not There’ below


Mayflower ‘Sienna’

Mayflower are a smooth Rock & Roll band from Manchester. Formed in 2014 they have wasted no time in getting their name out there. They have secured headline gigs at the iconic Night & Day Café, a sold out show at The Castle Hotel and a string of shows around the Northwest in UK. They quickly gained the attention of Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams at BBC Introducing in Manchester and subsequently BBC 6 Steve Lamacq has expressed his interest in them.
Their track ‘Sienna’ is the song that caught my eye. It’s a beautiful melodic track full of warm hazy nostalgic vibes portraying a melancholy sombre atmosphere. With gentle guitars and soft beats while the lull of lush harmonies in the backing vocals have a relaxing effect. The delicate smooth vocals are filled with emotion and combined with the sweet backing vocals give an uplifting feel to the track. The lustrous guitar feature gives a bite to the song and an almost psychedelic feel which adds a little contrast to the velvety sound.
Looking forward to their new tune coming out mid-August we really can’t wait to hear more!
Stream ‘Sienna’ below