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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From BØRNS 


BØRNS is the stage name of American singer songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Garrett Borns. Borns released his second album ‘Blue Madonna’ earlier this year and I have been obsessed with the track ‘We Don’t Care’ ever since. Joined once again by producer Tommy English, Borns takes the delicious indie synth pop from his ‘Dopamine’ debut and fleshes it out blending in some dreamy, psychedelic, electric pop flavours along with a dash of glam sprinkled rock and roll which we see in ‘We Don’t Care’.  Its walloping Bo Diddley rhythm drives the infectious groove creating a Will Young ‘Switch It On’ – esque danceable foundation while jangly guitars slide and glide upon this sublime jittery backdrop. Borns’ nectarous vocals slither between a whisper for the enticing verses and lush falsetto for the infectious chorus. The melody is juicy and sweet honey to the ears. The sugary electronics swirl and seep between the clap along beat and fuzz filled guitar spreading a candied lusciousness throughout this electrifying gem. The layering is sublime and the track slowly builds in intensity to a dynamic feverous crescendo. It’s a slick swagger soaked display that struts with smooth precision in every note making for a consuming, enthralling and enjoyable experience. ‘We Don’t Care’ is an ear-worm you won’t be able to prise out of your mind as you dance and flop around the room.

Watch the video for ‘We Don’t Care’ below

Punketronic ‘Hello Mr Moonlight’

Indie Rock 4-Piece Punketronic have released their debut single ‘Hello Mr Moonlight’, a tribute to the late David Bowie as a thank you for giving us inspiring and uplifting music. Based in Bristol, Punketronic was formed by songwriter and multi instrumentalist Paul Tronic. Made up of band mates of 20 years from covers bands, the four piece present a fusion of new wave, synth pop and power pop with a hint of modern indie rock, giving them an edge whilst still remaining current.

Their debut single ‘Hello Mr Moonlight’ is a punchy 3 minute track, written by Paul himself. Taking influence from the likes of Blondie, Talking Heads and David Bowie, with a brit pop energy. It’s a sweetly nostalgic synth pop number driven by edgy jangly guitars and a snappy beat. The melody flows upon a groovy danceable backdrop while the synth laced soundscapes wisp and swirl about creating a spacey vibrant breath of fresh air. This radio friendly ditty floods with a catchy chorus and luscious melodies wrapped in a swoosh of shimmering electronics. The dazzling soundscapes encase the track in a delightful nostalgic euphoria while the zesty guitar injects a healthy dose of indie rock. Recorded in Paul’s home studio, ‘Hello Mr Moonlight’ was written in around an hour and self-recorded. The track is accompanied by an interesting video, recorded by George Elliott, a hotly tipped film student from Bristol.

Watch the video for ‘Hello Mr Moonlight’ below

Five Days North ‘Stranger Signs’

Winners of the 2017 Best Unsigned Band at the Best of British Unsigned Music Awards, Five Days North are set to release their new single ‘Stranger Signs’ in June. In the summer of 2016, they released their debut EP ‘Past Times’. It contained the single ‘Won’t Stop for Nothing’ which has featured on ITV’s This Morning and was released with an accompanying music video. Their second single in April 2017 ‘Shapeshifters’ and third single ‘City of Wonder’ in September 2017 have both featured on BBC Introducing. The five piece have played a multitude of live events around the UK, from great venues such as the Deaf Institute and a headline performance at Gorilla in Manchester, to festivals such as Dot to Dot 2017 and Warrington festival 2016.

‘Stranger Signs’ is a light, dazzling whack of indie pop delight. Shimmering synths flood the track with an effervescent fizz of sugar while the luscious melody flows on top with a glucose creamy texture. The twinkling guitars add flickers of scintillation to the floaty ethereal atmosphere and inject a dash of zealous edge while the danceable infectious rhythm rebounds with an energetic spring creating a dynamic rich number that is anthemic and vibrant.Darryl Messer’s vocals surge with passion and emotion as the bright lustrous soundscapes rush about with a sublime breezy  cool sun kissed vibe. ‘Stranger Signs’ is another charming gem that glitters with rich instrumentation and a meticulously layered production.

Stream ‘Stranger Signs’ below

The RPMs ‘Let Things Happen’

The RPMs are set to release their new single ‘Let Things Happen’ via Xtra Mile Recordings on June 29 across all digital formats. The band was formed in Dorset by childhood friends Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar) and Callum James, (drums and backing vocals). Following a move to Brighton they were joined by Miguel Cosme on bass and gained early momentum in 2016 for their debut EP, ‘Digital Disobedience, followed by their second EP in 2017, ‘Agents of Change’ released via Xtra Mile Recordings. Inspired by the support of singles ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Things I Forgot To Do’, The RPM’s expanded to a five piece, adding in Chris Bowden on keyboards and Ollie Summer on lead guitar to create a larger live sound and carve out a more ambitious sonic direction.The RPMs are set to tour extensively throughout Spring and Summer in support of ‘Let Things Happen’ and their upcoming third single for 2018, ‘Gotta Let Go’ is set for release in September via Xtra Mile Recordings.

‘Let Things Happen’ raises the bar for The RPMs to glorious new heights. This catchy track is the skittles packet of indie tunes, it’s brimming with sweet luscious melodies and juicy little glimmers on guitar to create a colourful vibrant indie track. Delicate keys flutter about the song adding shimmers of scintillation while a buoyant beat keeps the song hopping along with a joyous spring and bounce that is sublime and infectious. It’s sun kissed and chilled as the chiming guitars weave between the keys playfully- adding a chipper lustrous atmosphere. Well crafted the layers are tight and heavenly giving a rich, melodic, dreamy rush of sugar coated indie pop that is perfect for your summer playlists.

Speaking of the new single, singer Jack Valero said, “It’s written about how sometimes in life you just have to sit back and go with the flow and is very much based on where we are as a band right now. You face many difficult obstacles in life especially when you’re in a band and it’s all about how you overcome them and carry on, just like it says in the chorus ‘Pick up and start again’. It’s a positive message to not allow yourself to be defeated and also to remember sometimes to let go and live in the moment instead of trying to control it.”

You can catch The RPMs live at :

MAY 12 – Southend Chinnerys ‘Lost Minutes’ w. Sean McGowan and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly pre ‘Lost Evenings’
MAY 14 – Frank Turner Lost Evenings Festival Xtra Mile Label Night, The Roundhouse
MAY 19 – Brighton Shortts Bar – Alternative Escape – Roger Kent for Kick Out The Jams
MAY 27 – Bearded Theory Festival
JUNE 22 – Isle of Wight Festival
JULY 22 – Stockport Blackthorn Fest
AUGUST 3 – Kent, Edenbridge – LeeFest Neverworld
AUGUST 4 – Kent Edenbridge – LeeFest BBC Intro Kent Stage (Abbie McCarthy and Casey Heyburn)
AUGUST 10 – Peterborough – Green Meadows Festival
AUGUST 12 – Cornwall Boardmasters
AUGUST 26 – Warwickshire Camper Calling

Stream ‘Let Things Happen’ below

MAURITIA ‘Baby, Please’

Fresh five piece indie outfit MAURITIA have released their single ‘Baby, Please’. Consisting of childhood friends Jonathan Yeo (drums), James Hughes (rhythm guitar), Sam Copsey (bass), Sean Blenkin (lead guitar) and Josh Hedges (vocals), the band formed in early 2017. Already having the opportunity to play alongside some well established bands such as Eliza and the Bear, Clean Cut Kid and Anteros the five-piece demand attention with their catchy tracks and energetic stage presence.

Their third release ‘Baby, Please’ is a synth heavy, guitar driven track written about the importance of being open and honest in a relationship. Recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool over 4 days and produced by Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon), the single features sparkling melodic riffs that playfully weave between a buoyant peppy beat and shimmering synth backdrop. Instantly catchy this radiant number is sun kissed indie at its most dazzling. A smooth vocal line caresses the infectious honey coated melody while chiming guitars add a dash of zest and vibrancy to this breezy chilled indie pop gem. This is one for those hazy day summer playlists.

You can catch MAURITIA live at
29th May – Hull – The Sesh (Headline Slot)
17th August – Sledmere –Tribfest (Headline Slot)

Stream ‘Baby, Please’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Courtship

Courtship have released their new single ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ taken from their soon to be released debut album ‘Denial in Paradise’. It’s a refreshing swig of juicy summer pop drenched in sparkling synths and vibrant jangly guitar. With a glorious melty melody immersed in lo-fi calming vocals and luminous instrumentation this track is delightful and vivacious. The production is tight and neat with slapping beats rebounding off the swirling breezy soundscapes creating a compact tropical number that is summer sun ready, light and euphoric. This track is melodic, stripped back and grandstanding at all the right moments to create a satisfying listen. The beat in particular pulses and adds a meaty yet fluctuant texture giving a joyous rush of adrenaline through the weaving beaming soundscapes and glistening guitar. It’s a feel good instantly likeable track that is sure to coax out the sun.

Courtship have also just released a video for the single which pays homage to Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and stars actor Jack Grazer from the film IT

Watch the video for ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ below

Cocoa Futures ‘Sink in the Water’

Cocoa Futures return after a year off with a very slick number ‘Sink in the Water’. The band teamed up with producer Brendan Willams who is the handyman behind bands such as Dutch Uncles and GoGo Penguin. It’s a groove driven slice of art funk laced in rich and diverse swirling synths. Maintaining a spacious format this tack takes its time building and increasing steadily to its crescendo. Rich rhythms are plentiful as Cocoa Futures make the most of the aerial space by filling it with luscious deep percussion pulses and gooey slaps. Twinkling guitar riffs saturate the track with a zealous refreshing zest while the electronic soundscapes glisten and wisp about in a tranquilizing yet groove infested danceable manner. It’s darkly hued and tightly bound to create a wholly mesmerising, compelling listen. The velvety vocals and mellow melody subdue you into an easy going state while the fluctuant wavy percussion gives a jittery foundation to create a joyously dance ready number. It’s an ambitious and impressive tune that contains all the blissful sweetness of synth pop in its purest concentration and combines this with a healthy dose of swagger sprinkled on top.

After several sold out shows in London last year and appearances at The Great Escape, Cocoa Futures is poised to take 2018 by storm with five more releases planned to be released before the year is out.

Stream ‘Sink in the Water’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From April Towers

Nottingham duo April Towers have announced their long awaited debut album ‘Certified Freaky’ which will be released this spring through their own imprint Full Frequency Sounds/Republic of Music. To coincide with the announcement, April Towers have shared a new single ‘Tel Aviv’ which is taken from their debut. Having played together in other bands previously, the duo of Alex Noble (vocals, guitars & keyboards) and Charlie Burley (production, samples, guitars & keyboards) embarked on their latest project in August 2013 and April Towers were born. A series of 6 singles and EPs culminating in last summer’s ‘Takes One To Know One’ followed suit, one of which (2015’s ‘A Little Bit Of Fear’) earned them a place on the official FIFA 2016 soundtrack. Throughout their existence they’ve been building momentum and working towards ‘Certified Freaky’ . The single is the first song Alex and Charlie wrote together when they formed as a duo 4 years ago, ‘Tel Aviv’ is a two faced song in many ways: upbeat tempo and vocal highs are coupled with pretty dark lyrics. Recorded at Soho’s legendary Dean Street Studios (in the same room David Bowie recorded Diamond Dogs) over the course of last year, the album was co-produced by the band along with respected electronic artist/DJ Ben Pearce, mixed by Nathan Boddy (Gary Numan, Shame, James Blake) and mastered by Geoff Pesche (Gorillaz, Kylie Minogue, Pulp) at Abbey Road Studios. The whole album was crowd funded via Pledge Music and the band played a sold out show in their native city of Nottingham last September to commemorate this.

‘Tel Aviv’ is a shimmering, infectious slice of synthetic pop encased in luscious snappy soundscapes with a delicious melody iced on top. A sticky beat slaps and whacks between flashing synths and subtle swirling electronics creating a surge of adrenaline throughout the track. Smooth vocals caress this pop drizzled melody while lush backing vocals coo with an eerie haunting undertone filling out the sound. The snappy rhythm creates a dancable groove that is infectious and captivating as the ethereal soundscapes rush past giving a soaring aerial feel. It’s tightly bound to create a charming wall of sound that is captivating and utterly infectious.

April Towers’ live set has also developed over time to incorporate live bass, drums and percussion which gives it a more organic and less mechanistic feel while retaining the vibrant energy of a late night in clubland. Since forming, they’ve played numerous festivals both in the UK and Europe and this summer are already scheduled to play Y Not as well as their first ever headline slot at Deerstock in July.The duo have already confirmed a string of UK dates in April, with many more to be announced soon.


Stream ‘Tel Aviv’ below

Canto Falls ‘Tapestry’

Canto Falls are an explosive alternative indie-rock three piece based in London. Their new single ‘Tapestry’ will be released this Friday 26th. Having formed in 2016, founding members Mark Howarth and Adam Gillian quickly discovered a mutual appreciation of dense lyrics and careful musical arrangement combined with high-energy pop sensibilities and with the addition of James Thackeray’s shared eye for detail, the band’s unique and exciting sound began to take shape. Over the course of a year, the band have carefully crafted songs with exciting, high-energy compositions that demand your attention and blur the line between ‘pop’ and ‘indie-rock’. With their first single ‘Clarity’ released on the 2nd of October 2017 and the follow-up release ‘Tapestry’ set for release tomorrow, the three-piece have their sights set on making a fresh and explosive sonic impact.

‘Tapestry’ is a richly embellished über-catchy indie pop track brimming with sweet melody and vibrant colour. A lavish rumbling rhythm adds a nice whack of rough and tumble through the luscious pop speckled track. Jangly guitars glitter and sparkle throughout with delicate twinkles on keys flickering between smooth vocals and a dreamy positive melody. Its honey glazed and spongy, wrapped in candy coated refreshing pop. The sonic flecks add a shimmering magical quality while the zesty guitars provide enough sting to keep it breezy and invigorating. This sun kissed sweet little ditty will put a smile on your face and brighten any cloudy day.

For more follow Canto Falls here  https://www.facebook.com/cantofalls/


The Cheap Thrills ‘Sentimentality’

The Cheap Thrills are a garage/psych pop band from Liverpool. Renowned for producing sonic pop songs with catchy hooks and melodies crafted and then recorded in the centre of Liverpool. The band have released their new single ‘Sentimentality’ and it’s a sugar rush of indie pop bliss. It is shaken and fizzed with crashing guitars splintering off punchy robust drums which adds a healthy dose of garage grittiness. Smooth vocals surge passion and youthful adrenaline over a jumpy bass line and spacey guitars while the infectious luscious melody sweetens the deal and leaves you craving more. With shimmering flashing synths adding a rush of breezy aerial freedom it’s a blood pumping blistering gush that will have you up dancing and bellowing out the lyrics in no time. The Cheap Thrills are an exciting band that create electrifying passionate tunes that leave you itching for more.

Watch the video for ‘Sentimentality’ below