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ScoutSom ‘Shamash’ Album

Alexandre Antonio and Roberto Filippi make up the duo that is ScoutSom. They have recently released their latest album titled ‘Shamash’.

‘Shamash’ is a fizzing collection of tracks rich in body and laced in acid soaked techno. Melding retro sounds with contemporary and some trance elements ScoutSom have created an impressive riveting sound. ‘Rosemont’ and ‘Namour’ are beat heavy tracks that gloop, slap and swivel over a sticky drum pattern and pulsing electronics.The keys weave around the gripping techno daze as each track lures you deeper into ScoutSoms captivating sound. It’s chilled but bass heavy to create a cool effortless groove and chic sonic flow. ScoutSom know how to create swanky chopped danceable tracks. Smothered in dark tones ‘Karlmarxstraße’ is one eerie dazzling electronic number. Choppy beats fluctuate through ominous keys as the track builds in intensity and pressure. These guys create spacey dizzying tracks to melt and boggle your mind. ‘Rathaus Neukölln’ is how this duo bring the album to a close. With flashing electronics snapping beats and tightly weaved musicianship it’s the most animated on the EP. If mind liquefying richly textured techno is your thing then check out ScoutSom.

Stream ‘Shamash’ below