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Ten Fé ‘Coasting’

Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Coasting’ taken from their upcoming sophomore record ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’ due for release March 8th via Some Kinda Love/PIAS. This beautiful number drifts along a majestic charming melody while elegant keys flutter between a steady peppy beat and warm toned guitars. Ten Fé write music for the soul each note floods with richness and heartwarming cosiness as they blend cold fresh tones with warm glows and exquisite melodies. A little woozy, tender and dreamy -this crisp number is tight, rhythmically rich and fluid as it cruises in sweet tones and earthy flutters reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with the glorious Ten Fé stamp driving it into its most graceful and lovable state – another heavenly track from Ten Fé.

The band have just announced their biggest-yet tour of the UK, Europe & US in Spring 2019 to promote ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’ check out the dates here https://www.tenfemusic.co.uk/

Stream ‘Coasting’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ten Fé

London’s Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Echo Park’ taken from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’, due for release on Some Kinda Love/PIAS on March 8th. This dreamy laid back track glides upon a sultry bass groove as luscious guitar sweeps fill the track with an easy going vibe. The smooth melody melts upon the breezy backdrop as the warm vocals coo and soothe throughout. This mellow tune is effortlessly suave with deep lush musicianship, elastic bass and a relaxed light beat. It’s heart-felt and sweet as Ten Fé create a soft summers day tune to cruise along to.

About the track the band said: “It was written shortly after getting back from our tour of the States last year. We’d spent the last few days staying in an apartment in Echo Park, and hanging out in different places around the city, always driving around with the radio on. Our heads were still very much in that place when we returned home, and the more sultry feel of this song was evocative of that time. It’s a conversation between two friends, one offering his advice to the other – it’s in the spirit of being a band out in L.A, loved up, blissed out, getting each other’s backs “. 

The band have just announced their biggest-yet tour of the UK, Europe & US in Spring 2019 to promote ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’, and have just added new dates in Manchester UK, Washington DC, Ottowa and Montreal .Check out their facebook page for the dates here https://www.facebook.com/tenfemusic/

Stream ‘Echo Park’ below

Ten Fé ‘Not Tonight’

Ten Fé have released their new singleNot Tonight’,their second offering as a five piece. This lavish flowing number captures the blissfully melodious sound we love Ten Fé for. A majestic melody swoons over sweet toned guitar injections and dainty keys as the warm soothing vocals wrap your ears in delightful sedating bliss. It’s a soft marshmallow to submerge yourself in as the bands glorious knack for divine honey drenched melodies fill your ears with delicate passion and bitter sweet emotion. The wispy soundscapes float about the track gently adding a dreamy sun kissed atmosphere while a buoyant beat keeps a snappy foundation for the beautiful soundscapes and elegant keys to flutter around and rebound off while the exquisite guitar laments and glistens throughout. This is another glorious, heavenly summer-evening track to immerse yourself in while you nostalgically sway.


Stream ‘Not Tonight’ below

Ten Fé ‘Single, No Return’

London based Ten Fé have released their new track ‘Single, No Return’. Now a five-piece, comprised of Ben Moorhouse (vocals, guitar), Leo Duncan (vocals, guitar), Rob Shipley (bass), Johnny Drain (keys), and Alex Hammond (drums). It’s the first new single since the release of their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ earlier this year. ‘Single, No Return’ is simply euphoric. The five piece have crafted a track that displays their sophisticated refined musicianship beautifully with subtle intricate layers so tightly bound yet spaced perfectly – it’s a treasure. Flickering electronics flood the track with an airy sedative that soothes and numbs the soul. Warm sharp guitar injections add a vibrant sun kissed glow while velvety smooth hazy vocals lull you into a calming sense of comfort. Deeply passionate and delicately numbing, each note takes its time leaving a hushed sense of reflection. The track builds becoming more dynamic and bouncy creating a rush of adrenaline for the crescendo. With a nostalgic sombre drizzled sublime melody weaving free and easy around the pulsating electronics and slow groove it’s the perfect mellowed return from Ten Fé.

Stream ‘Single, No Return’ below

Ten Fé ‘Hit The Light’

London-based duo Ten Fé have released their much anticipated debut album ‘Hit The Light’.Recorded in Berlin, Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan’s stunning debut is an album to get lost in. The duo effortlessly blend blissful soft rock with psychedelic electronic rock ’n’ roll creating an album where each track warrants its place and has its own identity on the album while gliding fluidly into the next track.
‘Overflow’ kicks the album off with sweet nostalgia. Moorhouse’s warm mellow baritone soothes and cushions the listener from the bittersweet sentimental drenched track. It becomes instantly obvious these guys have a  knack for irresistible melodies that lull in the back of your mind portraying perhaps harsh sombre tones but with a grace and a delicacy that is just beautiful. With longing tapping synths, lush harmonies and rich layered echo textures Ten Fé begin to introduce us to their enthralling sound that will transport you to a mind numbing journey into a swirling world of emotions.
‘Turn’ follows dripping in sonic 80’s infused soft rock, Duncan mourns a strained relationship.Its wistful with an afflicted tone but by no means doleful. Psychedelic “wah wah” on guitar ripples through the track like a wobbly warping mirage while the soft beat peps the track up adding a lively bouncy effect. Lush harmonies are what these guy do effortlessly and it adds such a rich elegance to the track especially when teamed with a mind melting melody.
Moorhouse takes on lead vocals on the dreamy ‘Elodie’. I must confess my favourite track on the album, ‘Elodie’ is the kind of track that you fall in love with. It reduces you to a liquid substance and really shows off the duos fine musicianship. The rich, daydream tone on vocals coo and lull with lavish qualities. Its heart on your sleeve raw emotion, tender and sweet yet radiating bright vibes. With yearning lyrics and lamenting “sigh-like” backing vocals, it swoons you into a bubble of nostalgic dreaminess. The rolling piano refrain creates a swan-like elegance while the steady tempo, warm feelings and heavenly melody make this track a perfect treasure.
‘Twist Your Arm’ flurries with loose floaty ecstasy featuring a propulsive strong beat and elastic bass teamed with a stinging slide guitar. The swirling electronics chilled with breezy natural tones add a psychedelic feel. The track builds into a massive full bodied chorus with hand clapping, swaying and almost Gospel- like crescendo. With smooth vocals reaching to a dynamic falsetto this track is dynamite.
‘Another Way’ is summer in a bottle. Open roads sunshine relax and chill. Limber dainty guitar adds to the bright luminous vibe while the washed-out keys flood the track with cool relaxed tones. Its mind easing bliss with falsetto vocals and rich harmonies creating the perfect backdrop to just let everything go.
‘In The Air’ jogs along again displaying Ten Fé’s knack for ear-worm indie pop. Zesty bright guitars interplay with a steady consistent beat while Moorhouse  and Duncan’s  vocal harmonies intertwine. Its effortless cool melody and vocals give the track a mellow bright free vibe.
‘Don’t Forget’ brings us a beat driven track with a darker tone. Flashes of sharp guitar add piercing scintillation to the track while soft backing vocals echo. The track becomes more electronically heavy as it progresses building to almost an 80’s rock balled classic. Its all fist pumping vibes by the shredding guitar solo.
‘Follow’ another delightful melodic banger. Smothered in uplifting vibes with nostalgic undertones and gentle vocals. With wistful synth swirls, its tear jerking stuff that still makes you feel good.
‘Make Me Better’ blast us with strings, sticky snappy beats and a The Verve vibe mixed with  Roy Orbison-esque elements. Its dark dramatic and fantastically sharp.Its a rush of blood churning with bubbling emotions and flashes of blazing synths.Epic orchestral peaks create an anthemic explosion while a calm steady bassline grounds the track adding depth. Its larger than life and immense yet majestic. You will have stuck song syndrome with that hook on strings it will be in your head all day.
‘Burst’ bops with hopeful vitality. The use of reverb changes the track that would perhaps have been more country into a fusion with psychedelic trippy electronics. Its catchy fun and lively and twangs in all the right places.
Our journey with Ten Fé comes to and end with the tender emotional ‘July Rain’. Rich percussion perfectly placed throbs and kicks with a stomping beat.Light pitter patter adds a rain like quality while a beautiful piano feature adds grace and elegance to this emotional track. This duo are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve and its beautiful aching tracks like ‘July Rain’ that come to fruition because of this. Delicate backing vocals heighten the emotional vocals and raw lyrics. This stunning track brings the album to a heart wrenching yet satisfying end.
Ten Fé compiled a combination of impeccable songs that are a treasure. Each track flows perfectly into the next. Its an emotional journey that the band take you on with them. Giving a personal experience to every listener that makes you hold the album close to your heart. As expected Ten Fé knocked it out of the park with catchy melodies and well crafted musicianship, ‘Hit The Light’ is what we expected and more, majestic personal and larger than life.
Stream ‘Hit The Light’ below

Ten Fé ‘Twist Your Arm’

London-based duo Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Twist Your Arm’ which was produced by Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83, The Rapture). It is a taste of whats to come from their upcoming debut album ‘Hit The Light’ which is due out February 3rd. Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan have already given us the acclaimed singles ‘Make Me Better’, ‘In The Air’, ‘Elodie’ and ‘Turn’ which accumulated over 6 million streams on Spotify. ‘Twist Your Arm’ is a relaxed bouncy pop track with trippy swirling electronics chilled with breezy natural tones and soaked in effortlessly cool funky swagger. Your heart skips a beat in time with the pulsating punchy beat as the melody sweeps you up into a fluffy cloud of psychedelic bliss. This deeply yearning track twirls with loose floaty ecstasy while pulling you into its depths with the propulsive strong beat and elastic bass. The funky guitar adds an infectious groove and energetic refreshing lift to the track while the velvety smooth vocals soothe and coo with hair raisingly creamy richness and lush falsetto in the chorus. The track builds to a massive Gospel like crescendo that compels you to sing along and sway back and forth clapping along.
Each track Ten Fé have released brings something new to the table displaying fine musicianship and diversity. Their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ is going to be one satisfying feast of juicy tunes that will brighten up 2017.
Stream ‘Twist Your Arm’ below

Ten Fé ‘Overflow’

One of the most promising bands out there at the moment, London-based duo Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Overflow’. This comes with the exciting news of the release of their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ on February 3, 2017 which was recorded in the Berlin HQ of Kompakt Records with Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83, Delphic). Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan are continuing their journey of musical discovery, displaying their virtuosity with musicianship. ‘Overflow’ treats and indulges us with the perfect blend of sweet melodies coated in darkened soul tearing nostalgia. Moorhouse’s warm mellow baritone adds depth and a soothing easing comfort that shelters from the harshness of this bittersweet sentimental drenched track. With longing tapping synths, lush harmonies and rich layered echo textures Ten Fé once again knock it out of the park and prove that they are a first-rate band that can achieve world domination.
Stream ‘Overflow’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ten Fé

London band Ten Fé consist of duo of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan. We did a feature on their dreamy 80s inspired love song ‘Elodie’ earlier this year. Both their tracks ‘Elodie’ and ‘In The Air’ reached No. 2 in Hype Machine’s most popular chart and accumulated 4 million Spotify streams, whilst their debut single ‘Make Me Better’ was remixed by electronic music legend UNKLE. Ten Fé have just released their new single ‘Turn’ and we have chosen it as our worth a listen track this week. The duo weave and infuse a blissful blend of lazy mellow Americana with mists of delicate psychedelia. With sweeping compelling electronics that add a hazy opaque melancholy atmosphere to the track. The velvety smooth vocals add a tender softness to the track with lush supple harmonies that are oh so sweet and creamy adding a dainty elegance. The psychedelic guitar adds subtle sharpness and gives a sorrowful daydream effect. Ten Fé showcase their ability to show raw emotion in a gentle and compassionate manner. Another fantastic track from the duo, look forward to more and hopefully an Irish show soon.
Stream ‘Turn’ below

Ten Fé

London band Ten Fé consist of duo of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan. Their new release comes in the form of the dreamy, smooth ‘Elodie’. This is a lovely 80s inspired love song with polished production and lush harmonies. Ten Fé show off their song-writing and vocal abilities on this track, Ben is on lead vocal with a rich yet daydream tone to his voice. They create a melancholy and uplifting atmosphere that swallows you up in a bubble of nostalgic dreaminess. With their soft electronic pop style, steady tempo and warm feelings this is definitely a song to have a listen to.
Stream ‘Elodie’ below