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Isaac Gracie ‘Terrified’

Isaac Gracie has released his new single, ‘Terrified’. It’s release quickly follows his recent ‘Death of You & I’ EP, and was recorded in London. The 23-year-old London-raised singer-songwriter who sent the music industry into a fever with his debut track ‘Last Words’ has spent the last days of Autumn nestled neatly on the Radio 1 playlist (with the EP’s title track) and captivating audiences out on the roads of Europe and the UK. We are fans of Gracie here at Indie Buddie so were chuffed to hear he has released ‘Terrified’. You’ll perhaps already recognise ‘Terrified’ as a self-produced demo right back where it all started, on an EP of rough but hugely promising acoustic solo tracks and now Gracie has added a few new elements and polished it off a little. With pulses and a tender acoustic guitar accompaniment to start ‘Terrified’ pulls you into the center of its heartbroken story. The addition of the gentle elegant piano glides and sways with grandeur and innocence while guitar whines add a heart wrenching pull. The track flows fluidly and delicately into a passionate soaring chorus that surges with emotion and agonizing pain. Gracie’s vocals are immaculate as always- the depth and maturity exposing the wound within as he expresses this perfectly with every quiver, rasp and delicate coo. The lyrics are so heartfelt, lamenting and honest it’s a gripping heart wrenching performance. It’s raw, heart on your sleeve, naked emotion presented beautifully. The track has taken a new lease of life becoming explosive without sounding busy or even loud. I personally loved the rawness of the demo, but this polished little gem is one to hold dear.

With a debut album currently being finished and expected in the Spring of 2018 via Virgin EMI, and further live dates across the globe being added to almost weekly, Isaac Gracie is one not to be missed.

Watch the video for ‘Terrified’ below