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The Covasettes ‘Wild’

Manchester indie-rock band, The Covasettes​ are set to release their fourth single tomorrow October 12th. Following the success of their last single ‘Top Drawer’, which achieved over 200,000 plays on Spotify. The band comprised of Chris Buxton (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Matt Hewlett (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jamie McIntyre (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Buckley (Drums/Percussion) are back with their new single ‘Wild’.

‘Wild’ is an invigorating  buoyant slap of indie that pogo’s you into a danceable state of delight. It’s catchy and vibrant with a delicious melody gliding along a bouncy rhythm and punchy drum foundation as ethereal guitars soar and playfully weave around this exhilarating backdrop. This upbeat number is exactly why this four piece grab attention. The hooks are glorious, the bridge ready for mass clap alongs and the chorus is frenzy inducing bliss. From the groove infected jangly verses to the explosive crescendo- the track maintains its high intensity and vibrant persona that is perfect for a bouncing live setting. It’s a radio friendly, dazzling little number that fills your ears with sweet melodic elation.

Commenting on the track, The Covasettes said:  “From the minute we finished Wild, it was a song we were immediately excited about and it quickly became a staple in our setlist. We’ve been sitting on Wild for a while now and we’re so excited to be finally releasing it, it’s definitely the most hyped we’ve been for a song. Whenever we play Wild live, people always seem to get behind it and it creates such a great atmosphere in the room, so releasing Wild after Top Drawer was the obvious next step for us and we’re looking forward to seeing what the world has to say about it!”

‘Wild’ is released tomorrow for more information follow The Covasettes on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/thecovasettes/


The Covasettes ‘Top Drawer’

                                            Photo credit: Ianthe Warlow

Promising Manchester indie-rock band, The Covasettes, have released their third single ‘Top Drawer’, following the release of their last two singles, ‘This Feeling’  and ‘Wondering Why’, The Covasettes have enjoyed success so far, featuring on BBC Introducing and playing sold out shows in Manchester, Leeds, Derby and London.

‘Top Drawer’ is a fizzing blast of vibrant indie that surrounds your ears in blissful summer-soaked tones and luscious melodies. A buoyant beat hops and rebounds off exuberant weaving guitars while a peppy bassline holds it all together. This scorching dazzler is infectious and filled with glorious hooks and tasty guitar lines that leave you craving for more. With a sublime melody melting upon a vivid and radiant backdrop this wonderful tune wraps your ears in an ethereal peppy cloud of delight. Smooth velvety vocals flow upon the sweet melody while the anthemic chorus adds that instant rush of youthful adrenaline that ensures this track will be placed firmly on repeat. With its glossy lustre and irresistible infectiousness ‘Top Drawer’ is a well-crafted and thoroughly satisfying listen.

Watch the video for  ‘Top Drawer’ below

The Covasettes ‘Wondering Why’


Promising Manchester indie-rock band The Covasettes have released their second single ‘Wondering Why’.Following the success of their debut single, ‘This Feeling’, which we featured as Indie Buddie Introducing the exuberant four-piece have worked tirelessly over the last six months to bring their distinctive, catchy sound to music lovers across the country. Formed in mid 2016, the quartet have gone from strength to strength impressing music lovers and promoters alike with their energetic, anthemic live set.  In 2018 alone they have played sold out shows in Manchester, Derby and London.

‘Wondering Why’ is vivid infectious indie. Tightly weaved ethereal guitars swirl between jagged guitar riffs creating an intense bubbling and boiling effect within the track while punchy drums and nimble bass set an elastic fluctuant foundation for them to rebound off. Instantly catchy and dynamic this track surges youthful adrenaline through your veins while the luscious melody smothers the track in sweet pop wrapped goodies. The soaring breezy instrumentation packs some serious punch and the shredding guitar solo brings a slick swagger soaked quality to the track. It’s a well crafted golden number brimming with blistering instrumentation and some catchy, luxurious, anthemic melodies.

Commenting on the track, the band said: “We are so excited to announce our second single Wondering Why. It is one of the first songs we ever wrote as a band so it is a great feeling to finally be able to share it with the world. We have been working hard in the studio for the last few months creating a song that we are really proud of. To us it has everything that a good song should have, electrifying choruses, huge indie riffs and driving rhythms. Wondering Why is a song that we love to play live and always gets a crowd jumping. We are eager to share it and we hope everyone loves it as much as we do!”


Stream ‘Wondering Why’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : The Covasettes

Manchester indie-rock four piece The Covasettes​ ​have released their eagerly awaited debut single, ‘This Feeling’. Formed in mid-2016, the quartet comprised of Chris Buxton (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Matt Hewlett (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jamie McIntyre (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Buckley (Drums/Percussion) have spent the last year and a half perfecting their addictive, riff laden sound with live shows across the North. Having left a lasting impression on promoters, venues and fans with their infectious live set, The​ ​Covasettes have earned themselves a firm place amongst Manchester’s busy music scene.

‘This Feeling’ is a sizzling indie rock track that bursts with feel good vibes, sunshine and sweltering heat. It’s catchy and brimming with infectious guitar hooks. With punchy drums and a groovy hip wiggling bass line it’s an instant crowd pleaser. Sharp guitars stride and pierce through the track adding a zesty refreshing sting and instant vibrancy. Richly textured and finely layered these guys have delivered a polished indie hit. The song is well thought out and crafted with sultry lead vocals teamed with an irresistible melody and foot stomp bridge. ‘This Feeling’ is everything you could want in an indie track. A fantastic debut from The Covasettes. Watch out for these guys.

Stream ‘This Feeling’ below