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The Curious Incident ‘Got Ya’

The Curious Incident have released their new single . It is the second single from the duo’s upcoming EP “Conjugate” which is set for a January 2018 release. It follows the first single “Get What You Give” which has been nominated for Best Song at the Vocalzone Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. The band has had a busy year (both in the UK and abroad) and since playing their first show in The Netherlands in October 2016 the band have now been chosen as KX Radio’s ‘KX Talent’ in The Netherlands and have also been booked for 17 shows so far in the country’s largest travelling music festival – Popronde. “Honey Hunger”, another of the band’s singles has climbed passed the 100,000 streams mark on Spotify and their ‘Indie with a Caribbean Twist’ has been played on BBC2 and 3FM (NL), been featured on BBC Introducing and had spot plays on XFM, Absolute Radio, Wizard Radio and Amazing Radio. The boys have also gone the extra nautical mile to bring their summer vibes to the masses by teaming up with The Ice Cream Union to create the band’s very own ice cream flavour; It’s passionfruit & coconut.

‘Got Ya’ is a wiggle ready track oozing oodles of those good times and summer vibes this duo do so well. Starting simply with an acoustic guitar and smooth vocals the track unravels gently into their tropical kissed sound. The bouncy peppy beat rebounds off the sweet tender melody while the zesty sting of guitar adds a refreshing burst of vibrancy. The duo take their time with this track, with breezy soundscapes wisping into a sombre hued melody, it’s a slower deeper dose of heaven. Still remaining lively instrumentally it’s a bop and a half bursting with energy. The lush backing vocals and chilled bridge showcases their skill with adding emotion and depth to their tracks. They are blossoming nicely.

Stream ‘Got Ya’ below

The Curious Incident ‘Behaviour Saviour’

The Curious Incident are a pop/rock band with a Caribbean Twist. Based in London they have released their new single ‘Behaviour Saviour’. Kairo (Vocals, Guitar), from South Africa and Diaz (Drums, Sampling), from Indonesia found their way to England via The Netherlands and promise to make music that will “make land-lovers surf.” The band will be releasing a new single every month for the next 3 months as part of their aptly named plan – “3 Songs, 3 Months”.
‘Behaviour Saviour’ is the first instalment, an appetisingly charming slice of Caribbean-tinged indie-pop. Like being caressed by a warm, tropical breeze, The Curious Incident present us with a chirpy bouncy track coated in smooth energetic vibrancy and sun soaked wholesomeness. Soft smooth vocals glide with silky fluid textures. The deep backing vocals contrast adding a variety of textures and qualities to the track. Rich rebounding percussion and sweet tones on guitar keep the track quirky and refreshing like a cool drink on a hot day. Its a vivid floppy delight to indulge in.
You can download ‘Behaviour Saviour’ and donate whatever you think it is worth via the DONATE button here http://www.thecuriousincident.com/. Any donations will go to helping release the next few singles.
Stream ‘Behaviour Saviour’ below

The Curious Incident


The Curious Incident are a pop/rock band with a Caribbean Twist. This four- piece based in London released their EP ‘ Penny Lonesome’ in 2015 full of bright upbeat songs.They experiment with a variety of genres but the Caribbean influence is prominent throughout.
On my first listen to this band two songs in particular stood out for me the first is ‘Money’ it is an energetic song with a bouncy rhythm and is cleverly written about the universal theme money, or lack of. They use the lyrics of some of the modern artists Aloe Blacc and Sam Smith ‘Aleo Blacc He told me that ,He needs just a dollar to get by’ its a fun track with a Bob Marley feel mixed with a bit of Vampire Weekend. With added ‘la la la la’ parts and ‘hey hey’ shouts that make this song easy to sing along to after just one listen.
‘Diane’ was the second song I loved, about a cheeky youthful flirtation its a smooth easy to listen to pop track with steady foot tapping rhythm. ‘The Hunt’ follows with a more electronic sound while still holding their Caribbean style and pop bounce.
‘Penny Lonesome’ is a delightful EP and I’m glad I received a message to have a listen to this talented band as they show serious talent by fusing amazing genres together and making it sound so blissful.
They are set to play a few gigs this spring you can catch them at The Cellar (Finborough Arms) – London on 26 th March if your around go see them you wont regret it!
Stream ‘Money’ and ‘Diane’ Below