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The Empire Police ‘Modern Obsession’ EP

Preston four piece The Empire Police have released their new EP ‘Modern Obsession’, the follow up to last years self titled EP. The indie rock quartet formed in 2015 and quickly became an accomplished “live” act with a growing, energetic fan base across northern cities including Preston, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. Having had several of their songs played on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music the band continues to develop their live shows and their own unique sound.

‘Modern Obsession’ is a power-rock pumping station ready to burst with huge choruses and shredding instrumentation. The arena sing along ready title track ‘Modern Obsession’ introduces the EP with a fine sense of subtle grandeur. The catchy chorus, twinkling guitars and punchy drum stomp create a gripping atmosphere for the song. This Imagine dragons -esque ditty, swoons and soars over heartfelt melodies and crowd friendly motifs while steamy guitar solos inject a healthy dose of classic rock grit into this anthemic number.‘Fine Lines’ andAm I To Know’ thrusts some punk fire into the mix. These guys prove they can whack some gritty mosh ready heaviness into their sound seamlessly while also flickering into some funky guitar bridges and infectious smooth melodies between the crashing mania. Slick riffage is another glorious feature running riot throughout this EP, it is at its most thrilling display in ‘Vibrant Hideaway’. Gritty jagged and razor sharp, the guitar riffs slice and dice their way through this track. The Empire Police continue their blistering rock intensity with By The Scenes’ and closing track ‘Any Greater Wisdom’ as they glide a delicious melody over the vigorous instrumental. There is a residue of The Killers ‘Sams Town’ era floating about ‘By The Scenes’ as it pulses through on a gripping lamenting melody with an anthemic soaring backing of scorching guitars and pummeling drums. However The Empire Police create their own cinematic enthralling display throughout this tune.

The Empire Police have created a hook filled collection of tracks to get the heart racing and fill the soul with that adrenaline fueled sense of urgency only a solid anthemic indie rock EP can induce.

Stream below ‘Modern Obsession’ below