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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Hubbards

Riding high on a wave of praise following their most recent single ‘Just Touch’, Hull-born Leeds-based four-piece The Hubbards have already notched up support slots for the likes of stadium stars Foals and The 1975, not to mention a coveted slot at this year’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Their material has aired on both Radio One and 6Music, while previous single ‘Cold Cut’ was used on ‘Made In Chelsea’. The quartet have now released their new single ‘Body Confident’. This laid-back indie bopper cruises against a backdrop of crunching sharp guitars and punchy drums. The dazed hazy melody drifts with a woozy dreamy loftiness and ear worm infectiousness. With an air of casual easy going almost “meh” nonchalance to take the edge off the piercing dynamic soundscape it’s effortlessly cool and breezy. Elastic bass and bouncy drums give a gyrating swagger and enthralling allurement to the track. It’s smooth with a groovy mellow backbone and one for lazy hazy days.

You can catch The Hubbards Live at

7th October: Sebright Arms, London

13th October: Fruit, Hull

21st October: – The Shed, Leicester

22nd October:- The Brunswick, Brighton

Watch the video for ‘Body Confident’ below

A Chat with : The Hubbards

We caught up with The Hubbards following the release of their new single ‘Just Touch’ to have a chat and get to know them a little better.

So who are the The Hubbards and how did you decide to start a band?

The Hubbards are (in order of self importance): Joe Orlowski, Alex Green, Reuben Driver, Rónan Burns.We’re a boy band. We’re not lads . We went to sports college and started a band cos we were shit at sport.

You have just released your new single ‘Just Touch’ which follows on from your debut EP ‘Cold Cut. ‘Just Touch’ maintains the hazy laid back effortless cool vibe as the EP with a bit more punch and vibrancy, where did the beginnings of this track come to life and what was the process of making it?

The song took ages to develop, actually. Joe had a really simple guitar lick going round his head. We’d play it round and round trying to add more parts. We ended up embracing the simplicity of it which we hope gives it the cool laid back sound. I wish it was effortless.

It’s an insanely catchy track really well formed and crafted, simple witty and instantly likable did you know you had something special when you wrote this track?

We’re pretty hard on ourselves and full of self doubt so it took a few listens out of the studio to admit to each other that we were happy with it. It definitely keeps us productive not getting caught up in whether or not the last track was a banger.

Tell us a bit about making the video for ‘Just Touch’?

It was a truly awful experience. It all sounded so simple when we planned it out after a night out. We were all knackered on the day and found out the houses we wanted to use were like million miles apart. Alex fell over and Rónan had an asthma attack. It took 7 or 8 run throughs and we just had to settle on the last due to sheer exhaustion.

Your tracks are all bright catchy animated tunes with of course lots of fuzz and summer vibes is this a sound you tried to create or does it come organically?

That’s news to us. But great. Maybe it’s a byproduct of us all liking different things, some which is happy clappy Shit. We’re not exactly warm fuzzy people

What’s a live show with The Hubbards like?

You’d have to come and find out for yourself. If you enjoy it half as much as we do you won’t be needing that second white wine spritzer

Do you have a favourite song to perform live if so why?

The last one we’ve written always has an exciting energy to it. But ‘just touch’ in particular really gets us going. It’s great to play songs that people haven’t heard before and seeing them trying to sing along by the end of it

Have you had any bizarre experiences while on tour or on stage?

Last year whilst touring we stayed in what we thought was a B&B in Uxbridge but it turned out to be a hostel for rough men working on roads or something. Anyway we only had one 2 beds and 1 towel between 5 of us. On the plus side Uxbridge was sick and we all got to know each other a little bit better.

You have supported the likes of Augustines and The Pigeon Detectives have you learnt any valuable pointers from any of the acts you have supported?

It’s nice to be around people that are doing what we wanna do and are still good craic. We try do our own thing when we write and when we’re on stage. If it feels good that’s good enough for us

What’s the best advise you have been given?

“Put something on the end of it” Jeremy Kyle

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start a band?

See above. But really, just write as much as you can. Throw enough Shit something’ll stick

Do you guys have any plans to come to Ireland for a gig?

Mate we’d love to come to Ireland. Hook us up we’ll be straight on that ferry

What next for The Hubbards can we look forward to some more great tunes?

We’re writing right now and we’ll straight back into the studio when we’ve finished touring. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, get familiar with us, you can download and stream “Just Touch.” Find us on Facebook

Follow The Hubbards on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/thehubbardsband/

Stream ‘Just Touch’ below



The Hubbards ‘Just Touch’

The Hull-born Leeds-based four-piece The Hubbards will release their new single ‘Just Touch’ on March 31st in association with Scruff of the Neck Records. The band consists of members Reuben Driver (Vocals and Bass), Alex Green (Guitar and vocals), Ronan Burns (Guitar) and Joe Orlowski (Drums). A smattering of single releases have earned the band crucial early and continued support from BBC Radio 1 and 6Music, while support slots for the likes of Augustines and The Pigeon Detectives has seen the buzz that surrounds the band grow to an almost deafening level.
‘Just Touch’ is woozy hazy infectious fizzing indie. With shrilling guitar bliss, rooted driving bassline and fresh breezy vocals its blistering and sizzling with strutting swagger. Fiery drums pound while the track explodes instrumentally with piercing razor sharp guitar and ear-piercing ecstasy. Effortless cool and dreamy with red hot intensity this track is mighty and honey to the ears, you wont be able to get enough of it. Its flickering fever-causing bliss that is oh so catchy. The Hubbards have managed to encapsulate a vibe that feels both of the moment, yet ultimately timeless and riveting by blending polished pop with gritty grunge. These guys are amazing and a must listen they will fast become your favourite band.
Watch the video for ‘Just Touch’ below