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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Ringards

London indie rock quartet The Ringards have released their new single ‘Steppenwolf’. This slinky chilling number creeps in from the first drum thud as The Ringards tease and entice you into the creepy depths of their sound. Its haunting soundscapes swirl around an intoxicating guitar refrain while ominous drum rumbles and meticulously placed rhythmic taps lure you down a menacing rabbit hole of chilling doom. With deep mysterious vocals echoing through the wailing guitars this track builds in intensity as it progresses to its perilous crescendo with subtle howling, sultry guitars and haunting backing vocals. The guitars evaporate off this bewitching number with a steamy vaporous sting while the dark mysterious vocals whisper, tempt and hush you to secrecy. This is one wholly tantalizing, sticky and ominous number- perfectly crafted to leave you hooked and craving to hear it again.

Stream ‘Steppenwolf’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing: The Ringards

The Ringards are a newly formed band based in London made up of four members, Freddie (lead guitar), Gary (bass), Koby (drums) and Enzo (lead vocal and rhythm guitar).Since forming a few months ago they have been busy self-producing their songs in a small shed in one of the member’s flat. The band have played a warm up gig in France with members of the French band Papooz, where they received positive feedback and were offered a potential support slot with them for their second album. The band have also had a slot on a local radio, the Boogaloo radio, where they played The Ringards track, ‘Stay Where You Stand’. The four piece have now released their new single ‘CPS’.

‘CPS’ is honest pure vintage British indie with a rawness that evokes a cold bitter chill on your shoulders. It’s melodic with sluggishly laid-back verses that make you just want to lie there and listen, soaking up the nonchalant melancholic vibe. The chorus however explodes with shredding razor-sharp guitars that wound with a jagged shrilling sting while punchy drums erupt into spirited intense dynamism. The guitars sweet melodic melody comforts and soothes through the crisp blunt icy verses. These guys deliver an intoxicating sound that swallows you up and consumes you in the emotion of the track then whacks you back with a vibrant instrumental bashing. It’s an impressive sound from this newly formed band.

Stream ‘CPS’ below