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Tribe Society ‘We Sell Drugs’

New York four-piece Tribe Society have released their 10 track mixtape ‘We Sell Drugs’ today. Tribe Society pull in a mixture of genres from indie rock, alternative to hip-hop and electronic to create a sound that is original and signature to them.
‘We Sell Drugs’ is packed with ten bass -driven millennial anthems that will have you cruising grooving and swaying all to snappy beats and slick fluid melodies. Opening track ‘Nu Vibe’ sets the tone of this velvety mixtape. Its creamy smooth and rhythmically rich smudged in R&b soul. Its effortlessly chilled with sweet toned vocals, snappy goopy beat, sparkling synths and warm acoustic guitar feature. Heart stopping rippling beats teamed with lush vocals follow in tracks such as ‘Lonely People’, spoken vocals also feature adding firmness and earnest to the track. ‘Smoke Out The Window’ is drizzled in darker foggy electronics that have a wispy flow while the bright melody and keys create a catchy ear worm chorus. ‘Garden Of God’ gives an intense sticky eerie tone. With haunting electronic and raspy vocals however there is a brighter almost whistle- like melody featuring after the chorus that lifts the muggy gooey dark feel of the track. This track brings a rock feel while still maintaining that electronic flex beat. The tracks that follow bring a blend of hip hop soaked with fierce attitude softened by the soft synths and entangled in wandering electronics. Title track ‘We Sell Drugs’ is an infectious peppy warm song with a chorus you wont be able to prise from your brain. Its a laid back hazy track, perfect for lazy sunny days. ‘Faded Circle’ is the final track featuring distorted vocals and a sombre tone winding down a mixtape that displays Tribe Society’s masterful instrumentation which is tightly layered and rich in textures while also possessing thought-provoking lyrics.’We Sell Drugs’ is a wholly unique venture delicate and stunning while also packing a mighty electronic punch and hip hop fusions.
Stream ‘We Sell Drugs’ below