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We Three Kings ‘Give it to me, GO!’

Manchester three piece We Three Kings have released their new single ‘Give it to me, GO!’. This stomping wild fuzz-filled anthem is a brisk, all powerful assault of the blues tinged rock this trio do so well. Pulverising drums batter and punch through the track with an elastic, relentless rebound that keeps the song travelling at an intense speed. The jagged raging guitar riffs slice and dice throughout adding an edgy thrilling rawness and slick swagger to the track while the rumble on bass shakes your very soul with its rich groove infested depths and nimbility . It’s an adrenaline shot to the veins of hyperactive rock ready to cause anarchy in the mosh pit and have you punching and kicking the air wholly consumed in the utter thrill and mania of this infectious, fierce number.

Stream ‘Give it to me, GO!’’ below

We Three Kings ‘Fire’ EP

We Three Kings are a three piece blues-rock band based in Manchester UK, made up of Rich on vocals and guitar, Paul on bass and Pete on drums. Describing their sound as an original blend of rock, blues, fuzz and noise, they have been compared to bands including Rival Sons, Royal Blood and The Black Keys, with a riff-driven guitar-heavy sound reminiscent of Deap Vally, Wolfmother and The White Stripes. An experienced and high-energy live act with a massive sound. The trio have recently released their second five-track EP of new and original work titled ‘FIRE’.

‘Fire’ is a blazing five track EP asphyxiated in gritty meaty riffs and pummelling drums. Each track is a shamelessly melodic rock monster locked and loaded with enough angst, fury and infectious grooves to have you moshing and dancing in no time. ‘Sound Of The Radio’ kicks off the rough and tumble EP as their slick heavy sound stampedes in with frenzy inducing mania.‘The Barrel’ and ‘Bright Lights Of The City’ blast out heavy riffs which are laced in sensual grooves which hit through like a nail gun to the eardrum while ruthless drums savagely batter you around the head at neck snapping speeds. It’s a bloodthirsty assault and an invigorating listen. Swagger soaked vocals exude attitude into the tracks while the infectious choruses make sure these tunes aren’t leaving your head anytime soon. This trio don’t give you time to rest they whack out adrenaline surging energy track after track. ‘Uncontrollable Squeal’ continues this frenzy – bluesy and steamy with kick ass riffs that are sure to have a live audience in a dizzying moshing mess. It’s slick and cool with a bass line that holds a brawny yet elastic foundation for the hefty guitar to rebound off. ‘Invisible Man’ brings us to the end of the EP leaving you thirsty for more. It’s pumped, powerful yet extremely buoyant. The snappy rhythm is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure while a shredding guitar solo will have you on your knees doing air guitar.

‘Fire’ is a bold intensely sharp and rowdy EP from We Three Kings. It’s a speed shot of riff driven rock that is sure to be epic live.

Stream ‘Fire’ below

We Three Kings ‘Momma Said’

We Three Kings are a three piece blues-rock band from Manchester UK, comprised of members Rich on vocals and guitar, Paul on bass and Pete on drums. After years of experience playing in various touring bands, in 2016 they came together to form We Three Kings and have released their debut EP ‘Embers’. Describing their sound as an original blend of rock, blues, fuzz and noise, their influences stretch across many genres including mainstream and independent rock and blues from all over the world.
The lead track for the EP ‘Momma Said’ is a fine example of the trios gritty fuzzed bluesy sound. Bursting from the start with a hefty beefy riff this track is a booming rough and ready punch of brawny rock. Thunderous drums pound through the track with relentless stamina while the strong roar almost wail in vocals strikes you with rock anthem fury. Its rapid neck snapping mosh worthy rock all bulky and turbulent that will have a live audience in a manic frenzy. A razor sharp guitar solo and frantic instrumental finishes the track with intense energy and might leaving you wanting more.
We Three Kings will be playing live shows throughout 2017, with more new and original music already in the works so keep and eye out for that.
Get the ‘Embers’ EP here https://wethreekings.bandcamp.com/releases
Stream ‘Momma Said’ below