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Our Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stellify’s ‘Shun’

Stellify are an Alternative Rock / Fuzzy Blues band from London. Band members James Howlett (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Richard Costello (Vocals & Lead Guitar), Carlos Dittborn (Bass) and Daniel Perez (Drums) have been steadily and constantly gaining momentum since their formation in 2011.
Their new single ‘Shun’ is a blues filled, fiery rock track, with deep smouldering vocals and seductive, alluring, elastic bass. When teamed with the rapid persuasive drums in the verse they  compel your body to move. The chorus comes alive with a heavier mosh sound and more dynamic vocals which really shakes things up before the song returns again to the intense smooth tease of the verse. The psychedelic trance feel on guitar adds to the bewitching effect of this luring track.
Stellify are playing a number of shows and festivals throughout 2016 where they will be delivering blues filled fuzzy rock and roll.
You can see them at
JUN 23, The Beer Kat, London
JUL 16, Eailing Blues Festival,Walpole Park, Ealing
SEP 13, Time Out Rising Stars, 229 The Venue, London
Stream ‘Shun’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Jackals Rose’s adrenaline filled ‘D.I.D’ (or “Devil In Disguise”)

Five piece Jackals Rose are Jake James, Max James, Darren Griffiths, Zak Simmons and Grant Masters. They are a fuzz rock band from Essex. They have been smashing the live circuit with gigs at the likes of Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle and many more.’D.I.D'(or “Devil In Disguise”) is the second single from Jackals Rose, the follow up to their 2015 debut release ‘All For You’. The track was produced by Nick Gavrilovic (who tours with Placebo). It has gained them a bit of attention scoring Radio X Track of The Week, with plays across BBC Introducing, as well as being made Track of The Day by Fred Perry and Gigslutz.
‘D.I.D’ is a raw Brit-punk track crossed with Indie-rock. Its powerful vigorous guitars, forceful drums and mighty bass creates an energetic frenzy that compels you to dance and mosh. With sharp guitars that has a “The Prodigy” feel with a bit of Kasabian thrown in. The vocals are full of attitude and swagger that draws the listener in. This track maintains a rapid manic tempo throughout instrumentally, however the vocal slows things with its almost moody gritty intense tone making this song extremely easy to listen to and very catchy. The track finishes on a heavy hard core headbanging worthy pounding drums.
‘D.I.D’ is an edgy track that is an absolute must listen!
you can catch Jackals Rose live at :
Jul 22 Tramlines – The Crystal Stage,Sheffield
Aug 06 Party in the Pines, Scunthorpe
Check out Jackals Rose video of ‘D.I.D’ which was shot and edited by Liam Masters, brother of drummer Grant below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This week is Ghost Robots ‘Under Fire’

Irish five piece band Ghost Robots formally known as We The People are an alternative rock band from Waterford. Band members Michael Doyle (Vocals), Dael O’Brien (Drums), Evan Hayes (Bass), David Hearne (Rhythm Guitar) and David Rudden (Lead Guitar) have just finished recording their second EP ‘Sell It To Me’ with the song ‘Under Fire’ being the lead single and have now begun work on their first album with producer Ciaran O’ Shea.
‘Under Fire’ is a dynamic punchy indie rock track that is insanely catchy. It begins with an infectious riff that worms its way into your brain while the punchy bendy beats persuade your body to move. The vocals are sombre and almost eerie and blend perfectly with the instrumentation as they complement each other and create a dark mysterious atmosphere. The track runs steadily along as the guitars lure you to the brisk exhilarating bridge and chorus, while still holding the sombre vocal. The instrumental shakes things up a little with a swirl like effect giving a dazed and confused vibe to the track as the vocals return again for the final chorus.
‘Under Fire’ is a massive track that is not overpowering. It has cool tones with vocals that are effortlessly smooth and oozing swagger while conveying a shadowy atmosphere when teamed with the guitars and percussion.
Looking forward to hearing Ghost Robots album!
Watch ‘Under Fire’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Fickle Friends ‘Swim’

Fickle Friends are Nattassia (Natti) Shiner (vox/synth), Sam Morris (drums), Harry Herrington (bass/backing vox), Chris Hall (guitar) and Jack Wilson (synth/backing vox) from Brighton. The Indie Pop five piece released ‘Swim’ earlier this year. We are big fans of Fickle Friends hear at Indie Buddie. We have previously published a feature on their track ‘Say No More’ and were so blown away with their sound we decided to make ‘Swim’ our Worth A Listen Track this week.
‘Swim’ is a playful exuberant track that radiates sunshine from the very first note. The soft sprightly pop beats and chirpy shimmering synths give this track a bright upbeat vibe. The twinkling guitar uplifts your soul and teamed with the positive bouncy beat gives a dance quality you can’t help but bop to. The cool and sweet vocals give an airy vibe to the track like a refreshing breeze on a hot day. The lyrics have a more sombre tone as the track is about one feeling like they are drowning which adds an effective contrast, but there is hope as we are told “you are not alone” this mantra keeps the track optimistic and positive.
Another fantastic song from Fickle Friends look forward to hearing more!
Watch ‘Swim’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is ‘Ride On’ from Cherryshoes

Cherryshoes is a Psycho-pop band Fronted by the mesmerising El-Jay. They portray a hypnotic blend of dark pop that is captivating. Their single ‘Ride On’ is a well crafted psychedelic rock-pop track that consumes you in a bewitching wave of psychedelia. El- Jay’s soft vocals adds an alluring hypnotic quality to the track that could lead you down a trippy garden path. The soft instrumentation has a relaxing hex effect that places you at ease and perfectly content in this spell – like enrapture. The steady beat gives an eerie seductive tone to the track this is reinforced by the echo backing vocals. It reminds me of a succubus, a highly attractive seductress or enchantressalluring but dangerous.
Cherryshoes recently performed two sets at latitude festival and are currently recording their first album. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.
Stream ‘Ride On’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Johnny Llyod’s ‘Pilgrims’

‘Pilgrims’ is the new track from  London musician and former Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd’s début EP. This follows the amazing ‘Hello Death’ which we did a feature on last month. ‘Pilgrims’ is a swoony, hazy laid-back indie rock track. With Lloyd showing us his warm deep vocals accompanied with soft beats for the verse. With sweet luscious guitar features that add a dreamy utopian vibe. This track comes together perfectly with a romantic hopeful melody teamed with bright polished sounds and smooth creamy vocals, that still manage to hold a rawness and give this song some bite.
We are big fans of Johnny Lloyd and are looking forward to his EP ‘Dreamland’ which will be released on June 10 th via Xtra Mile Recordings.
Stream ‘Pilgrims’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stevie Appleton’s ‘This Is America’

Stevie Appleton is a Twenty six year old multi-instrumentalist from London, his long awaited new single ‘This Is America’ which was released on the 6th of May via Stevie Appleton’s own label Lucky Busker, is a bright, catchy,  feel good track full of hopeful vibes. Appletons tender voice with a slight rasp tells us a story of hope and gives a smooth feeling of optimism. With soft bouncy rhythm and beautiful piano feature this song gives you that lift you need when you feel all is lost. This song gives you a comforting support or assurance that maybe your dreams can come true. The added country twang in the middle gives a refreshing break in the song and enhances the bright vibe.
‘This Is America’ is a great introduction to Appletons style of music and we will look forward to hearing more.
You can catch Stevie Appleton on May 20 at The Mesmerist, Brighton.
Stream ‘This Is America’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Broken Hands

Formed in Canterbury, Broken Hands are brothers Dale & Callum Norton, Jamie Darby, Thomas Ford and David Hardstone. They have made a name for themselves with their fusion of space rock, psychedelic garage and blues influences, and their track ‘Four’ is a concoction of heavy dark rock that has festered and ready to explode. Its blistering energy, riffs and rhythms and loud monstrous sound make this an awesome track. The grungy bass riff adds the hard rock vibe that shakes your core and would wake the dead. The verses are full of intensity with pounding drums and sick bass as the chorus becomes more vocally melodic while instrumentally still hitting it hard. A brilliant track to mosh to! definitely worth a listen!
Stream ‘Four’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Thieves Asylum

Thieves Asylum are a Rock band from Stoke-on-Trent that consist of Joseph Tomasso (Vocals/Guitar) Dan Thompson (Drums), Alex Grocock (Vocals/ Guitar) and James Perry (Bass Guitar). Their song “MEGADRIVE” is a fantastic hard hitting rock track with heavy beats and deep striking bass pulse. With a weighty intro and fierce guitar riffs, this solid fiery track has everything you would expect from a rock song. It has an infectious chorus and swaggering vocals that oozes confidence in a cool indifferent tone while the music explodes creating a contrast right up to the crescendo as the intensity of the vocals escalates leading to a magnificent guitar solo that doesn’t disappoint. This is definitely a song that is worth a listen.
Cant wait for more music from these guys!
If you want to catch Thieves Asylum live you can see them at:
Apr 26 The Shed ,Leicester
May 01 Lymelight Festival, Newcastle,
Stream “MEGADRIVE” below

Worth A Listen

Our worth a listen track this week comes from DEAD!

Formed in early 2012 DEAD! are 5 boys from Southampton, today living in London. Their song ‘ Skin ‘ is a zestful rock track released in 2015, it starts with light plucked guitar and then storms into a hardcore rock sound with strong vocals. These guys have mastered their sound with songs that make you think WOW! I bet these guys are brilliant live. ‘Skin’ has an infectious melody with slick guitars and punchy drums. Its headbangingly good and mosh worthy. Holding its high energy all the way through you can imagine a crowd jumping and going wild to this dynamic track.

Watch ‘ Skin’ below