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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Broken Hands

Formed in Canterbury, Broken Hands are brothers Dale & Callum Norton, Jamie Darby, Thomas Ford and David Hardstone. They have made a name for themselves with their fusion of space rock, psychedelic garage and blues influences, and their track ‘Four’ is a concoction of heavy dark rock that has festered and ready to explode. Its blistering energy, riffs and rhythms and loud monstrous sound make this an awesome track. The grungy bass riff adds the hard rock vibe that shakes your core and would wake the dead. The verses are full of intensity with pounding drums and sick bass as the chorus becomes more vocally melodic while instrumentally still hitting it hard. A brilliant track to mosh to! definitely worth a listen!
Stream ‘Four’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Thieves Asylum

Thieves Asylum are a Rock band from Stoke-on-Trent that consist of Joseph Tomasso (Vocals/Guitar) Dan Thompson (Drums), Alex Grocock (Vocals/ Guitar) and James Perry (Bass Guitar). Their song “MEGADRIVE” is a fantastic hard hitting rock track with heavy beats and deep striking bass pulse. With a weighty intro and fierce guitar riffs, this solid fiery track has everything you would expect from a rock song. It has an infectious chorus and swaggering vocals that oozes confidence in a cool indifferent tone while the music explodes creating a contrast right up to the crescendo as the intensity of the vocals escalates leading to a magnificent guitar solo that doesn’t disappoint. This is definitely a song that is worth a listen.
Cant wait for more music from these guys!
If you want to catch Thieves Asylum live you can see them at:
Apr 26 The Shed ,Leicester
May 01 Lymelight Festival, Newcastle,
Stream “MEGADRIVE” below

Worth A Listen

Our worth a listen track this week comes from DEAD!

Formed in early 2012 DEAD! are 5 boys from Southampton, today living in London. Their song ‘ Skin ‘ is a zestful rock track released in 2015, it starts with light plucked guitar and then storms into a hardcore rock sound with strong vocals. These guys have mastered their sound with songs that make you think WOW! I bet these guys are brilliant live. ‘Skin’ has an infectious melody with slick guitars and punchy drums. Its headbangingly good and mosh worthy. Holding its high energy all the way through you can imagine a crowd jumping and going wild to this dynamic track.

Watch ‘ Skin’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week comes from Black Honey.

Their latest track “All My Pride” is from their forthcoming Headspin EP. Brighton band, Izzy Baxter, (vocals, guitar) Chris Ostler (guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), Tom Dewhurst (drums), deliver an infectious rock pop sound with attitude in this track.
‘All My Pride’ is a vicious post – breakup song with slick, blazing guitar. Izzy performs her vocals with such intensity and vulnerability that sucks you in and makes you listen to every word of her story. This is a very well written song. It is what I would imagine Lana Del Rey would sound like if she was in a rock band. They have the same ability to draw the listener in with nonchalant melodies only with fierce guitar. This band will definitely do well with this song as it ticks all the boxes.
Stream ‘All My Pride’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth a listen track this week comes from The Jackobins


The Jackobins are a 5-piece band from Liverpool formed in 2014. With a debut EP, Ghosts, and single ‘Waiting on the Sun’ Their latest single which came out early this year ‘One More Chance’ is a proper upbeat anthem everything about this song makes you want to get up and dance. This is a band who knows exactly what to do to liven up any crowd. This song is full of punchy beats with lively guitar riffs that all build as the song progresses. With lyrics about living life and being free. The simple but effective chorus “One more chance! You know you’ll never know…” is repeated to a high energy fist pump note.
This track is extremely well written almost with the live shows in mind as you can imagine the whole crowd shouting the chorus at the top of their lungs as they dance to this high spirited, enthusiastic anthem of freedom.
Stream “one More Chance” below

Worth A Listen


Our worth a listen track this week comes from Little Grim a four Piece band from London their single ‘ Vice’ is a dark ambient track with an intoxicating psychedelic feel. The strong bass line and guitar riff draws you into every beat and note played right up to the climax, where it becomes more grungy to make you automatically mosh until it descends into a trance finish. The Hook pulls you into a story of strong rumbling emotions while the falsetto backing vocals seems to call to you back like a haunting conscience
This band have a tight sound and a bright future ahead hope to hear more from them in 2016

Stream ‘Vice’ Below