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ZEALS ‘Ready To Fly’ EP

Somerset based three-piece, ZEALS have released their second EP ‘Ready To Fly’. The EP was recorded over the last few months at Longwave Studios in Cardiff with producer Romesh Dodangoda who’s best known for his work with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral For A Friend, Lower Than Atlantis and Twin Atlantic. The follow up to their ‘Playing Games’ EP, the new collection features five pop flavoured and addictive indie – rock tracks and includes live favourite and lead single ‘Feel It’ which is accompanied by a stunning video. ZEALS current line-up of Harrisen Larner (Vocals & Guitar), Rob Whelan (Drums)and Toby Andrews (Lead Guitar & Vocals) formed eighteen months ago in Weston-Super-Mare after taking inspiration from and sharing a mutual love of acts such as The 1975, Fickle Friends, Prides and One Republic to heavier bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis and Fatherson. Since then the band have developed a truly exciting and powerful live set that sees them play to ever growing and excitable audiences from around the Bristol area to as far afield as Austria and Hungary. This new found fanbase ensured that the aforementioned eight track long ‘Playing Games’ EP peaked at number 59 in the iTunes Rock Album Charts on its release last year.

‘Ready To Fly’ is a blood pumping rush to the head of indie rock that makes you feel every note from delicate tender to ballsy energetic anthems. It’s a youth filled five track collection to enjoy and hold dear. Lead single ‘Feel It’ kicks off the EP with bright bubbly vibes surrounded by squirts of zesty guitar and hip shaking rhythm. It’s light warm and sun kissed with a catchy chorus that displays a grittier sharp side without becoming overpowering. The sweet honey drizzled melody is so infectious and dreamy and with Larner’s velvety smooth soul infused vocals, it’s the perfect start to the EP. ’Do You Really Care’  is a massive passionate track brimming with punchy drums, razor sharp guitar and adrenaline pumping energy. It’s mosh pit, crazy jumping ready with feathery light blissful guitar and a hefty meaty rhythm. Dancing embarrassingly around the room is guaranteed with this emotionally and instrumentally explosive track. ‘Paddles’ is oh so slick. This track really shows off the sensual bluesy tinged sound of ZEALS. Swagger soaked and fiery with shredding guitars crashing against pummeling drums and a groovy hip shakingly smooth bass line. It’s a scorching, blistering Lower Than Atlantis- esque sizzler. ‘Dark Waters’ cools the tone and takes the role of the slow burning tender mood shifter. Sway-like and sweet with a punchy bopping rhythm it’s nostalgic and delicate. Lush “oooh” vocals create a sing along friendly quality to the heart-warming track. The song builds becoming a little more heavy and emotional but still maintains a light bounce and breezy vibe. ‘Ready To Fly’ brings us to an explosive end to the EP. Flickering soundscapes flash bright scintillation while punchy drums, glistening guitars and fist pump anthemic chorus create a powerful energetic rush of intensity.

ZEALS have created an EP that shows their tight plucky musicianship. It’s a treasure of tunes glowing and sparkling packed with emotion and passion that makes the listener feel every note like a spark of electricity. Each track maintains a powerful explosive stamina to keep you pumped throughout. It’s bright, light indie pop grounded by some heavy elements adding a bit of punch and gravity. Overall a sublime satisfying listen.

Stream ‘Ready To Fly’ below