The 220 Project ‘Between Two Points of Light’

The 220 Project have recently announced the release of their futuristic nine track album ‘Between Two Points of Light’. This will be the electronic duo’s second release, after productions from their first EP, ‘The Lost Particles’, received critical acclaim from ‘Getintothis’. Hailing from Bristol and Dorset, the duo have been producing music together for a number of years. This particular album was inspired by the pairs interest in space travel and science fiction which can be heard in the futuristic and ambient sounds throughout the album.
‘Between Two Points of Light’ is nine tracks of galactic futuristic psychedelic vibes. Its calm placid spacey electronics place you in a state of daze and gentle dizzy bewilderment. Deep warm basslines add texture and grounding to the hypnotic album while soft rapid beats flash like delicate laser lights giving you a blurry narcotic trip. Using a mix of analogue and digital hardware to create a bass heavy mix of psychedelic ambient techno dub featuring 303 squelches and layered synths backed up by thudding kick drums The 220 Project take you on a journey of mind boggling science fiction.
Influenced by groups such as Leftfield and System 7, the duo describe how they developed their sound,

“We’ve developed our sound, being inspired by different artists and styles of music and making something that we wanted to listen to that combined trance, acid and dub elements.”
The album ‘Between Two Points of Light’ is set to be released on 10th March 2017 and will be available via all major media providers. More information on the group can be found on their social media pages or on their official website here