The Flux Machine ‘Louder!’

The Flux Machine is Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda. They are a New York City based alternative indie rock band with an edgy hard rock sound. Their new album ‘Louder!’ was released earlier this year and it’s a tornado of hardcore rock music with some sneaky melodic pop and country aspects thrown in which make this album contagious and appealing to all.
The first track on the album is ‘Run Away’. From the start they blast you into a storm of pounding drums with a deep rooted bass that pulses through your soul. This track is full of energy with a catchy anthem like chorus that compels your body to jump and dance. With simple lyrics and “na na na” feature it’s hard to stop yourself from singing along.
‘Square Up’ follows in a grungy eerie seductive manner. The verses are full of gritty deep bewitching vocals with luring bass line and tempting drums. The track bursts into another massive energetic rock pop chorus. The contrast between the dark verses to the lighter chorus is effective and innovative.
The title track ‘Louder!’ is a manic mosh pit of frenzy. It’s rapid tempo and grinding guitar with thunderous drums makes this song the power rock track that lives up to its name. You can just imagine a live crowd going wild to this track. Turn it up and go crazy!
‘Toxic Love’ has a “The Strokes” feel. With distorted vocals and prominent strong drums. Again filled with infectious melodies and catchy easy to sing along chorus. The sweet backing vocals and slick guitar solo add a refreshing change to the tone of the track and breaks up the intense energetic vibe.
‘How It’s Gonna Be’ and ‘Mess you up’ follow with the same high powered energy with ‘Mess You Up’ becoming more grunge and intense. With heavy sound and screaming growl vocals that add an eerie quality and give a wall of death feel.
‘Believe’ is a dramatic change from the intensity of its predecessor, it lightens the mood and slows down the tone giving us a chance to calm down and slow our racing heart beats. It is a melodic softer track that is full of emotion with an airy bright feel. It completely takes you by surprise but shows a delicate side to the band. With cool sunny vocals and bouncy beats. The backing vocals add a psychedelic 70s vibe in places. It is a proper tender hazy sunshine track.
‘Love And Affection’ continues to surprise us as it is also bright and more pop infused only with a hint of country added to the mix. The light bopping beats really lift this song while the guitars give us a taste of that rock sound we are used to. The soft vocal in the chorus give a gentle feel to the song. It’s definitely a surprise but a beautiful song all the same.
‘Wheels Of Love’ eases us back into their heavier sound with a slick blues bass riff that coaxes your hips to sway and move. We welcome the heavier rock sounding drums back with gritter vocals and a scream in places. A confident filled, seductive track that exudes swagger and is extremely strut worthy.
‘Jack, Jim And Johnny’ brings us back to a blues country style. With twanging guitars and a soft bouncy beat that builds as the tempo becomes more rapid until we are presented with a country rock track. This track is full of middle finger attitude. It is a great song to get you pumped.
‘Crash Down’ brings us back to a fast tempo high energy rock track. With a call and response chorus that is infectious. It shows us a fun side to the band with stunning guitar and strong drums that bury and bend deep inside you and pound through your body making you get up and dance.
The album finishes with ‘Hate Love’ which is full of “oomph” and energy and is a fiery strong song to end on. The dynamic guitars and spirited drums make this track lively and infectious. With its humorous lyrics and aggressive spirited sound this track will leave you wanting more.
The Flux Machine have created 12, non-stop, power songs that are infectious and memorable and extremely likeable and innovative. They have something for everyone ‘Louder!’ is definitely a fantastic listen.
Stream ‘Louder!’ below