The Half Light ‘8th May’

The Half Light are a four piece indie band from London who are returning to the scene in 2018 with new material and a new line up. ‘8th May’ is the first track from their forthcoming EP, Night On My Mind. Since forming in 2011, the band have self-released three records, ‘Friday Night’ EP (2011), ‘Clapham’ EP (2012) and ‘Moscow’ (2015), which will be followed by ‘Night On My Mind’ EP later this year. Their music has featured on radio stations across the country, including BBC 6 Music, BBC London and Amazing Radio and the band were nominated for Best UK Act at the 2015 Pure M Awards. Following these earlier releases, vocalist James Rogers and guitarist Guy Chapman were joined by a refreshed rhythm section, Mike Taylor and Martin Sherbish, to complete the line up and the band entered the studio in late 2017. Influenced by the best of indie rock across the decades, the band has drawn parallels with The Smiths, Interpol and REM. ‘8th May’ will be released on 5th March and was recorded at Musicland Studios, Haggerston and produced by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse. The track will be followed up in 2018 by subsequent releases ‘Night On My Mind’ and ‘Seven Summers’.

‘8th May’ is vibrantly charming punchy pop encased in delicately chiming guitars on top of a catchy shimmy ready rhythm and is likely to win over any listener with ease. It is utterly alluring and infectious with a ravishingly fetching rhythm that would coax you to the dance floor and command your feet to shuffle and bop joyously. Sweet toned guitar takes a tropical warm tone and wisps you into a sway like salsa dance. It’s smooth and delightful with some nice jagged guitar injections to create a slap of roughness through the chorus. Richly layered and sublimely crafted The Half Light have created a catchy gem, brimming with delightful ear worm melodies and glorious instrumentation. A sublime listen.

The Half Light will play The Water Rats, London on Saturday 10th March to mark the launch of 8th May. A series of further gigs and festival appearances will be announced on the band’s website in the coming weeks (

Stream ‘8th May’ below