The Hemingways ‘Want It All’

The Hemingways are a five piece indie / alternative rock band from London and Essex. Consisting of Louis Takooree, James Burrage, Ben Butler, Jack Ames and Noah Henry, the quintet cite influences such as John Mayer, Kings of Leon and Led Zeppelin. Despite mostly still being in their teens, some members have been playing together for close to 10 years resulting in a musical chemistry not expected from a band of their age.

‘Want It All’ is a gritty, fiery blast of rock. The Hemingways get right to it with a blunt force of shredding riffs jaggedly sawing through punchy drums and a mosh ready wall of sound. It’s slick, rough and ready with raspy swagger-soaked vocals flooding the track with strut ready attitude and panache. Sensual bass lines teamed with a steamy guitar solo create the perfect sweat and leather rock and roll charisma while jazzy keys add a head spinning Jerry Lee Lewis- esque pizzazz. Tightly bound and richly layered these guys have created a meaty number that grabs your attention with its scuzzed-up, sleazy bluesy-smacked rock.

Stream ‘Want It All’ below