VOID ‘Awaken’ EP

VOID have released their new EP ‘Awaken’. VOID’s music has received suitable comparisons to the likes of James Blake and London Grammar because of their adventurous style of pop-song, utilising their influences of ex-rockers who have swanned into the electronic-pop genre such as Coldplay.

‘Awaken’ is an EP with tracks carefully crafted and built to raise lighters all over the world. ‘Wait’ seeps, bleeds and exudes sweet delicate emotion. Tender vocals coo through the verses while swirling and flickering soundscapes flood the track with heart racing adrenaline. VOID display their knack for choruses that are charmingly harmonious, gripping and emotive. Passionate vocals make the anthemic chorus powerful and hard hitting while the flashing soundscapes add a touch of bedazzlement. ‘How We Made It’ is filled with breezy aerial electronics and beautiful vocals caressing a sweet melody that only the hardest of hearts could resist. ‘These Words’ closes the EP. Mackenzie’s vocals are rich, powerful and immaculate adding a soulful touch to an EP that wears its R&B embroidered pop on its sleeve. ‘Awaken’ is a refreshing honest wholesome display from VOID with truly pure and exquisite musicianship.

Stream ‘Awaken’ below